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Editor’s Choice: The Best High-End Swag in 2022

Editor’s Choice: The Best High-End Swag in 2022
December 21, 2020

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The Benefits of High-End Swag

High-end swag is powerful. But the stakes are higher and they're easy to get wrong. What is the end result you’re looking for? Do you want the receiver to feel appreciated, wowed or both? Put the extra thought in before diving into it.

Here are a few use cases to get you started:

  • Client Gifts: This is hands down the most obvious use case. You’ve finally signed an amazing client and you’d like to keep them around! Help them hit the ground running with some super premium swag items that shows how much you appreciate them and their business. It’s sure to leave a huge impression and work well for you in the long run.
  • C-Level Swag: Leadership makes or breaks an organization. If they (or you) have managed to successfully scale the company and are killing it, convey appreciation with a high-end, custom branded gift that stands out. It keeps the morale high and can also be used to boost the company culture.
  • Employee Milestones: Did one of your rockstar employees generate huge revenue last quarter? Or are they retiring after a few years of treasured service? Show how much you appreciate their service with a high-end swag gift. The possibilities here are endless. For example, you could gift a pair of custom branded Airpods to your best performing salesman for last quarter, sweetening that bonus they’ve worked for. 😉
  • Marketing Swag: There are marketing scenarios where it’s better to use high-end swag if you’re using any swag at all. A good example is in influencer marketing. Influencers convey beyond just your brand and products. Using high-end swag in your influencer marketing strategy is a great way to ensure that your brand’s culture is reflected fluidly and accurately. Do it well!

How to Pick High-End Swag

Alright, you’re ready to give out some high-end swag. Since the stakes are relatively higher, we’ve put together four tips to help you choose better.

Tip #1. Don’t buy a repeat item

While it may be nice to receive an expensive branded item, you’re better off not giving them the dilemma of choosing which one to use. Since you’ll be gifting something expensive, take the effort to find out if it’s something they already own. Your options are truly unlimited. And this goes without saying, but don’t gift the same thing twice.

Tip #2. Dwell on your budget

With high-end swag, things can get super expensive, super fast. Look out for bulk discounts and lower minimums. The difference between $150 and $200 might not seem too big but the differences add up significantly even for low minimums. Plan more from the outset so that you aren’t caught with a surprise on your next invoice.  

Tip #3. Don’t skip the research

A lot of expensive goods, especially tech come with multi-year warranties, guarantees and service plans. It’s important to secure these benefits so that the receiver has a hassle-free experience with your swag gift. If down the line, your product is giving them trouble they could do without, it’ll leave a sour taste.

Tip #4. Pack them right

You’re gifting a high-end product. Back it up with high-end packaging. Sure, most of the products you’re gifting come well-packed on their own. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own special packaging. This is especially important if you’re gifting more than one item. Invest in the packaging to ensure a truly high-end swag experience.

We know choosing an exciting gift isn’t easy. More so when you’re gifting swag. Here is a selection of 14 amazing high-end swag picks. Keep scrolling!

14 Top High-End Swag Picks in 2021

1. Bellroy Studio Backpack


Backpacks are quickly evolving to become incredible fashion statements. And few do it as well as Bellroy. 

The Bellroy Studio Backpack is designed for urban environments, featuring 18 litres of capacity and a solid build.

The magnetic fidlock mechanism enables easy one-hand opening and since the Studio's design is so streamlined, it looks good no matter how full it is. 

It’s the ideal employee appreciation gift, and more. 

BEST SWAG FOR: Employee Appreciation, New Hires, Minimalists, Client Gifts, C-suite Onboarding, Travel Swag, Virtual Events, Commuters, Travel Geeks, Company Retreats

Bonus: The Perfect Add-on Swag — Bellroy Classic Pouch


The Bellroy Classic Pouch is a super versatile home for your essentials. It can carry everything from toiletries to stationary, organised in the wall pockets and it has a discreet side pocket with magnetic closure to carry your more sensitive items. 

Plus, it’ll add so much flair when attached to the Studio Backpack! We’d say bundling the two makes for the perfect client gift. Seriously, who doesn’t want a set like this?

BEST SWAG FOR: Employee Onboarding, Client gifts, Holiday Swag, Travel Swag, Travel Geeks, WFH Swag, Virtual Events, Giveaway Swag, Onboarding Swag, Minimalists

2. OPKIX One HD Video Camera


The OPKIX One HD Video Camera is one sweet piece of tech. It’s tiny and comes with universal hat and eyewear mounts. At the simple push of a button, it records 1080p HD resolution video at 30 frames per second. It’s IP68 rated too. (In other words, protected against water for up to 1.5m for half an hour!)

When you’re done recording, seamlessly transfer the footage to your smart device of choice with the OPKIX Studio app. The best holiday gift for tech fans? You bet.

BEST SWAG FOR: Client Gifts, Holiday Swag, Premium Swag, Travel Swag, Influencer Swag, Techies, Giveaway Swag, Reward Swag, Modern Swag

3. Videometry Video Brochure


Visiting a high profile prospect? Leave behind a stellar first impression with this video brochure. It can store multiple videos upto 1GB and has a side pocket where you can store additional collateral. It’s got an ‘auto-play upon open’ feature and built-in control buttons too. If you’re a believer of ‘show then tell’, things don’t really get much better than this. 

BEST SWAG FOR: Client Pitches, Marketing Swag, Souvenir Swag, VIP Gifts, Personalization, Virtual Swag, Remote Teams, Company Culture, Premium Swag

4. Amazon Kindle Oasis 8gb Reader


Gift a paperlike digital reading experience with the Amazon Kindle Oasis. The paperlike feel is enabled by the warm, 7 inch, 300ppi flush-front display, emulating the hues of physical pages, making it a beautiful device to read off of. Plus, it's IPX8 rated for those who like reading in the pool or during a shower. The Oasis is a high-end swag gift any bookworm will immensely appreciate.

BEST SWAG FOR: Client Gifts, Employee Appreciation, Travel Swag, Holiday Swag, Giveaway Swag, Leadership, C-Level Swag, Marketing Swag 

5. Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 2nd Gen 


The Beosound A1 is a terrific little speaker. The True360 omnidirectional sound makes for an enjoyable listening experience and Multipoint lets two devices simultaneously connect to the speaker. But the A1 isn’t just a conventional speaker with long battery life. 

With Bluetooth 5.1 and three internal mics, it’s perfect for video-conferencing, and it’s got full support for the Alexa voice assistant. Plus, the A1 has a cool aesthetic that’ll easily blend into any setup. It’s a fantastic WFH gift.

BEST SWAG FOR: Client Gifts, Employee Appreciation, WFH Swag, Travel Swag, Social Media Giveaways, Brand Ambassadors

6. Veho M-series Mr7 Retro Wireless Speaker


This mighty speaker features a high-quality retro design complemented by a staggering 30-hour battery life. Sound from the dual acoustic drivers is loud and crisp, with both Bluetooth 5.0 and Aux-in support. 

The Mr7 has a built-in microphone as well, allowing you to seamlessly take calls. For parties, it can be paired with another Mr7 and played simultaneously. They’ll be thinking of you every time they host a party. ;)

BEST SWAG FOR: Holiday Swag, Travel Swag, Influencer Swag, Company Milestones, Audiophiles, C-Level Swag, Team Culture

7. Polaroid Now i‑Type Instant Camera


This fantastic offering from polaroid is a great hit of nostalgia with ‘shockingly good for instant’ picture quality. The charge on this little kitty lasts for over 12 film rolls and you can use any Polaroid film in it. 

It’s also got a dual lens with autofocus and a more human-friendly flash. The best part however, is that it comes in a wide variety of colors. There’s no better way to reignite the childhood joy of instant cameras this holiday season. 

BEST SWAG FOR: Employee Appreciation, Holiday Swag, Travel Swag, Marketing Swag, Company Culture, Novelty Swag, Trendy Swag, Social Media, Giveaway Swag 

8. S'well Drinkware Accessories


Serving drinks? Do it elegantly with this set from S’well. The 51 Oz Teakwood Carafe is perfect to serve chilled wine, cold brews or cocktails. It features a streamlined, condensation-free design, making pouring effortless. It can keep your beverages at the desired temperature for a long time, without breaking a single sweat, just like the 68 Oz Calacatta Gold Ice Bucket with Tongs.The ice bucket works brilliantly to serve a bottle of Champagne or to just keep your cubes colder for longer. This is one set the alcohol connoisseurs on your team will hold on to.

BEST SWAG FOR: Virtual Happy Hour Swag, Employee Appreciation, Holiday Swag, Client Gifts, Company Celebrations, Company Milestones

9. 1pt Infusion Bar Bottle Kit


Got any cocktail artists on your team? Gift them this 1pt Infusion Bar Bottle Kit and watch their knees go weak in excitement. 

This excellent set from 1pt includes a 750ml bar-grade reusable spirits bottle with walnut stopper and 6 writable bottle labels, a funnel with built-in strainer for clean and efficient decanting, and a set of infusion tools to help them leave no drop unstirred with their cocktails.

BEST SWAG FOR: Virtual Happy Hour Swag, Employee Appreciation, Holiday Swag, Client Gifts, Company Culture, Employee Culture, Trendy Swag, End of Year Swag

10. Brumate Barware Gift Set


For all those who love sipping on the go, Brumate makes some amazing sets. The packaging is what you’ll notice first, it’s so good that we’re willing to exempt it from the 4th tip. The sets are made from stainless steel, but without the metallic aftertaste. They also do a terrific job at keeping your drink fresh for a long time. And they have some versatile designs, such as pint glasses that double as cocktail shakers. A Brumate set is the quintessential holiday swag gift for your best client.

BEST SWAG FOR: Virtual Happy Hour Swag, Employee Appreciation, Holiday Swag, Client Gifts, Trendy Swag, End of Year Swag, Company Celebrations

11. Ode Brew Grinder by Fellow


You have coffee grinders that can do a good enough job with both brews and espressos. Then you have The Ode Grind, which is exceptional at simply brewing. Yet, it’s quite sophisticated, in both function and form. 

With 64 mm professional-grade flat burrs, 31 grind settings, and unique single dose loading for maximum bean freshness, the Ode is designed to refine your daily brew. Obviously, it makes amazing coffee. It’ll also look stunning on your countertop. Win-win? Win-win.

BEST SWAG FOR: C-Level Swag, Leadership Welcome Gift, Employee Milestones, VIP Gifts, WFH Swag, Productivity, Remote Teams, Novelty Swag

12. Shinola Watches - Model D Detrola / Canfield Chrono


A high-end gift guide wouldn’t be complete without watches, would it? Shinola is a lifestyle brand based out of Detroit that makes high quality watches, among other things. The two models featured here, namely the Model D Detrola and The Canfield Chrono are two fine examples of classic watch design.

The Model D features a youthful design, with a strong stainless steel core, durable TR90 resin case, black dial and a hand-assembled movement. It’s inspired by the Model T and is hand-assembled in Detroit. Talk about a special gift eh?

The Canfield Chrono is the quintessential chronograph, with a modern twist. It features a top-loaded case construction showcasing a refined minute track and slim, diamond-cut hands. The case, along with the coin edge bezel is beautifully enclosed in solid stainless steel and sapphire glass. Safe to say that you’ll be leaving a strong statement with this one.  

BEST SWAG FOR: Employee Appreciation, Client Gifts, Influencer Swag, Partner Swag, Trendy Swag, Executives, Leadership, Award Swag, Premium Swag

13. Hillflint Chenille Sweater


Cold or not, sweaters are chic. Everybody loves them and quality sweaters are a wardrobe staple. The folks over at Hillflint make some super-comfy sweatshirts. Their stuff lasts for years and feels luxurious throughout. Plus, they use chenille to print your logo onto the sweatshirts in 3D. Standing out has never been so effortless. 

BEST SWAG FOR: Company Culture, Employee Onboarding, Holliday Swag, Marketing Swag, Team Spirit, High Quality Swag Apparel, Company Celebration, Seasonal Swag

14. OGIO Orbit Cart Bag 


Golfing with your clients? Complement the session with a custom branded Orbit Cart Bag from OGIO®. It features OGIO’s load-equalizing SHOXX™ X4 full-suspension system and molded shoulder pads for extreme comfort. It’s also got a zipperless ball pocket, a low profile ball dispenser, an integrated grab handle, several pockets, and a scorecard sleeve. All this, and your logo on full display at the golf course ;)

BEST SWAG FOR: Client Gifts, VIP Swag, C-Suite Swag, Golf Swag, Partner Swag, Award Swag, Novelty Swag, Company Milestones

Bonus High-End Swag Picks

1. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 3rd Gen


True wireless earbuds are all the hype these days and this set from Bang & Olufsen is right up there with the best of the best available right now. It’s got a staggering 35 hours of battery life, active noise cancellation with transparency mode, fast wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.1 and brilliant sound. There aren’t many better ways to increase productivity, in style.  

BEST SWAG FOR: Client Gifts, C-Level Swag, Partner Swag, Award Swag, Holiday Swag, Travel Swag, Trendy Swag, Employee Appreciation, Company Milestones

2. Naturally Delicious Gourmet Basket Tower


Gourmet food is always a great swag gift. The Naturally Delicious Gourmet Basket Tower includes a delightful collection of sweet and savory treats, from Pirouline Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Cookies and Enstrom Chocolate Truffles to Long Grove Berry Nut Mix, Effie's Oatcakes, McCrea's Cape Cod Sea Salt Caramels and more.

Pro Tip: Food works especially well when combined with other high-end swag, elevating the entire experience.

BEST SWAG FOR: Client Gifts, Holiday Swag, Happy Hour Swag, Employee Appreciation, Trendy Swag

3. Accompanying alcoholic beverage


If you’re gifting any of the bar sets featured above, it’s imperative that you include a good bottle in the box. Even otherwise, spirits work well to complement any high end gift. We can fulfil anything from red and white wines to champagnes, with custom branding ;). And here’s where we work on the beauty of packing, request your preferred spirit in custom engraved wood boxes. You’re gifting high-end, leave no stone unturned.  

BEST SWAG FOR: Virtual Happy Hour Swag, Employee Appreciation, Holiday Swag, Client Gifts, Company Culture, Employee Culture, Trendy Swag, End of Year Swag

High-End Swag Helps You Effortlessly Standout!

And there we go! You’ve got all you need to plan your next high-end swag strategy and brilliant options to go along with it! High-End swag works so well simply because not many brands out there do it. Interested in any of the items listed here? Hit up a swag expert and get started!

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