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Ultimate Swag Holiday Guide For Clients And Employees

Ultimate Swag Holiday Guide For Clients And Employees
October 4, 2022

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Are you looking for that perfect holiday swag gift for teams or clients? No need to sweat it; we got you! 

We're here to break down the top trending swag ideas perfect for any corporate holiday gift. Our team is committed to showing the best swag ideas that will be a hit! 

First, here are some tips to make your ultimate holiday swag successful!

  1. Plan early. I know it's hard to even think about early holidays, but let's be honest, they sneak up on you! Planning allows you to get ahead of the supply chain issues and find some deals at this point since summers are traditionally slower. 
  2. Understand your audience. Understand who you are giving these holiday swag gifts. If the majority are international, stay away from food as it won't make it to them. If your clients or teams work from home, pick an item they can use at home. Knowing who you're swag shopping for will help narrow some ideas. 
  3. Collecting addresses. It's a daunting task! But luckily, at SwagUp, we offer Redeem Pages to help collect addresses and sizes and even automate the shipments from there.

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Top Holiday Swag Tech



Unique gifts 

Swag Pack Ideas 

Top Holiday Swag Tech

Thumpah Bluetooth Speaker Holiday Gift

Why we love it: This Bluetooth speaker is a great holiday gift. It’s fully customizable and can you can do full-print designs on it. The creative options are limitless on this one! We’ve also seen customers create custom holiday designs or a special messages for the new year! 

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Custom Ember 10 oz Smart Mug

Why we love it: A branded mug that’s powered by technology to keep your coffee warm all day! We love this Ember Mug as a swag holiday gift for clients or employees. It has that premium “wow” factor and is something your people will use for a long time. 

Get the swag here! 🚀

Courant Essentials CATCH:1 Holiday Swag

Why we love it: We love this designer-quality swag charging pad from Courant. Its sleek design makes for perfect corporate gifting for the holidays! We promise anyone receiving this swag will be very happy! It’s a practical travel companion and fits well within anyone's home office.

Get the swag here! 🚀

Top Swag Brands 

We love these top swag brands as holiday gifts. If you are going to give swag this holiday season select from the brand's people will love! 

Gift Yeti Holiday Swag

Why We Love It: YETI provides some of the best quality drinkware! It makes for a sweet holiday swag items for corporate gifting! 

Get the swag here! 🚀

Branded Northface Holiday Swag

Why We Love It: The North Face has always been a popular brand during the holidays for swag gifts. They offer premium quality and sporty designs. Their ¼ zips, jackets and backpacks make for some solid holiday swag! 

Get the swag here! 🚀

Patagonia Holiday Gift 

Why We Love It: Are you even in tech if you don’t have a Patagonia fleece? Patagonia is a swag brand that is a timeless gift and has a philanthropic cause. Although Patagonia doesn’t allow for their items to be branded anymore, we still are able to offer them blank and a nice holiday gift. 

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Best Swag Wearables 

Swag you can wear is one of the most popular categories we see. Wearables tend to have a higher chance of being kept for a long time, which is great for corporate branding. Here are some of the top-selling swag items for the holiday season. 

Branded Baxter Beanie

Why we love it: Custom beanies are a very popular swag item for the holiday season. Its the perfect time of year to give some nice winter wear and really give that holiday feel. Works best when paired with a nice scarf or custom mug! 

Get the swag here! 🚀

Custom Knit Socks 

Why we love it: Custom socks are the swag you didn’t know you needed. Socks are great holiday gifts for clients and employees alike. We love offering socks for the holiday season since it makes it an easy wearable where size is not required. These socks are a one-size-fits-all item.

Get the swag here! 🚀

The Startup Sherpa with Custom Logo 

Why we love it: Who doesn’t want a nice cozy jacket for the holidays? We love this custom Sherpa jacket for the holidays. It's a warm, cozy, and high-quality swag gift that everyone will love.  

Get the swag here! 🚀

Unique Gifts

Everyone wants their holiday swag gifts to stand out. These are some of our favorite swag gifts that we know clients and employees will be thrilled about! These items will be sure to make your brand stand out!

Custom Ugly Sweater

Why we love it: Custom Ugly Sweater for the holidays count us in! This item is fun and you can get so creative with your brand here that will have everyone talking! The options here are endless to make this a hit this holiday!  

Get the swag here! 🚀

Comfy Sherpa Slippers

Why we love it: In the world of working remotely, who doesn’t want to be comfy at home while working? We love this holiday swag since its perfect for working from home. Also it makes for a unique swag option people wouldn’t have thought of getting. Perfect unique swag option for the holidays!   

Get the swag here! 🚀

Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera

Why we love it: Holidays are meant to create memories and this swag item is the perfect gift to make them last! We have seen customers use this Polaroid Now i-Type Instant Camera with virtual experiences. Have your clients or teams share images of their holiday breaks. It's a fun throwback swag gift that is unique and your brand will stand out! 

Get the swag here! 🚀

Swag Pack Ideas 

Mindful New Year Pack 

Why we love it: We love a good relaxation pack to kick up the holidays and the new year. We have all worked hard this year and a little mindfulness, relation and planning for the new year makes a really thoughtful swag pack that your clients and internal teams will be grateful for. 

Whats included: Custome SwagUp Box, Minimalist Soft Touch Gel Pen, Custom Desk Calendar, Leather Eye Mask, Mindfulness Cards

Get the swag here! 🚀

Cozy Reader Pack 

Why we love it: This custom swag pack is the perfect holiday gift for work from home work force. It hits all the right spots from bluelight glasses they can use for work, a nice blanket for their home, a book to take a break and enjoy over some Moscow Mules. This sounds like a smart way to start the holiday season! 

What’s included: Business Book, Custom Bluelight glasses, Custom branded Blanket, Moscow Mule Mug 4-in-1 Gift Set

Get the swag here! 🚀

Weekender Away Pack 

Why we love it: This pack is perfect for those holiday travelers. If you are looking for an executive pack this option is perfect for that busy traveler. It has a great blend of holiday spirit and traveler vibes. This makes for a perfect holiday executive or VP swag pack. 

What’s included: Custom Insert Cards, Fully Custom Knit Scarf, The North Face Skyline Full-Zip Fleece Jacket Brand Logo, Bronx 12oz Ceramic Mug

Get the swag here! 🚀


Woah, the holiday swag guide should have you ready to get that budget approved by your boss! Remember to plan early, understand your audience, and use tools to help automate the process for you. Planning for holiday swag for employees, clients, or investors doesn’t have to be so challenging! So get ahead and pick those new trending swag items! 

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