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The Ultimate Corporate Holiday Gift Guide 1.0

The Ultimate Corporate Holiday Gift Guide 1.0
October 24, 2023

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Be a Swag Superhero this holiday season

Life is complicated enough. Gift high quality swag without the headaches.

Let’s be honest: finding branded holiday swag can be daunting. What should you send, how much budget should you spend? How do you collect addresses for people you want to send gifts to? Who’s going to assemble the gifts and send them out?

Having to figure out corporate gifting for the holidays from home can seem like a challenge, but no need to fear. We have the ultimate gift guide to get you started. This guide covers everything from perfect branded swag ideas for the holidays to all the pro tips on sending swag out during this time of year straight from the comfort of your home!

The Ultimate Corporate Holiday Gift Guide:

Packaging Ideas
Branded Apparel
Logoed Bottles
Tech swag gifts
Pro tips on sending holiday swag

Packaging Ideas

Packaging can make a huge difference when it comes to gifting holiday gifts for clients or employees. Even if you have very simple items that are not very expensive, if your packaging is on point, it will look and feel expensive and thoughtful to whoever is receiving it!

So whether you have a nice custom box with messaging inside, some nice customer branded tape with some holiday print, or a mailer box with tissue paper inside - nice packaging can actually make or break your holiday swag!

Custom printed mailer box

Custom printed mailer boxes: This customer mailer box is not only printed with sustainable inks but it also makes for a nice touch to your holiday gift. It makes your holiday gift feel more custom and exclusive to any person receiving your holiday gift. It’s a subtle way to promote your brand and also make send some holiday cheer. We love a good holiday pattern that still aligns with your company's branding.

Mailer box with custom tape

Mailer box with custom tape: This holiday box option is great if you are not wanting to spend too much money on the packaging but still want a little custom branding. This mailer box comes in other colors like white, black, blue, and kraft. The custom tape is really flexible to any design to add that holiday touch.

Mailer Box with Custom Label

Mailer Box with Custom Label: This year we introduced another low-cost packaging option that really gives your holiday gift that retail feel. We love this custom label since you can really add more messaging and get super creative without having to spend a lot of money. It’s the perfect holiday option if you are looking for a retail holiday feel for your corporate holiday swag.

Crinkle Fill

Crinkle Fill: Let’s be honest - crinkle just makes any holiday gift packaging fun! It has a great dual purpose, one it makes any package more cheerful and two it actually serves for protection on the holiday gifts you are sending. We highly recommend crinkle for almost any swag gift packs because it keeps items from moving during transit.

Custom Tissue Paper

Custom Tissue Paper: Want that holiday retail look? The secret is custom tissue paper. Tissue paper adds that extra layer of excitement during unboxing. Pro tip: We only recommend using tissue paper if you are sending soft items or anything that isn’t fragile. Especially if you don’t plan on using crinkle as well. Keep in mind that if you’re thinking about using custom tissue paper, you’ll want to get started early as it does take some time to produce.

Branded Apparel

Branded apparel for holiday corporate swag is probably one of the most requested items by our clients. There is something more personal about sending someone an apparel item that is branded. It also ensures that you are sending something they will keep and wear for a long time.

If you want custom apparel, don’t make this mistake: collecting apparel sizes too late in the process can ruin an otherwise perfectly planned swag project!

Here’s how you can avoid that. If you are planning to send branded apparel for holiday gifts we highly recommend using redeem pages to collect sizes in advance. The earlier you get started, the better, as it can take time for everyone to get their info in. (Psst! Check out how our redeem pages can help reduce friction of collecting sizes!)

Custom Knit Socks

Custom Knit Socks: Custom knit socks are the holiday swag idea you didn’t know you needed. Nothing says holidays like a nice pair of branded socks. We love this holiday swag since it’s a great unisex option and you don’t have the hassle of collecting sizes. Perfect holiday gift for clients, influencers and members since you don’t need to ask them for any personal information on sizing.

Custom Knit Scarf

Custom Knit Scarf: If you are looking for that holiday winter feel, a high quality branded scarf is the perfect choice! We love how creative you can get with customer scarves, especially since you can do a front & back pattern sprinkled in with some snowflakes or gingerbread. We also love this swag idea since you don’t need collect sizes. It’s perfect for any corporate gifting for the holiday season.

Custom Holiday Sweater

Custom Hillflint Sweater: We love this option especially for employee holiday gifts. It really gives that college and team spirit feel. It’s high quality and sure to hit that nostalgic team vibes during the holiday season.

ASColour Premium Crewneck

ASColour Premium Crewneck: This cozy crewneck is super high quality. It will definitely get worn and used by anyone on the receiving end. We recommend getting this crewneck embroidered for a really high end look or simply screen-printed with a fun branded design.

Roots73 Shelty Beanie

Roots73 Shelty Beanie: This fun beanie makes it on our list for its cheerful and perfect winter gift for clients or employees. This is another great option if you don’t plan on collecting sizes and want something small that anyone would love to receive.

High Quality Drinkware

Did anyone say hot cocoa? When you think of holiday gifting for corporate use, you can’t help but think mugs or some high end drinkware. Perfect for some holiday toast or a nice mug to drink something warm. We highly recommend these options since they travel well and make any branded holiday gift fun!

The Explorer Mug

The Explorer Mug: Can’t you just see your logo on this explorer mug? This mug just screams holiday corporate gift, perfect when paired with some hot cocoa or a custom knit item.

Stemless Tumbler

Stemless Tumbler: We love this holiday branded swag option since it’s the perfect adult gift to bring you from day to night. Yes, we said it first, it’s perfect for coffee or wine! This tumbler keeps drinks hot or cold for a long time.

The Echo

The Echo: This drinkware item made it to our list for it’s sleek shape. It feels like a champagne flute but still offers some flexibility on what you carry inside. Perfect for holiday swag for clients or employees.

Corkcicle Tumbler

Corkcicle Tumbler: You can’t help but think of corkcicle when it comes to drinkware. It’s high end and retail brand is sure to impress your clients or employees receiving this as a holiday gift. You can easily get this Corkcicle Tumbler lasered or screen printed.

Tech swag gifts

If you are looking for that premium gift for corporate holiday swag, tech items are the place to start. It’s something that will absolutely get used and appreciated. It also sends the message that you have invested a lot in sending that client or employee a nice holiday gift.

Branded Apple AirPods Pro

Branded Apple AirPods Pro: If you are looking to impress some executives and preferred clients, sending some custom Apple AirPods Pro is sure to hit the spot. This holiday swag is exclusive and let’s face it: would you need to even send anything else?

Custom JBL wireless speaker

Custom JBL Wireless Speaker: This holiday corporate gift is just so right! It's a fun, high quality and perfect gift to invest in sending to employees, partners and even loyal customers.

Aircharge Mouse Pad

Aircharge Mouse Pad: This multipurpose charging mouse pad is the tech gift you didn’t know you needed. It's a perfect gift for executives or clients for it’s high quality and feels super expensive. It’s perfect for a holiday tech gift if you are looking to send something other than a power bank.


What’s the holiday season without some tasty treats? Food items are one of our favorite ways to boost the holiday fun and complement your other swag. Think a nice branded mug paired with hot chocolate or a high quality crewneck with some snacks. Here are our top food picks.

Sugarfina Candy Cubes

Sugarfina Candy Cubes: Gourmet candies for adults? Sign us up! 😍 These champagne flavored gummy bears are a treat like no other. They were also named "the perfect party favor" by Cosmopolitan magazine.

Goodio Chocolate

Goodio Chocolate: If you haven’t tried Goodio Chocolate, you are missing out. These chocolates are 100% vegan, gluten-free and above all incredibly delicious. Goodio's chocolate artists make first-class chocolates with the best Nordic flavors. They ensure a delicious taste experience by favoring organic and nutritious ingredients.

Cocoa Sante Hot Chocolate

Cocoa Sante Hot Chocolate: Premium hot chocolate is the secret to holiday success. Just saying🤷🏻‍♀️ Cocoa Sante’s Nor'Easter blend is an ode to the hallowed snow days of youth. The comforting flavors of mellow cocoa, vanilla and malt deliver a warm & fuzzy, well-deserved break.

Cocktail Mixers

Cocktail kits: Self-explanatory, honestly. Help your team make a well-deserved toast to their successes this year. A cocktail kit includes all four delicious syrups you need to craft flavorful cocktails, whenever you need it, in one classy package. Just add the hard stuff and shake.

Pro tips on sending holiday swag

Our Swag Experts weigh in on the best tips and tricks for smooth sailing this holiday season

Whether you are new to sending holiday swag or not, you can avoid unanticipated problems in your next swag project with these tips from our Swag Experts!

How to pick the best branded swag options?

We always tell all our clients to think about how many you would like to send and what your budget is. If you have a strict budget make sure to factor in the shipping costs, especially if you are sending holiday swag internationally. SwagUp charges a flat rate of $12 per pack for domestic shipments and $32 for international shipments.

Once you narrow down your budget and quantity, the options you can select from might change. For example, some items have high minimums such as drinkware. So if you are planning to send only 10 holiday swag gifts, we would suggest skipping the drinkware. Our swag experts can help guide you through on the best options for your quantity and budget.

Next, we tell our clients to think about the recipients and what your brand wants to represent. If the majority of your recipients are techy, certain items like a nice branded hoodie paired with a tech swag item would be received well. So keep your receipt in mind and what goals you are planning to achieve. If you don’t have time to collect sizes, then some cool custom knit socks would be a great fit.

Lastly, order extra! Always order a few extra incase items get lost in transit, damaged or the most common you forgot someone. It’s very easy to forget a few people or sometimes your boss might throw in some last minute names on the list. So you are better off ordering extra.

How early should I start planning?

The earlier the better! The holidays are a busy time for the promotional products industry. Many vendors have longer lead times and shipping delays during these months. Lock in the items you like and make sure you can send the perfect holiday swag this season!

How to collect sizes and addresses from a contact list?

Collecting addresses and sizes can be a daunting task. Especially with people working from home and not having everyone back in offices. We’ve recently launched Redeem Pages to help solve this issue.

Our redeem pages are fully customizable. The best part is they sync with the SwagUp platform so you can automatically import address & size information and even automatically send shipments! Redeem pages is the hassle-free swag tip. Makes you wonder why you ever went to the post office before? 🤔

How to send swag internationally?

If you have some recipients that are international, definitely plan early! International shipments take time and sometimes get stuck in customs, so plan ahead! For example, if you plan on shipping to India, you have to let the recipient know in advance. India does not allow for you to send gifts without the recipient knowing. Customs will call and confirm a gift is expected. Check out more details on shipments to India here.



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