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What Swag Options To Avoid For Last Minute Holiday Gifts

What Swag Options To Avoid For Last Minute Holiday Gifts
Amanda Sciabica
November 10, 2023

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When planning for your last-minute swag gifts for customers and clients, there are a few things to completely avoid. These swag ideas are nice and maybe some of our favorites are not the best options for when you need swag fast! 

Super Custom Swag Gifts

Ok, so you are wondering, what do you mean by super custom? Aren’t all branded swag custom? While yes, all brand swag in itself is custom but there are levels to how custom you want to go. For example, having a screen-printed shirt with your logo is custom but it's a lower effort. While having the same screen-printed shirt with an added custom hem tag would add time to your turnaround. The more you add to your swag the longer it will take. So keep things simple when you’re in a rush! 

Patches Or Heat Transfers 

Both patches and heat transfers can really elevate your swag but when you’re buying last minute these options should be avoided if its not originally part of the item. For example, a hat might already come with the patch on it and it just gets debossed. If you are making a custom patch with your emblem it would take time to make then would have to get sent to another place to have it sewn onto the item you want it on. The same goes for heat transfers. 

white jacket with blue patches

Custom Knitwear 

Custom Knitwear is by far the most popular item for the holidays but if you are running late, you may have missed your opportunity to get something custom-made. Also since they are popular items for the holidays they tend to be slow due to high demand as you get closer to holiday dates.

red and silver christmas tree ornament

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