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Select Your Swag

Select your custom swag from a variety of the top brands. If you don't see what you like, we can easily source for you!

Approve Your Designs

Our in house design team will design your swag to your brand guides for free or we you can design yourself!

Place Your Order

Production can take up to 4 weeks or less depending on the swag you select! We ensure to deliver the swag you want!


Our flexible storage options allow for you to use your swag how you want. Store for later, use for shops, or drop ship globally!

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We deliver swag globally that people love! Weather its in bulk shipments or assembled into packs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who designs the items?

Our Swag Agents and design team find new ideas and create mockups for each project to get ideas flowing. You can provide your logo or if you need help with designs, or need some ideas, we are here to help!

How can I collect apparel sizes?

Glad you asked. Our Swag Experts can help you collect sizes by creating a custom landing page to collect sizes and even shipping information. Landing pages are fully customizable and are included in working with us!

Do you charge for the SwagUp Dashboard?

The SwagUp Dashboard is included in working with us! No additional fees for our dashboard. We only charge for our swag, shipping, warehousing, and custom integrations.

Can I send items you didn’t produce?

Send them over! We charge a packing fee for 3rd party items. Prior to shipping, please fill out this form here. This will ensure our team is ready for the shipment, provide you with shipping labels, and update your dashboard with the items. For detailed on pricing information for 3rd party items visit

How do I find my PMS colors?

This part can be tricky if you’re unfamiliar with your company’s logos or branding. If you don’t have access to a design or marketing department to provide your company’s logo PMS colors, we can help!

First, we’ll chat about what kind of PMS color we will need to produce your swag. Almost all swag items require a PMS color that is guide coded, which is essential to design the swag items. If you don’t have them, our Swag Experts can help pick out the PMS colors for you.

How does pricing work?

Pricing on your swag depends on variables like quantity, logo colors, and decoration type/placements.

Quantities: The more you, buy, the less you spend per item. There are price breaks on amount, so ordering order numbers like 48 can cost more than just buying 50. Most price breaks are in 50 or 100 increments depending on the item.

Logo colors/artwork: The more colors you want on something, the more expensive that item will be unless it’s a digitally printed item like stickers, tape, or boxes. If your logo has a gradient or heavy detailing, it may cost more to have it made.

Placements: The number of logo placements also influences the cost of your swag, which is especially applicable to apparel. We’ll charge you for placement and location if you want your logo printed on the back of a t-shirt and the front.

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