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Tips For Speeding Up Swag Production For Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

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Tips For Speeding Up Swag Production For Last-Minute Holiday Gifts
Helen Rankin
November 7, 2023

Did you know there are things you can actually do to help speed up your production time for swag? So while you are in a crunch for those last-minute swag gifts, we have some additional tips to help you along the way! 

Stick Simple Imprints 

When it comes to swag most items are either digitally printed, screen printed, embroidered, or debossed/laser engrave. Here’s how to get these imprint methods the quickest way possible! 

Digital Print  - This prints similarly to how it would print on a printer at home. It prints all the colors at the same time, which makes it a great option for when you want last-minute holiday gifts! Keep in mind not all items provide this option but if available it typically is made faster. 

Screen Print - This imprint method is common for apparel, water bottles,, and notebooks. If you are getting an item screen printed and you are in a hurry stick to one color! Yes, the more colors you have the longer it will take since they can only print one color at a time. 

Embroidery - This is the most popular decorative method during the holiday season. Mainly because of the types of gift people tend to buy like heavy knits or jackets that require a more durable imprint. While embroidery is typically fast to do, this method can be really slow during the holidays due to high demand.

Deboss/Laser Engrave - This is typically used for notebooks or tech items and is the fastest imprint method. Why? It doesn’t require any color ink, just the artwork, and the swag item! This makes it a much easier process production-wise. 

Ask For Rush Options 

Most swag vendors offer rush options to help with these last-minute situations. While some may have them disabled during the holiday rush it's always worth asking if the option is available to help you get the items sooner. With SwagUp, the rush will overnight all the items to our warehouse to help assemble the items sooner. When you are in a rush, any bit helps with getting the swag gifts faster! 

Expedited Shipping  

Another option for last-minute swag is to overnight or use expedited shipping for your gifts to go out! It may cost more but for those executives or VIP customers, it might be worth ensuring those items arrive faster. You can always carve out some budget for only a select few recipients while slowly shipping the rest.


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