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Best Ways To Use Patagonia For Your Swag

Best Ways To Use Patagonia For Your Swag
November 15, 2022

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If you are looking for the best ways to use Patagonia for your swag, well you came to the right place! We highlight the best ways to incorporate Patagonia in your swag gifts for clients or employees. Patagonia is always a sought-after brand but there is a catch to offering this sweet swag. Don’t worry we break down everything you need to know on the best way to use Patagonia for your swag. 

Why Use Patagonia Swag? 

When it comes to swag, the first brand that comes to mind is Patagonia. Yes, it’s been the staple swag gift for the finance industry for its premium quality and style. But it’s been a favorite for most companies. 

We’ve surveyed on Twitter, and Patagonia was voted the top favorite swag compared to other brands. So, no need to guess if people will love receiving these, as people always appreciate them! Ultimately, whether you are planning holiday swag or high-end gifts for your clients, you can’t go wrong with offering Patagonia as the swag of choice.

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What Makes Patagonia The Perfect Swag Gift?

Fan Favorite 

Patagonia is, by far, our customers' favorite brand. Look no further if you are searching for a reliable, quality swag option that everyone will love. We promise no one will throw this swag item away!

Best Eco Option

If you are looking for a sustainable brand, Patagonia takes the cake here too. They are all about sustainability and caring for the planet. Hence why they are so strict with who can use their brand. They have built environmental and animal welfare programs as part of their company. They take this promise seriously; it's who they are.

High Quality

Patagonia is a fan favorite mainly because they are quality. Their products are made to last for a long time, and if you've ever lived in cold climates, their sweaters and vests keep you extra warm! 

What To Look Out For In Patagonia For Swag? 

Over the years, Patagonia has become strict with who can use this beloved brand and how. As their ethos is to be sustainable and eco-friendly, they take that value to the grave. Here are some tips to look out for when using Patagonia for swag.

No Customization

There was a time Patagonia allowed you to customize their items. But recently, they have decided that they don't want other brands to be associated with theirs. As a sustainable-first brand, Patagonia fears branding its items will increase the chances of someone discarding it.

Design Work Arounds  

While they don't allow you to decorate directly on their items, that doesn't mean you can't add a custom pin or a zipper tag! Some clients give them to employees blank, but the whole point of providing custom swag is decorating it with your brand. So, put a pin on it! 

🚀Check out this sweet pin below! You can fully customize these and add as many as you want!

Custom Enamel Pins

No More Finance Bros 

Sorry y'all, but Patagonia requests to know which companies are using their items and finance companies don't make the cut. The same goes for oil companies, which makes sense.

No Rush Orders 

As part of Patagonia's sustainability push, this also means no rush orders. If you want these blank Patagonias overnight, it will not happen. Most big brands are like this too, and they ship their products on their terms. Plus, overnight/rush shipping is so expensive.

Top Patagonia Swag Options 

When it comes to Patagonia swag options these three options top our list as most requested and sold swag items. 

  • Patagonia 1/4 Zip Fleece
  • Patagonia Fleece Vest
  • Patagonia Full Zip Fleece
Most Popular Patagonia Swag

Want More High-Quality Brands for Swag? 

Looking for more swag brand inspiration? Check our other options for that are amongst our favorites!  

Customized Yeti  

Oh, Yeti. People go crazy for this brand, and its ridged design and high-quality tumblers make it top of mind when giving premium drinkware. They offer laser engraving on their products, making them a durable decoration option. 

As with Patagonia, YETI also has a few caveats with their custom orders. You can’t get these items rushed, and you must have your logo on the same side as YETI's logo. You can get a front and back print, too.

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Branded Timbuk2 

We love Timbuk2 bags not only because they are high quality, but they are mission-driven too! They have a lifetime guarantee on all their items and will repair or recycle any products you no longer want. They want to ensure their products never sit in a landfill. This makes Timbuk2 a fantastic option without sacrificing quality and durability. 

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Branded Bella Canvas 

When you think about t-shirt brands, Bella + Canvas is a great option to use. Their items check all the right boxes: affordable, high-quality, and the perfect fit! They make some of the best unisex options for customers, which is a great swag item to please the masses.

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