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3 New Employee Swag Packs to Launch in 2022

3 New Employee Swag Packs to Launch in 2022
January 5, 2021

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New year, new hires - and that means new swag. If you’re looking to reboot your team swag store with the freshest and coolest swag out there, you’re just in time. To kick off the new year, our Swag Experts have been hunting for new swag to help your team rock it from day one. 

And whether this is your first swag project or you’ve got several swag projects under your belt, you’ll be able to take advantage of these great swag picks. For this first round of freshly released swag packs, we’ll introduce some themed swag packs that fit a variety of use cases and teams. Keep an eye out though, as the next rounds of swag inspiration are coming soon.

New employee swag is key for remote teams - and that doesn’t end with a return to the office. Help your newly recruited talent understand and join in on the company culture with swag that matches your company brand.

When you’re welcoming new members to your team, there is a lot of energy and excitement on both sides. Harnessing that isn’t just a testimony to your organization’s culture. It’s a key step in laying the foundation for a strong relationship between company and employee.

The last couple of years have proven that new employee swag is key for remote teams - and that doesn’t end with a return to the office. Help your newly-recruited talent understand and join in on the company culture with swag that matches your company brand! Let’s get started.

3 New Employee Swag Packs to Launch - Updated for 2022!


1. Day One

The first day of a new chapter. It deserves fanfare. We love the Day One pack because it’s one of the biggest examples of swag done right, especially in the modern office - and with functional and high quality swag picks here, you’ll be conveying the right message to the newest member of your team.

Don’t let them struggle to get basic work supplies like a notebook, pencil, and calendar. This pack also keeps it real with a reliable mug, fun company stickers, and a decorative desk plant. And if you’re welcoming your team in the next few months, a warm and cozy second layer is just the thing for an excited employee and plenty of humble bragging to their friends. Dress this pack up or down depending on the seniority and experience of the employee you’re welcoming - no matter where you take it from here, you can be confident in having a solid swag foundation to work with.

SWAG HIGHLIGHTS: Reclaim Recycled Bound JournalBook, Sprout Plantable Pencil, Insert Cards by Moo, Die Cut Stickers, Spark Travel Tumbler (featuring Foil Imprint), Port Authority Cozy 1/4-Zip Fleece, Desk Calendar - 13 Sheets, Air Plant

RECOMMENDED FOR: Welcome Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Seasonal Swag, Swag Essentials, Day One Swag, Custom Branded, Inventory Swag, Dropshipping


Want a few other options? Check out these swag picks that make for great substitutes or complements to this swag pack. Reach out to a Swag Expert for even more suggestions.

  • The Triblend Unisex Tee. A basic piece of swag that doesn’t take essential as an excuse for subpar quality. If your newest teammate doesn’t already have a company tee, get them outfitted with this comfy shirt.
  • JBL Clip 3. What you probably thought: this little speaker is a travel champion. And you’re right. Just clip it onto the strap of your backpack, or anything else with a loop, and you’re good to go. But you probably didn’t realize this speaker is also a great canvas for some pretty cool logo and branding work.
  • Marine Layer Afternoon Hoodie. The name of this hoodie tells you all you really need to know: it’s damn comfortable. For the people that somehow roll out of bed looking amazing, this hoodie embodies that spirit down to every stitch. And if you don’t roll out of bed looking amazing, well, this hoodie is about to change that.


2. Modern Creative


Partially NASA-inspired, partially embracing the spirit of The Crazy Ones, the Modern Creative pack is for the teams that are unapologetically bold in everything they do. Whether it’s 4am in the morning or 4pm in the afternoon, we love that this swag helps with staying hydrated and healthy while also encouraging a bit of zen with mini modern concrete planters and a Theragun mini massager. A swag of the week pick, the feat BlanketBlend hoodie shines in this clean tie-dye variation. Plus: holographic stickers. Need we say more?

SWAG HIGHLIGHTS: Unisex Blue Light Blocking Glasses, BKR DOE 1L Water Bottle, Moleskine Go Pen, Holographic Stickers, feat BlanketBlend Hoodie, LED Light Up Wireless Headset, Theragun Mini, Mini Triangle Concrete Planter

RECOMMENDED FOR: Company Culture, Creative Teams, Modern Swag, Health and Wellbeing, Employee Appreciation, Company Spirit, Team Culture


  • Ember Travel Mug. A smart travel mug that keeps liquid the perfect temperature. Engineered with Apple-style minimalism and design, this is travel tumbler is a premium swag pick for your most important relationships.
  • The Mask by Sock Fancy. Sock Fancy doesn’t just make cool socks. Their masks are also comfortable and fun to brand. With triple-layered production and constructed using the highest quality machine-washable combed cotton, throw a few into the swag pack for your design-loving creatives.
  • TÖST Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Beverages. Anytime you’re looking for a celebratory drink with all natural ingredients, this is the beverage that is ready to exceed your expectations. Sparkling white tea, cranberry, and ginger. Those who would like to spice it up with their own spirit are welcome to, making this a virtual happy hour swag add-on that caters to all crowds.


3. Refreshed


A fresh start for a new year. The Refreshed pack comes with swag picks that helps your team recover energy both throughout the workday and on their own time. Whether it’s a quality cup of joe, or a pocket journal system for jotting on the go, this swag pack is perfect for all the teams looking forward to a season that embraces both high performance and personal wellbeing. 

Ideal for appreciating and supporting your veteran employees in the new year, as well as welcoming your new employees, this swag pack takes a step back with a low key approach to company swag that your entire team will enjoy. However your team renews their energy, this swag pack is a great way to give them a little shoutout and the tools to do it.

Pro tip: Ceramic is fragile. It looks great, but is prone to break in transit. Thus, we always recommend ordering extras. Don’t want to order extras? Consider the MiiR Pourigami as an alternative option. This flat-fold portable dripper allows you to take your coffee sessions anywhere and with any cup.

SWAG HIGHLIGHTS: Aurora Ceramic Pour Over Set, SoL Glass Water Bottle, Midori Bamboo Tote, Reusable Face Mask Wash Bag, Atoms Mask, Modern Sprout Indoor Herb Garden Kit, Men’s Society Stow Away Travel Kit, Somerset Stationery Kit

RECOMMENDED FOR: Company Culture, Employee Appreciation, Energy Booster, Team Culture, Health and Wellness, Hobby Swag, Fun & Relaxation, Team Bonding


  • Die Cut Stickers. Get a variety of sticker shapes and sizes - for example, if you already have a sticker with your company logo, consider a few with a circular shape and design. We promise it keeps things more interesting, especially for your employees that already have your original stickers. (Or, try soft enamel pins!)
  • Sustainable Snacks - Cranberry + Walnuts. Tasty superfood morsels for energy throughout the day. Also comes in Blueberry + Pecans and Spicy Cherry + Almonds flavors.
  • Port Authority Ladies Cozy Fleece Hoodie. Ultra-soft meets cozy warmth in this layerable sherpa fleece hoodie. Ideal for cooler days, it’s comfortable, versatile and designed to fend off the chill in style. 6.8-ounce, 100% polyester sherpa fleece

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