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Quick Turnaround Swag Ideas to Launch Faster

Quick Turnaround Swag Ideas to Launch Faster
October 13, 2020

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Someway, somehow, you’re in the hot seat — and you need swag, STAT.

Your answer to every question is along the lines of: 

A) Will it look good? and,

B) Great, how fast can I get it?

No time for weeks of back and forth emails. No time for debating the minutiae of swag designs. No time, period.

So let’s cut to the chase: jump ahead to check out the list of swag with the fastest turnaround times, then get started with a Swag Expert today. You won’t compromise quality for speed AND you’ll come out looking like a swag superhero 😎 How’s that for a win-win?

If you’re not in a rush, stick around for a quick primer. Learn what exactly turnaround times look like in the world of swag. Then execute your next swag project like a champ! 🙌🏼

What is fast turnaround swag? 

There’s more work than you think behind that fantastic piece of swag you’re gearing up to deliver to your employees, clients, and community.

But thanks to our Swag Experts, our online catalog offers swag that outmatches your typical conference freebie swag. We look for premium quality swag at reasonable prices. So you can skip step 1 — sourcing — entirely.

Step 2 is where it gets tricky because (unfortunately) all swag is not created equal. And a common rookie mistake when it comes to swag projects is underestimating the different timelines of each stage in swag production.

Your total turnaround time has to consider not only the initial swag selection and order production stages, but also transportation time as swag is moved from production to warehouse for QA and assembly. 

Swag then leaves our warehouse to land in the hands of the people you are sending swag to, which can be at a single local address, or multiple addresses all over the world. 

This entire process takes time. In normal times, we would recommend planning at least 3-4 weeks for swag to go from production to delivery (especially if you want to build in some flexibility for yourself into the project). 

Even so, we understand that sometimes those three weeks are a luxury you can’t afford. 

Fast turnaround swag is for when you don’t have that time.

You’ll have fewer options to choose from, as not every piece of swag is a good candidate for rush orders, but you can still assemble a high quality swag pack that will impress even the pickiest of your friends.

But a word of caution: rush orders are not for the faint of heart. You’ll have to know your budget and recipient addresses (or plan for a way to collect them), be ready to make quick decisions so your swag can hit production faster, have the faith to wait as the process happens and the steadfastness to weather unanticipated obstacles. 

How to choose fast turnaround swag?

The more custom you go, the more time it takes. But going custom doesn’t automatically translate to better swag. 

We’ve seen a lot of high quality, sweet-looking swag that isn’t about getting super fancy with multiple colors, gradient logos, etc.

So when it comes to choosing fast turnaround swag, keep it simple

  • Stick to a single color for your logos
  • Avoid getting into personalizations that require heavy processing (e.g. heat transfers)
  • Take a pass on some more labor-intensive items like pins and custom-knit socks.

Pro tip: embrace gourmet food combos, gift baskets, and preset packs. There’s a reason people still give flowers and snacks— it’s fun to get and a classic gesture of thoughtfulness and care. With these bundles already created, all you have to do is pick a combination you like! We’re talking caramel popcorn, artisan cupcakes, fruit and cheese, and even wine bottles🍷

The secret benefits of fast turnaround swag

Apart from obvious reasons, there are a couple situations where going for swag with faster turnaround times could be beneficial to you — even if you’re not in a rush.

Fast turnaround swag gives you more flexibility. When you choose fast turnaround swag, you’re going with swag that’s easier to make. This means if you don’t like how something turns out or want to make last minute changes because of new information you just learned, it’s far simpler to do so.

And with all else being equal, moving faster gives you an advantage. Whether you’re testing a new brand ambassador program, expanding your client outreach, or improving how you onboard new employees, the faster you get a swag pack out to people, the faster you get feedback and insights on how swag can help your company. Making your next swag project even better with less effort.


  1. Clip Clap Bluetooth Speaker
  2. Scented Candle in Screw-Top Metal Tin
  3. The Grayson Backpack
  4. Eco-Fleece Sweatshirt by Alternative Apparel 
  5. Wheat Straw Bluetooth Speaker
  6. The Echo Bottle
  7. The Shoulder Tote
  8. Koozie - Can Kooler
  9. H2Go Neo 
  10. The Speckled Cup 
  11. BIC Sticky Note Cube
  12. Orso Mug 
  13. White Element Pen
  14. Classic Dad Hat 

The Short List of Fast Swag 

With fast turnaround swag, you can get swag from production to delivery at faster speeds than regular swag. The following list of swag items are the best options for moving quickly without sacrificing on quality. 

How fast are we talking? In normal times, fast turnaround swag can move from ideation to delivery in as little as a couple weeks. 

However, in light of the pandemic, please keep in mind that additional stresses at all stages of the supply chain mean that delays are to be expected. As a result, for a more realistic estimate, we recommend planning for an additional 1-2 weeks on top of normal processing times.

Even so, getting this done that quickly is pretty close to moving mountains - so be ready to savor the praise of being a swag superhero 🦸🏻‍♀️


#1 Clip Clap Bluetooth Speaker


A tiny speaker with a big sound. As its name suggests, the built-in clip design allows you to instantly attach the speaker to a backpack, golf bag, tote pack, water bottle, and well, anything with a loop really. 

This slim, palm-sized bluetooth speaker is the perfect companion for every team that wants tunes on the go without having to compromise on sound quality.


  • Bluetooth range of 10 meters (33 feet)
  • Playtime of up to 1.5 hours on a single charge
  • Built-in microphone
  • Included Micro USB Charging Cable


#2 Scented Candle in Screw-Top Metal Tin


Lightweight, yet powerful enough to freshen up an entire room. This 2 oz. scented candle sits in a charming metal tin branded to your company. Whether you’re ignoring that the laundry pile has grown to an alarming size (oops) or simply relaxing after a long day to your favorite drink and pastime, this candle is ready to help you chill for hours and hours to come.


  • Available in a gold or silver tin finish
  • Choose from scents like Berry Spice, Citrus Verbena, and Sugar Cookie
  • Burn time: up to 15-17 hours (varies depending on scent)


#3 The Grayson Backpack


As at home on the streets of New York as it is on the shoreline of Laguna Beach, this techie backpack is ready for whatever the day throws at you — so you can throw it back at the day. Tuck away your 15” laptop into the padded laptop sleeve, along with snacks, gym shorts, or anything else you want to fit into the roomy main compartment.

The front pocket is designed for easy access, with space enough to hold a power bank, charging cables, and your keys. Stay hydrated and slip a water bottle (or a soda) into the side pockets. It’s a no-fuss backpack that covers the essentials.


  • 15” padded laptop sleeve, large main compartment, additional front pocket
  • Natural minor variations in color as a result of the nature of fabric dyes, weaves, and printing
  • Made of 600d Polyester


#4 Eco-Fleece Sweatshirt by Alternative Apparel


The everyday sweatshirt that masterfully blends style and comfort. Cut with a classic fit, this soft crewneck is extremely versatile and boasts Alternative’s Eco-Fleece, which features a blend (50% Polyester, 46% Cotton, 4% Rayon) that includes recycled and organic materials. The result is a knit that perfectly replicates the soft feel of vintage garments. 

Pro tip: take a pass on the screen print and go for a logo embroidery on the left chest for a super slick look!


  • Slim fit with raglan sleeves for a vintage-inspired look
  • Low-impact dyed and washed, made in a WRAP-certified factory
  • Bound ribbed neckband and ribbed hemband and sleeve cuffs
  • Tearaway label


#5 Wheat Straw Bluetooth Speaker


Speaking of eco-friendly, check out this one-a-kind wheat straw bluetooth speaker. The natural beige color offers a unique pattern other speakers can’t replicate and at a size small enough to fit into a day pack, you can take this bluetooth speaker anywhere. We recommend this speaker for teams who love supporting eco-friendly products.

Bonus: through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of the sales for this speaker will be donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.


  • Made from 51% wheat straw, the rigid stalk left over from a wheat harvest
  • Bluetooth version 5.0; offers crystal clear sound at over 1.5 h at max volume
  • 1.96 h x 2.20 w


#6 The Echo Bottle


The Echo Bottle embraces the modern aesthetic to the point that it’s practically an art piece. Choose from neutrals like white, black, and gray or add a bit of pep with pastels like pink and baby blue. But don’t be fooled — this water bottle is good for more than sitting pretty on your desk. 

With a threaded bamboo lid to keep liquids sealed and copper vacuum insulation to maintain the ideal temperature, this water bottle keeps up with you while bringing a little zen to your workday.


  • 16.9 oz double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal bottle
  • Copper vacuum insulation with a threaded insulated bamboo lid
  • Glossy / matte dual-tone finish


#7 The Shoulder Tote


Totes are the signature swag piece when it comes to events. And for good reason - you can throw anything you want in these, and with the Shoulder Tote, the long handles make it easy to sling over your shoulder and carry on with your day.

A really great quality tote excels in its versatility and that’s exactly what the Shoulder Tote is made for: a lightweight way to carry things in a jiffy. And with 7 oz of natural cotton, it’s got that classic look and feel everyone loves.


  • Made of lightweight 7 oz. natural cotton
  • 14.5 w x 16.5 h x 3 d
  • Handle colors include natural, black, dark green, navy, red, royal


#8 Koozie - Can Kooler


Ah, the humble koozie. Summer may be gone but this piece of swag is good year-round (especially if you’re as much a fan of cold drinks as we are). Keep your hands dry and comfortable as the weather changes. Plus, koozies are a ton of fun to brand.

When you’ve used all the life out of your koozie, consider repurposing them as furniture moving pads, anti-bruising shields for your fruit, or even a holder for your shaving cream can. You know, before those unsightly rust rings in the shower get out of control.


  • Sharp and clear photographic quality
  • Available for 1-color to full-color imprints
  • Gray interior foam


#9 H2Go Neo


Engineered with BPA-free Tritan copolyester, the H2Go Neo offers the clean look of glass without the fragility. The stretchy silicone sleeve adds additional protection to the bottle, making it ready to weather you journey wherever you go while the threaded lid keeps liquids from leaking. 

The H2Go Neo is a great choice for fast turnaround swag because it sticks to a one color imprint and makes it look good. After all, less is more.


  • 25 oz single wall (BPA-free) Eastman Tritan copolyester bottle
  • Threaded PP lid with a stainless steel accent 
  • Silicone sleeve


#10 The Speckled Cup


A fun cup with a sturdy feel, this piece of stoneware is the furthest thing from drab. With speckles all over the color exterior and a clean glossy white interior, the design adds personality to any workspace. 

The wide brim and body makes for easy sipping and ensures you won’t have to run for a refill anytime soon. Perfect for holding hot liquids and cozying up at home. Available in a variety of colors.


  • 12 oz stoneware featuring speckles over a glossy color exterior
  • Glossy white interior with black rim and speckles
  • Microwave safe with non-metallic imprints


#11 BIC Sticky Note Cube - 3 x 3 x 1.5


From the classroom to the office, sticky notes are a familiar sight. Sure, they’re not as novel as some of the other swag picks on this list, but when you just need something to quickly jot down a note or reminder, nothing beats the sticky note. 

Have one around at all times for brainstorming, grocery lists, phone numbers, or even a makeshift flip book. Pro tip: Got working parents on your team? Throw these in for a swag item the whole family can share!


  • Five large imprint areas (can be full color printed)
  • 3 w x 3 h x 1.5 d
  • Shrink-wrapped packaging for protection


#12 Orso Mug


If you were raised to “always use a coaster,” it’s time to break the rules. Because with the Orso Mug, you won’t need a coaster. The stylish cork base is perfect for avoiding both the awkward clunk of setting the mug down and the tragedy of ruining a nice table with cup ring stains.

With its classy modern design, you’ll quickly find this mug becoming a regular on your desk. A favorite amongst coffee lovers, tea aficionados, and hot chocolate fans alike. Take the Orso anywhere there’s a flat surface and rest easy.


  • 13 oz stoneware with cork base
  • Matte exterior available for screen printing
  • Hand wash recommended; do not microwave


#13 White Element Pen


You know what doesn’t get enough love? Pens that actually work. Especially when you need them to. The White Element Pen skips the extra fancy designs and sticks with providing functionality you can depend on. This swag pick is also great for any swag project working with a smaller budget.

Pair your brand logo with an appropriate trim color to get a quality branded pen with minimal effort (and expense).


  • Classic black ink
  • Available in a variety of trim colors
  • Plunger-action mechanism with clip


#14 Classic Dad Hat


Next up on the list of classics that never go out of style: the Dad Hat. This low profile relaxed cap is as comfortable on the golf course as it is in the backyard. And with washed chino twill and an antique brass sliding buckle on the fabric strap, it’s got that well-loved look and feel. Did we mention it’s a classic? Because if there’s another pro when it comes to classics, it’s that they tend to be pretty darn comfortable.

For the people who are Dads and also the people who are Dads in spirit due to an obsessive love for Dad jokes. You know who you are.


  • Low profile six panel unstructured cap
  • Washed chino twill
  • Fabric strap with antique brass sliding buckle


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