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Best Sustainable Swag Brands of 2022

Best Sustainable Swag Brands of 2022
April 26, 2022

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Embracing sustainability isn’t good for just the environment –it’s good for your brand. Companies can demonstrate their commitment to the earth by implementing practices that reduce their carbon footprint. This initiative can be as simple as thinking before printing or setting up a recycling bin in your office’s lunch space (ideally, both).  Sustainable efforts can also extend to initiatives like your company swag strategy. Partnering with sustainable brands and manufacturers is a great step toward building an eco-conscious company culture. Providing custom sustainable swag to your team and clients can communicate your commitment to the environment. 

When you think about sustainability, likely, custom swag isn’t top-of-mind. And if swag tends to remind you of cheap giveaways like pens and keychains that end up in the trash, you're not alone.

At SwagUp, it’s safe to say that we think about swag differently. We even wrote a whole post about it, which you can check out here.

First, we focus on quality by curating a high-quality swag catalog of items meant to be used and loved for a lifetime and prioritize premium products that replace single-use items, like totes and water bottles. Minimizing waste keeps trash out of our oceans and landfills, and durable, reusable items are just one way to keep our planet just a little cleaner.

Then, we build relationships with brands and suppliers who have established firm sustainability commitments and actively work to reduce their impact on the Earth. We recognize our impact and understand that while caring for the environment starts with us, it extends to our relationships with our supplier network, who source, manufacture, and ship goods to us to fulfill all of the swag pack orders we receive. We’ve pulled together some of our favorites below --think of this list as your sustainable swag starter kit!

Sustainable Brands We Love


Solgaard creates amazing bags and luggage using recycled plastic bound for our oceans. Their goal is to help cut ocean plastic by half by 2025. They save 229 plastic bottles from entering the sea for every item sold. They’re also actively working towards stopping the flow of plastic into our oceans by tackling the most plastic polluted rivers.

Custom Backpacks

The Shore-Tex Daypack and the Lifepack Lite are crafted entirely from ocean-bound plastics and feature drop-proof storage for your electronics, four secret pockets to stash your valuables, and a water-resistant bottom to make it all safe and secure.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sustainable Swag, Onboarding Swag, Team Swag, Travel Swag, Custom Branded, Premium Swag

Known Supply 

Known Supply prides itself on being "the most human clothing brand." They strive to honor the folks behind the apparel they sell and are reimagining the entire manufacturing and distribution process to achieve this. To this end, each Known Supply product features the signature of the person who made it. You can finally stop guessing about the impact of your purchase and who made your clothing -- they’ll proudly show you.

Custom Hats and Totes

Crafted from 100% organic cotton and recycled materials, Known Supply's products are light, breathable, and water-resistant in the case of their Heavy Canvas tote.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Custom Apparel, Sustainable Apparel, Eco-Friendly Accessories, Eco Swag, New Hire Swag

Marine Layer

47% of Marine Layers' current product line is manufactured using low-impact, virgin fibers and/or recycled materials, and the company has committed to increasing that percentage to 50%+ by 2024. Marine Layer also boasts a robust textile recycling initiative: they'll take your well-loved tees and recycle them through Re-Spun. If you've got a few fave Marine Layer items that are just so last season, their ML Vintage Shop can save those high-quality threads from the landfill.

Custom Hoodies and Tees

Marine Layer's comfy apparel radiates laid-back Cali vibes, and their soft tees and hoodies are staples in the SwagFam's closets. Both items are manufactured with a sustainable fabric blend that includes modal from recycled beechwood.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Custom Apparel, Sustainable Apparel, Eco-Friendly Accessories, Eco Swag, Recycled Swag, Custom Branded, Apparel Swag

Fill it Forward

Fill it Forward is a certified B-corp that's committed to helping keep plastic out of landfills and increasing access to water. Their app enables you to track your impact and unlock global giving opportunities with every fill. Companies can take this tracking one step further with a custom organization tag to track company-wide metrics. It’s the easiest step to take toward your brand’s sustainability vision!

Reusable Bottles and Totes

Fill it Foward's classic Cupanion bottle is dishwasher-safe, leakproof, and crafted of recyclable Tritan®, and their newest product, the Everyday Tote, is a 21-liter powerhouse made from 20 (!!) recycled plastic bottles. All Fill it Forward products link to the Fill it Forward app, making it simple to see how your commitment to re-use impacts the environment.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Sustainable Swag, Eco Swag, Reusable Swag, Onboarding Swag, Team Swag, Travel Swag

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Choosing Sustainable Swag

When you're researching sustainable swag or shopping for eco-friendly products, it can be hard to know which brands to choose! That's why we've created the SwagUp Sustainable Swag seal, and added it to every sustainable swag pick in our catalog. Finding eco-friendly swag favorites has never been easier!

Check out the SwagUp catalog!


We can all do a little more to keep our planet clean, green, and healthy. Choosing to purchase your swag from suppliers committed to supporting the environment and taking steps to reduce their impact is a smart move that reflects positively on your brand! What other sustainable practices can you and your team adopt?

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