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Mission Log - New Swag Collections, Meet Your Rep & Adding More Swag

Mission Log - New Swag Collections, Meet Your Rep & Adding More Swag
Helen Rankin
April 29, 2024

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What’s new at SwagUp

The SwagUp launches some new updates making it easier for customers to navigate through its platform. New mission logs for the month of April include the ability for customers to see more swag options through Swag Collections, Meet their Swag Expert, and Add More Swag to orders. The SwagUp teams new mission log updates are around enhancing the customers experience within our SwagUp platform. With these latest launches, we know customers will have a much better experience with finding more swag options for projects and getting in touch with their Swag Expert easily in the platform.

  • Swag Collections
  • Meet Your Swag Rep
  • Adding More Swag to Open Orders

Swag Collections

The moment we have all been waiting for is here. Swag Collections just launched on our SwagUp website giving customers more access to swag options. Customers wanted more swag options and they are finally available at your fingertips! You can browse through collections like Conferences & Events, Uniforms, New Hires, and more! There will be more collections coming soon, the first launch of the Swag Collections were based on customers more requested categories. These new swag collections will allow for customers to see what other swag options we have in store. This latest launch will help customers widen the scope of their projects and include more specific type of swag for special use cases.

Meet Your Swag Rep

Not sure who to reach out to at SwagUp? Well your account will now have an assigned Swag Expert to your platform! So if you couldn’t remember who your dedicated rep was no worries! Just log into the SwagUp platform and meet your swag Expert! If you haven't worked with SwagUp, this new update will make it eaiser for customers to see who they work with. Every customer gets a dedicated Swag Expert to help on their orders and swag projects. So go on over and say hello!

Adding More Swag To Existing Orders

SwagUp customers are now able to add more swag to existing orders! Previously clients would have to create a new swag order or reach out to their Swag Rep if they wanted add more items to their order to get mocked up. Now we are giving customers flexibility to add more swag to open orders! This helps customers get more options when they can’t decide on an item or simply add an item they feel is needed to complete their swag order!

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