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Swag Success: Master the Client Onboarding Process

Swag Success: Master the Client Onboarding Process
July 29, 2020

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Meet AdOutreach

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

Well, it depends. If your ads don’t convert, they’re not worth very much. Fortunately, Aleric Heck, founder of AdOutreach, wants to fix that.

You could say Aleric knows a little about YouTube: ten years ago, he built the largest app review channel, AppFind, on YouTube with over 400k subscribers. Today, Aleric runs AdOutreach to help others use YouTube Ads for consistent lead and sale generation.

“We help other businesses leverage YouTube ads to get leads and sales for their business,” says Julia Gordy, Head of Operations at AdOutreach. “In comparison to Facebook ads, it’s actually a lot easier to scale.” AdOutreach’s process is comprehensive, starting from 1-on-1 calls to script the ads to video production and campaign optimization.

But while strong customer relationships are important for any company, it’s especially key for AdOutreach. “The majority of our client interactions are online. So the more that we can offer a great experience with us, the better,” Julia explains.

AdOutreach’s focus on the customer experience naturally led them to brainstorm ways they could welcome new customers and create AdOutreach champions through the company’s relationship with its customers.

Coincidentally, two swag packs had just arrived for the AdOutreach team.

Supercharging AdOutreach with swag packs

“[We had just] enrolled in two different things and received these packages. And we were so amazed by it,” Julia says. 

“The first thing we saw was the box [and it] was awesome. We had never seen a custom box before. And then the crinkle cut filling and all the details and the branding and the obvious care that went into creating these packages... So we reached out to both of these people and we said, “What company do you use? We want to do the same for our clients.” And they said, “SwagUp.”

AdOutreach didn’t pull the trigger right away. As anyone scrappy can relate to, there’s a tendency to wonder, can I DIY this? “At first we were thinking like, oh, maybe we could make the boxes ourselves,” Julia says.

“Then we realized the amount of hours that it would take to do that. We are a relatively small company and we realized that all of that work would probably fall on me. And so we decided you know what, let's do a one stop shop. We'll use SwagUp and I'm very glad that we did.”

When your resources are limited, knowing how to deploy them effectively is crucial. But AdOutreach didn’t just save time — they also gained some unexpected benefits they couldn’t have foreseen as first-time swag packers. 

“When we were thinking about doing it ourselves that did come up. Like, where [would] we store them? How would we put them together? How long would it take? We probably got, I would say, like, not even an hour into that conversation and we were like, this is definitely something that we need help with. This is not our expertise. And, you know, we'd much rather be using our time to serve our clients and to grow our business and use a company like SwagUp to handle all the logistics of that,” says Julia.

“Not even an hour into that conversation and we were like, this is definitely something that we need help with. This is not our expertise. And, you know, we'd much rather be using our time to serve our clients and to grow our business and use a company like SwagUp to handle all the logistics of that.”

— Julia Gordy, Head of Operations at AdOutreach

The goal was simple. “The first package we designed was for the exact purpose of when someone onboards into our process or enrolls in our program,” Julia says, “I send over the package and just welcome them and it's been awesome. We've had clients that send pictures with the mug, [they’re] so excited when they receive it, so that's been a really cool thing to see.”

As a bonus, AdOutreach’s team also enjoyed the swag pack process. “It was really fun. We had our client success team weigh in on things that they liked or didn't like and we all created a package together. It was kind of like a company bonding experience.”

With the success of their first swag pack campaign, AdOutreach is already figuring out new ways to use swag for their customers. “We thought, why not add another package that was towards the end of the program that kind of lets them know that it's almost the time to take the next step into our continuation program?” Julia says.

“So we created that package. Again, it was a super quick process, and really fun to get the team together to build that package. So we started doing that about a- so we made the package last month and sent out our first few packages two weeks ago, and a client already thanked us for it. I have a feeling that's gonna give us even more people enrolling in our continuation offer.”

“As a company that works in digital marketing, things move really really quickly and we need people who can keep up with us. You guys are definitely able to. For me, that's been awesome.”

— Julia Gordy, Head of Operations at AdOutreach

The verdict?

“It's been really great. I've really, really appreciated Kia who's been super helpful, just like any questions that I've had along the way, I sent her an email and she responds so fast,” Julia says. 

“Even small things where if someone said, Oh, can we see like a different option for the color? Or if someone said, Can we see a different variation of the box, I'll send an email [and] be like, a little concerned that Oh, am I annoying her? and she's like, Oh, don't worry, here you go. Here's mockups, like the same day that I requested. I'll get those mockups and it's really, really been helpful.”

Feedback from clients has been extremely positive as well. “We’ve seen an improvement in clients being willing to record testimonial videos for us,” Julia says. “Overall, the relationship with clients has improved since we’ve been sending those packages. [...] Adding a package is just one of the ways that we increase the value of our program and it definitely has.”

For those interested in working with SwagUp, Julia says, “I really do want to emphasize how great the customer service has been. I mean, even like the smallest thing I am always able to get in touch with you guys and get things sorted out in a timely manner. That's something that I really, really appreciate.”

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