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SwagUp Swag Pack Series: Conferences & Events

SwagUp Swag Pack Series: Conferences & Events
Amanda Sciabica
March 20, 2024

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Swag packs play a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience of conferences and events. These carefully curated packs add a touch of excitement to the occasion, whether it's a corporate event, marketing campaign, or a gesture of appreciation. Their tangible nature makes them a memorable aspect of the event, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

With Swagup, businesses have the opportunity to create packs that not only reflect their brand identity but also resonate with the preferences of their target audience. From branded merchandise to unique and practical items, SwagUp provides a diverse selection, allowing for the creation of packs that go beyond the ordinary.

Incorporating SwagUp's innovative and tailored solutions elevates the promotional game for conferences and events. Swag packs become powerful tools for brand promotion and connection, creating a positive association with the event and the sponsoring brand. By choosing SwagUp, organizers can transform the distribution of swag packs into a strategic and impactful element of their overall event strategy.

Conference & Event Swag Pack Ideas

Company Retreat Pack

Swag Pack Includes: Eco Custom Mailer Box, Polaroid Go Instant Camera, Tipton Stainless Steel Bottle with Bamboo Lid, All-Purpose Cotton Canvas Tote, All Over Print Pocket Notebook, Sleep Write Rubberized Pen, Sticker Sheet, Comfort Colors Heavyweight Ring Spun Tee, Crinkle Fill

Why we love it:

Offsite company retreat swag is not just a souvenir, it's a reminder of the personal and professional growth achieved during the retreat. Keeping the spirit of the retreat alive through tangible can help foster a sense of team unity and boost morale long after the retreat has ended

Conference Staple Pack

Swag Pack Includes: Custom Mailer Box, SpeedUp Blend Tee, Recycled Cotton Tote, CamelBak Eddy Bottle, The Transcend Performance Ballcap

Why we love it:

Whether you're traveling, sitting in a session, or taking your client out for happy hour, rep your employer with swag built for all scenarios. The Staple Pack comes with, well… all the staples you need to rep where you work. This pack also has a fast turnaround and can be ready to ship within a couple weeks.

SKO Team Building Pack

Swag Pack Includes: Plain Mailer Box, #1 Foam Finger, Performance Crew Sock, Comfort Colors Heavyweight Color Blast Tee, Fun in the Sun Summer Essentials Kit, Celebration Confetti Popper, Graphite Pickleball Set, Dog Bandana, Crinkle Cut Fill, Custom Box Label

Why we love it:

This pack is perfect for hosting a team-building event to kick off the new year. Increase team spirit and motivation among your team with swag! When handed out at a team building event, it can serve as a physical reminder of their fun and engaging experience.

Virtual Event Pack

Swag Pack Includes: Custom Mailer Box, Liam’s Straw Tumbler, Denik Custom Classic Layflat Notebook, Crinkle Cut Fill

Why we love it:

The virtual event pack includes a selection of swag items carefully curated to enhance your attendee's experience. Perfect for any virtual event, this swag pack is the ultimate way to be sure your attendees have the best-branded memories from your event!

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