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SwagUp x Commsor Helps Community Managers Generate Excitement With Custom Swag

SwagUp x Commsor Helps Community Managers Generate Excitement With Custom Swag
February 14, 2022

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SwagUp integrates with platforms like Commsor, Zapier, Rippling, Shopify,, and more to make sending and tracking swag a breeze. Learn more about how our partnership with Commsor is helping Community Managers welcome, recognize, and incentivize their communities via Community OS and SwagUp!

Recently, we sat down with the Commsor team to chat about strategies that Community Managers can use to build connections with their communities, through swag. As Swagstronauts, we see, send, and receive a lot of custom swag. The excitement of receiving a surprise in the mail never gets old, and it’s one of the reasons we love helping customers build and send amazing, custom swag. Whether you’re planning a welcome kit for your newest members, prepping for an event, or celebrating a community milestone, Commsor and Swagup can help!

Read all about it here, in Commsor’s latest blog post, Sending Swag to Your Community Members Made Easy with Community OS and SwagUp.

If you’re a seasoned SwagUp customer, chances are that you’re already connecting platforms like Commsor (or Shopify, Rippling, Zapier, and more!) with your SwagUp account to send and track swag directly from your chosen platform.  

But if you’re new here, let us show you how simple it can be to connect with SwagUp!

First, you’ll want to create your free SwagUp account to start building and exploring swag projects for your community!

Then, get the lowdown on how to leverage the capabilities of Commsor with SwagUp

If you’re not on Commsor already, good news! We’ve partnered with them to offer SwagUp customers a special discount – fill out this form to learn more.

Here’s what connecting with SwagUp through Commsor might look like:

You’re planning a community event in about 6 weeks, and realize you need swag!

You check out our SwagUp catalog and work with your dedicated Account Executive to put  together a swag project, complete with free mockups from our talented designers,  to review with your team.

Once you’ve chosen your ideal swag items and finalized your designs with our team, your first swag project hits production and your swag inventory is updated in your SwagUp account.

Hooray, your inventory is available! In the Commsor platform, create an order, select the items you want to send, choose a recipient, and schedule the ship date. 

Mission accomplished! You’ve successfully sent swag through Commsor.  Prepare to rake in the accolades!

Want more? See Commsor’s help article for additional details!

To learn more about the SwagUp API, other integrations, and more, check out our Help Center

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