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Mission Log: New and Improved Mockup Approvals, Swag Shipments, and More!

Mission Log: New and Improved Mockup Approvals, Swag Shipments, and More!
September 13, 2021

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What’s New at SwagUp?

Check out the latest updates with the SwagUp Platform


Updated Mockups Interface for Greater Visibility into Item Statuses

The new mockups interface supports and accompanies the recent update to the SwagUp order management view. We’re excited to introduce this update allowing SwagUp Dashboard users more precision over their mockup details, reducing confusion in communicating feedback, and speeding up the ideation to approval process for your swag.

Here’s what you get with this improvement:

  • At-a-glance list view of all swag items in a swag pack
  • Item status indicating whether a swag item is In Progress, Pending Review, Changes Requested, Finalizing Proofs, Proofs Ready, or Approved.
  • Click to zoom in view for a closer look at mockup images
  • Item quantity per pack controls (with price per pack totals updated in real time!)
  • Changes history for a log of your mockup edits for every item
  • Delete swag items at any time in the mockup ideation stage

You will be able to access your mockups in the same way as before. After clicking into a swag product to review your mockups, you will notice a different look to your mockups interface.

All your swag items will be listed on the left. Each swag item will also have a tag indicating the status of that item. On the right, you will see all editable details of the currently selected swag item, including quantity per pack, item color, item decoration, and changes history.

For every item, you can edit these details as desired to request changes for the mockups. Once you like how a mockup looks, hit Approve Item to update that item’s status.Want to see all your mockups at a glance? Download a PDF of your mockups by clicking on the Mockup PDF link in the upper right hand corner. Downloading your mockup pdf is also a convenient way to share your swag designs with the team and gather feedback.

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New Mockups Edits and Approvals Process with Item-Specific Options

We get it, great design is hard. And sharing creative ideas can be even harder with asynchronous communications. The last thing you need is more ambiguity and room for miscommunication.

That’s why this update brings you a simpler experience for requesting changes and offering feedback to your designers. 

We threw out the chat box that made it hard to specify which swag item you wanted to update. Instead, you can now see all your relevant design options within each swag item’s details. From seeing what color options you have for a swag item to changing a decoration method or location, you can now be confident in making these changes with precision.

Here’s what you get with this improvement:

  • All available item color options displayed within the item details
  • All available item decoration options displayed within the item details
  • Insight into available imprint locations for an item
  • Easily upload and replace logos for an item as needed
  • Additional notes per swag item to guide designers with clear feedback

A simpler design feedback process also means you’ll get your swag to the launchpad faster and with less frustration.

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New Unified Shipping Experience for Flexible Swag Shipments

Removing the complexity of shipping at the post office is one thing we help you do with the SwagUp Dashboard — no matter how many swag products and recipients you’re working with.

This quality-of-life update is all about providing a consistent, familiar shipping experience regardless of if you have just one swag goal, or multiple scenarios you need swag for. Whether you’re in Dashboard, Inventory, or Contacts, if you’re ready to send swag, you can launch in just a few steps. Hit “Send Swag”, and boom launch sequence initiated.

Let’s get your swag off the launchpad. First, select the swag products you want to ship from inventory. Second, select the recipients (you’ll be able to adjust quantities as needed at this point). Third, pay for shipping. (Optional) Pour yourself a drink 😉

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Updated Orders Completed View with Convenient Reordering and At-a-Glance Order Summary Info

We’re big fans of reducing your click mileage whenever we can. Your new orders completed view will now not only show you an order was placed by but also make it really, really easy to reorder your favorite swag, whether that’s an individual swag item from an order or the entire swag order, straight from this view. Need a copy of the invoice? Click into the order details and you’ll find a handy link to download a PDF of the order invoice.

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Summary Email with Direct Invoice Link for Wire Transfer Payment Selections

Prefer wire transfers but find managing the details a little confusing? When you choose this payment method, we help you out by sending you a summary email with wire instructions, details, reference number and other relevant information. Pull it up for reference whenever you need it, no need to scramble through screenshots in your notes app.


Real-time Mission Update Emails on Swag Orders from Production to Available Inventory

Stay in the loop on the status of your swag order! These real-time mission update emails start as your swag enters the production process and end with your new swag available as inventory. 

Here’s how it works: The first mission update will provide you an overview of each step with estimated dates, with subsequent updates proactively communicating any delays and the continued progression of your swag order.


Tips and Tricks: Set Up Your 24/7 Swag Storefront

Did you know that if you have swag inventory, you have basically everything you need to set up your own swag shop with SwagUp?

Thanks to our integration with Shopify, you can use a swag shop to:

  • Set up a swag portal for a virtual event or community
  • Build out your brand with online swag
  • Create an internal way for employees to order the swag they like when they like
  • Offer fun rewards and merchandise to your biggest fans

With a swag shop, you get a turnkey solution where all the work is done upfront. Then you can leave it alone while your company brand benefits.

Want to get involved? Share your two cents with us here.

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