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5‌ ‌Awesome‌ ‌SpeedUp‌ ‌Swag‌ Packs‌ ‌to‌ ‌Launch‌ ‌Cool‌ ‌Swag‌ ‌ Faster

5‌ ‌Awesome‌ ‌SpeedUp‌ ‌Swag‌ Packs‌ ‌to‌ ‌Launch‌ ‌Cool‌ ‌Swag‌ ‌ Faster
May 11, 2021

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Swag in the modern workplace is oftentimes about speed as much as it is about quality. But traditionally, one comes at the cost of the other. So with SpeedUp swag, we’ve identified good swag picks that can help you launch faster in any situation.

And the versatility of these swag packs mean they’re just waiting for you to customize them to your company’s culture, events, and goals. After seeing the success of SpeedUp swag within the first couple weeks of launching, our team took a closer look at some of the most popular picks according to teams like yours.

The swag pack ideas you see here are the results of that deeper dive.

Made of the most popular SpeedUp swag items, these packs range from lightweight and simple swag gifts to fuller swag packs with a variety of swag picks. But you don’t have to stick with these picks either. Feel free to swap any item you see in a pack with something else you like more. As long as the item you’re swapping in is also a SpeedUp swag item (indicated by a lightning bolt symbol ) you will still benefit from the SpeedUp swag advantages.

Of course, if you’re not in a rush, don’t feel restrained to SpeedUp swag items either. Good swag is a start, not an end, and you’ll be in a good position with any of the packs here. Let’s get started on what’s in them and how to use it for your team and community.

(Want more details on SpeedUp swag? Check out the launch day post for the full story.)


1. SpeedUp Classics Pack

2. SpeedUp Socks & Stickers

3. SpeedUp Swag Bag

4. SpeedUp Pilot Kit

5. SpeedUp Team Swag

5 Awesome SpeedUp Swag Packs for Your Next Project


1. SpeedUp Classics Pack


For veteran Swagstronauts, this pack will look a little familiar. And that’s because it’s made of top swag picks that have been a first choice for many teams since Day One. This SpeedUp pack covers all the bases:

  • The insert card ensures the pack starts off on the right foot sharing a short but sweet message to anyone who gets the pack.
  • Next, your recipient will love pulling out their custom branded zip-up hoodie that already fits like their favorite worn hoodie.
  • The one-of-a-kind H2Go Silo is a water bottle that effortlessly carries the cool factor to the next level, and the soft cover journal is ready to capture all their notes and ideas.
  • Of course, we don’t want to hamper creativity - to avoid the awkward scramble for a pen, send them a writing utensil they can break out for use right away!
  • Last, but not least, awesome stickers. Because swag is all about the fun moments.

Choose the SpeedUp Classics Pack if you need a robust swag pack start, whether that’s to welcome new hires or the latest subscribers and members of your community.

RECOMMENDED FOR: New Starter Swag Pack, New Hires, Talent Swag, Company Culture, Welcome Swag, Day One Swag, Company Swag, Community Swag, Membership Swag, Dropshipping

2. SpeedUp Socks & Stickers


On the other hand, sometimes you don’t need the whole nine yards. Lightweight swag packs are a ton of fun in their own right, and this SpeedUp pack keeps it nice and simple. The spotlight shines here on two swag picks that are quickly becoming synonymous with simple yet high quality swag: custom knit socks and stickers.

And that’s because you can do a lot with socks and stickers. Whether that’s traditional die-cut stickers or holographic stickers, you can get as creative as you like with illustrations demonstrating your brand or keep it simple and stick to your company logo. (Pro Tip: Ask your Swag Expert for more ways you can get creative with stickers!)

Socks are underrated swag picks. And that might be because some of us have had bad sock swag experiences. That’s why these custom knit socks are a great way to surprise anyone. Think yarn dyed, combed cotton crew length socks with a retail fit that you can custom brand to your company culture. With top-notch quality comfort and the ability to add fun branding, this is a swag culture item you won’t want to overlook. No one needs an extra pair of shabby socks - but a pair of socks with a cool design that’s also comfortable to wear? You may find some of your teammates asking you to order more.

P.S. Lightweight swag (packs under 1 <lb) also mean reduced shipping costs!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Lightweight Swag Pack, Sticker Swag, Sock Swag, Personalized Swag Gift, Fun Swag, Team Building, Culture Swag, Community Swag

3. SpeedUp Swag Bag


A SpeedUp pack made for conferences and events, this swag bag mix features a mix of fun items that tend to be popular for events (virtual and in-person!) Using a sticker label with a simple mailer box means you can add a splash of color and fun without having to custom brand the entire box.

Don’t underestimate the journal and pen combo either. This soft cover journal is paired with the popular Lauderdale pen for a swag combo that wins points for design and utility.

Get the SpeedUp Swag Bag for smaller items that have that classic swag look and feel, only elevated through a modern swag management platform.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Conference Swag Throwback, Virtual Events, Notebook and Pen Swag, WFH/WFA Swag, Remote Team Swag, Remote Event Swag

4. SpeedUp Pilot Kit


Meet the Pilot Kit — great starter set of swag that chooses to focus on a few key swag items for a practical and exciting swag experience.

The simplicity of this kit makes it a good choice for surprise, award, and welcome swag that excels in a variety of situations.

We also like this swag pack as a starter template for building your own unique SpeedUp swag pack. (It’s hard to go wrong with a drinkware item, notebook, and hat!) Moreover, this swag pack is a good one to have in inventory year-round.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Simple Swag, Swag Essentials, High Quality Swag, Popular Swag Picks, Starter Swag Kit, First Time Swag Project Friendly

5. SpeedUp Celebration Swag


For fancier occasions worth a celebration, this SpeedUp swag pack features a high quality custom branded apparel item that can work as a team uniform or leadership gift.

Designed for offices all over the world. Because today’s teams work anywhere in the world.

This SpeedUp pack excels at helping you form the bedrock of your organizational culture with great swag.

Includes practical items like a journal and pen. And of course, a great office workspace wouldn’t be complete without a reliable wide-brim mug that can carry a full day’s worth of energy.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Team Uniform, Office Swag, Drinkware Swag, Celebration Swag, Team Culture, Company Swag, Company Culture, Custom Branded High Quality Swag, Apparel Swag

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