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Brand Spotlight: Karst Stone Paper Notebooks

Brand Spotlight: Karst Stone Paper Notebooks
May 26, 2021

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Meet Karst. A brand that sells notebooks not made from paper. Because Karst started by asking why. Why must notebooks be made from trees? Why can’t journals be waterproof? Why must the third largest industry in the world be responsible for creating so much waste?

Answering these questions led to the creation of Karst. A notebook company that diligently follows a sustainable-first culture. Their stone paper notebooks are complemented by their ethos of ‘Tomorrow Will Be Better, But Only If We Learn From Yesterday.’

Their method: Challenge assumptions at every stage.

Their goal: Leave the world better than they found it.

Why Choose Karst?

Putting sustainability and top-notch product quality at the forefront, Karst notebooks are a unique swag pick you won’t want to miss.

TLDR? Here’s the summary: Karst notebooks are

  • Waterproof
  • Fully recyclable
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Friction-free
  • Sustainably made

All Karst notebooks are made from 100% sustainably recycled stone, without any bleaches or acids. It’s built to be better than wood-pulp paper: more durable, more sustainable, and infinitely smoother to write, scribble, doodle or draw on. They believe there’s no better way to make paper and if they do find one, they’ll let us know 😉.

The 100% tree-free paper is made by mixing calcium carbonate powder with a high quality, non-toxic, non-virgin resin. Heat and pressure are applied, and after many rotations through some extremely large and heavy rollers, the material is thin enough to be used as paper.

Through this innovative process, Karst ends up with paper made from stone that’s waterproof, recyclable, biodegradable and friction-free. Their notebooks are designed to enhance your workflow with a great writing experience. There isn’t any real reason for you to keep using papers made from wood-pulp. Make the switch for yourself, your team and the environment.


  1. Daily Planner Set
  2. Hardcover Notebook
  3. Pocket Journal
  4. Stone Paper Sketchpad
    Swag Expert Corner: Comments, Tips, and Tricks!

4 Great Karst Products for Your Next Swag Project

Their product range includes daily & weekly planners, notebooks, notepads, woodless pencils, journals, sketchbooks and desk pads. But we know you’re crunched for time. So here are our favorite picks:


1. 2021 Daily Planner Set (Limited Edition)

This limited edition daily planner is a unique, two-volume planning system designed to maximize your growth, productivity and motivation. Each month features a different theme to help you reflect on your daily life and set you up for success. Complement your thoughts and goals with daily-motivation quotes that are scattered throughout the planner. Set your 2021 in stone (literally) with this fantastic planner.

2. Hardcover Notebook A5

This waterproof hardcover A5 notebook is perfect to gift coworkers and keep around the office. It features an expandable back pocket, a divider ribbon (or bookmark), an elastic band and lay-flat binding. It’s chic and minimalist, making it a great low-key swag essential.

3. Pocket Journal A6

Got anybody on your team who loves to write? They’ll love this slim travel journal. Made to carry on-the-go, these thread bound notebooks are waterproof and recyclable. It also features a back pocket for loose notes or receipts, making it a great option for travellers. It’s a cute little gift anybody will appreciate, and probably get more for themselves.

4. Stone Paper Sketchpad

If you’re a creative agency, or if you’ve got employees who draw, this sketchpad makes for amazing swag. It’s covered in black vegan leather that lends it a premium feel and the stone papers are 200 microns thick and waterproof, which means colours will not bleed through, making it perfect for artists who explore both wet and dry mediums.

Swag Expert Corner 🧑🏾‍🚀

— Comments, Tips, and Tricks!

Karst products are a great option for onboarding swag, employee appreciation swag, leadership swag, productivity swag, sustainable swag and fun swag. We’re barely scratching the surface here, these notebooks can fit into almost any swag scenario.

For your teammates that love stationary, there’s a good chance they are quite familiar with the Karst brand - and that’s when you know you’ve found a great swag pick for an employee appreciation award or surprise. The sustainable mission behind the Karst team’s work is also a good opportunity for your company to make a swag pick that supports your own culture and values, especially if sustainability is something you want your employees to know you stand behind.

Finally, note that due to the nature of Karst products, custom branding on stone can be difficult, with longer production times - as a result, we recommend this swag pick as a complement to a fully branded swag pack you’re already working with. These books look great on their own, so if you’re crunched for time, ordering them as-is will work well too.


And there we go, you’ve now officially met Karst. An incredible brand revolutionizing the paper industry. We love what they’re doing and hopefully, you do too. Get in the action by including a Karst product in your next swag pack.

Looking for more swag ideas? A Karst notebook would pair well with a LARQ bottle and a Day Owl Backpack. You could also include a few custom stickers from Stickermule. Excited? Start building your swag project 🚀

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