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Custom Swag Designs

No need to pull your design team off of their projects. Simply upload your logo and we'll take care of the rest. Custom designs will be ready for your review within 24 hours. Let's get started on some free designs.

Assembly & Packing

Presentation is everything! We want anyone receiving your swag to be impressed with it. That’s why we personally assemble everything to your specs at no additional cost. No more assembly lines at your office!

Warehouse With Us

The days of stuffed storage closets and extra swag in your apartment are over. Store your swag with us and send it as needed, all in real-time through the SwagUp platform.

Send Us 3rd-Party Items

Whether you want to offload a storage closet full of swag or include a stack of unique items, you can send it all to us and we’ll add to your inventory.

Domestic & International Shipping

Have you ever shipped swag around the globe? It can be an ordeal! Luckily, we’ve done it a few thousand times. Ship anywhere in the world through our platform, and take advantage of our discounted rates. We’ll handle the rest.

Want to send swag to several recipients?

Use our platform to schedule shipments to multiple recipients by uploading a CSV.

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Technology & Integrations

Whether it’s a custom-branded, self-service page for recipients to order swag with or an API integration that automates your campaigns, we make it as easy as possible. Do you have a specific workflow in mind? Let us know!


Our clients love us to the moon and back

“Our company-wide slack channels flooded with thank yous, and people were posting pictures of their kids just saying, it made my day, it made my week. [It] warmed my heart to see. [It] reinforced the positive culture and reinforced that we are always thinking about employees and how to adapt given different circumstances.”

Kyrene Wang

People Operations Specialist at Clari

“We’re redefining ourselves in a more sustainable and resilient way. We wanted to put together swag packs, but it was hard to figure out how to pull that off. We’re 100% remote so we don’t have a lot of bandwidth to do this ourselves. We needed something automated and effortless.”

Vinny Green

Cheif Operating Officer at Snopes

“In terms of the time we save and the ease of use, and how effective it is, it’s a no brainer investment. Anytime someone asks me about swag, I just tell them to go to SwagUp.”

Ben Lang

Marketing at Notion

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