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How Do Swag Shops Work

Swag shops made simple

Exclusive access for Gold and Platinum members

⚡️ Up and Running in Minutes

A robust swag shop ready to start selling in minutes, not weeks

🎨 Simple, beautiful design

Showcase your product in a way you're proud of, without the need for a designer

🏆 Automate Rewards

Give credits to your audience to shop, supercharged by integrations

Swag Shops Without the Headaches

The Simplest Swag Shop Solution

Gone are the days of working through intermediaries for months only to be left with a mediocre experience. We've given you full control to launch a shop in minutes, not months

From Ideation to Doorstep

With SwagUp, everything from product ideation, design, production, warehousing, shop creation, and fulfillment are handled under one roof

Dropship Branded Swag Across the Globe

Amp up your brand with a swag shop! Whether your shop is for internal uses like employee stores, client gift shop or community members, the swag store allows you to ship globally and set your own shipping options.

Finally, a swag shop solution that makes sense

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The Old Way

  • Spend $20k+ to set up
  • Months to be up and running
  • No Control over the Experience
  • Antiquated look and feel

The Swagup Way

  • Included in your membership
  • Up and running in minutes
  • Fully self-service
  • Modern shopping experience

Get more from your swag experience

Earn up to 4x rewards on swag
Product, storage and shipping discounts
Expedited production on your order

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Frequently asked questions

How can I setup my SwagUp Shop ? 

The Stores Tab of the SwagUp Platform

What types of items can I sell on my SwagUp Shop? 

Any product that you have in your SwagUp inventory  is eligible to be sold on your storefront. There are some shipping restrictions as perishable items cannot be shipped internationally.

Do I need a SwagUp Membership to use shop feature? 

Anyone is able to create a store and see what it can do. To set the feature live for sales, you must be a Gold or Platinum member with SwagUp. 

Can I customize the look and feel of my shop on the SwagUp platform?

Yes! We’ve provided a beautiful theme that is super simple to tailor to your brand. You can easily control things like logos, colors, copy, and layout in our guided shop builder. When you create your storefront, you’ll be able to upload your logos, all copy and the theme. 

How do I add my products to the shop? 

Once your store has been created, you’ll be able to add products. Simply click “View Details,” go to the products subtab and click “add products”, From there you can select from the items in your inventory to be added.