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Launching Swag Effortlessly With Redeem Pages

Launching Swag Effortlessly With Redeem Pages
January 5, 2023

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Swag comes with a lot of moving parts - luckily, with Redeem Pages, you can simplify pretty much every step of the process. Here’s everything you need to know about SwagUp Redeem Pages, including what they are, why they are useful, when to use them, and most importantly, how you can use Redeem Pages to help you launch swag effortlessly.


What are Redeem Pages?
Why and when are Redeem Pages useful?

How can you use Redeem Pages to help you launch swag effortlessly?
Psst… Ready to make the most of your Redeem Page?

What are Redeem Pages?

Redeem Pages are customizable, one stop landing page designed to allow recipients anywhere in the world to virtually claim swag in a few clicks. This is the simplest way to send swag to recipients around the globe.

And that’s because they live in your SwagUp Dashboard. Like the rest of your Dashboard, they are completely free for SwagUp customers.

You get an out-of-the-box swag distribution solution already plugged into your swag ecosystem. Think things like contact group management. Live syncing of your swag Inventory. Shipping credit allocation. And more - but before we dive deeper, let’s understand why and when redeem pages are useful.

Why and when are they useful?

Redeem Pages help you collect swag recipient info like address and apparel sizes in one place.

Skip the email threads, Slack/Teams channel reminders, and search for that final-final-FINAL version excel file with everyone’s updated shipment address and requested t-shirt size. With Redeem Pages, you can sidestep the hassle with a shareable URL that aggregates all your swag recipient contact info in your SwagUp Dashboard.

If you are thinking about Redeem Pages before you have placed a swag order, you’ll want to use a Collection Page (covered in a later section of this article). Collection Pages are great for collecting recipient information before you place your swag order so you know what to buy and how much.

Redeem Pages delivers a beautiful branded experience for sending out swag.

Especially if you don’t know everyone (or everything) about the people you are, or will be, sending swag to. From surprise swag welcome packs before an event, to an ongoing swag reward program, Redeem Pages helps you deliver a beautiful, on-brand experience in a few clicks. Add key branding visuals like your company or team logo, brand colors, and even images of your swag. Craft the copy to fit your brand’s unique voice and tone at each step. Then hit publish to turn the page live! That’s minutes to create, hours saved down the line.

If you are thinking about redeem pages after you have placed a swag order, you’ll want to use an Autoship Page (covered in a later section of this article). Autoship Pages are great for automatically creating shipments for you with the swag you have available in inventory.

Redeem Pages offer seamless and integrated swag management, from inventory syncing to automated shipments.

As easy for you to set up as it is for customers to use. They are part of your SwagUp Dashboard, is synced to your swag inventory. This makes it incredibly easy to create for your swag products. You can even make more than one swag product available for redemption, including mixing and matching your swag packs and individual swag items.

With an Autoship Redeem Page, swag shipments will automatically be created for every recipient that fills out the form so long as you have available swag and shipping credits.

Redeem Pages are useful when you need to collect recipient info before a swag order, or automatically create swag shipments after a swag order.

There are two types of Redeem Pages available in your SwagUp Dashboard:

  1. Collection Redeem Pages
  2. Autoship Redeem Pages

Collection Pages includes a unique URL for you to send to your intended recipients to collect the following information:

  • Full name
  • Shipping address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Apparel size

Because Collection Pages do not automatically create swag shipments, it does not require you to have swag already in inventory, and as a result is usually best suited for use before you have placed a swag order. Collection Page can help you understand how much swag you will need (and in what sizes, if you are ordering apparel).

Autoship Pages also includes a unique URL for you to send to your intended recipients, but will also automatically create shipments for you when your recipients submit their information.

Because Autoship Pages automate the manual shipment creation process, you will need to make sure you already have swag in inventory to send, as well as available shipping credits in your Dashboard to pay your swag shipping fees. You will be able to select the swag you want to use, as well as budget shipping credits for the Redeem Page when you create it in the Dashboard. As a result, Autoship Page option are usually best suited for use after you have placed a swag order and have swag inventory.

Unique URLs For Extra Security

Unique URLs allows for you to create urls that provide more security. If you are creating a swag campaign that is going out to a large list of people, you can use Unique URLs to ensure they are only filled out once by the person you shared the link with.

You are able to use Unique URLs for both Collection and Autoship types of pages. This feature is to make it easier for those worried about inventory getting depleted or having the link shared to people you don't want. The Unique URL can only be filled out once.

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How can you use Redeem Pages to help you launch swag effortlessly?

These custom landing pages will help you reach a global audience. Ship swag to domestic or international addresses, with a virtual redeem page providing 24/7 accessibility so recipients anywhere in the world can pick their favorite swag on their own time.

Some of the benefits of Collection Pages include:

  • Making ordering a breeze.
  • Simple, custom branding experience
  • No more CSV files

Some of the benefits of Autoship Pages include:

  • Set and forget solution
  • Recipient’s choice of swag
  • Centralized redeem swag management

Save time, take back your day, and use these custom landing pages to streamline your before and after swag distribution work. From recipient collection to shipment creation, they can help you effortlessly launch swag faster in a beautiful experience. Linked to your swag inventory, we do the heavy lifting of getting the most mileage out of your swag by making it known to the people who matter.

As a bonus, avoid the hassle of manual file management by leveraging your SwagUp Dashboard to capture contact info, redeem history, and shipment tracking information.

And finally, we’ll just say it: Redeem Pages are fun!

Try it for yourself today.

Psst… Ready to make the most of your Redeem Page?

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