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Top 4 Swag Ideas From A Swag Expert

Top 4 Swag Ideas From A Swag Expert
Helen Rankin
June 12, 2024

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Being in the swag business for some time and working with over 10,000 customers, we have seen all the top swag tricks and tips. So it's no wonder I get asked all the time, “what’s your favorite swag?” People are always wanting to know if there's something different out there to set them apart and if I have the inside scope on it. When I tell them something basic like a t-shirt they always rebuttal with no really what's the best swag out there. While I can’t say there is something wildly different out there in the swag world you probably haven’t seen, I think the swag is more about the execution of it, then the swag itself. If you are looking to work on your next swag project and want to know my top favorite swag ideas, you have come to the right place. 

1. Fun Custom Swag Designs 

If I were to ask you what is your favorite thing to wear you might say its a concert t-shirt or a sweatshirt from college. While the custom apparel in itself might be something you can get in a store, what sets it apart from rest is the design. After years of creating swag for top customers, the best swag has some fun designs. So get creative on your next swag project. Don’t just overload each item with the logo on it. If the swag is being given for the event, maybe put the city skyline the event is taking place in. This image below, we did for a launch of our Redeem Pages. The astronaut has nothing to do with the launch, but its gives a nod to our logo with the rocket. It also ties in with something launching. This has been one our favorite items we have made and its mainly because fo the design. This same water bottle with a simple SwagUp logo wouldn’t have the same meaning or interest. So next time you are thinking about doing your swag, skip the logo, get creative. 

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custom swag bottle for clients and employees

2. Unique Swag Imprints 

I love unique imprints on branded swag. If you really are sold on having your logo on custom swag, using an imprint method that isn’t common is a great way to elevate your brand and give it that retail feeling. One of my favorites is puff embroidery. It gives dimension to your logo, which provides that expensive feel. It’s a very subtle adjustment to a design that can level up your swag. In the example below, we did our icon rocket logo in the puff embroidery. It made this hat stand out so much more that just a simple rocket on the custom cap. There are other fun imprinted designs that many people missing out like foil printing which gives it a rainbow effect or waterbase screenprint to give that vintage feel. There are even different custom stickers that companies do from holographic, transfer stickers and clear stickers. Skip your normal imprints for swag, try something new! 

embroidery cap for branded swag

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3. Unconventional Branded Swag 

Another way top to elevate your swag is through give custom swag that isn’t as common. Yes people has seen the tote bags, have the hat, but did you think about something like custom shoes? Giving custom swag that isn’t as commonly received is a good way to make your brand stand out. I would suggest using these conventional swag ideas for a special occasion like anniversaries, milestones or premium swag gifting. We did these custom swag sneakers for our 4th company anniversary. We even gifted some to our top customers or supporters. It was an absolute hit! There are other unconventional swag ideas you can give to such as custom slippers, varsity jackets, or custom branded blankets. If you are on a budget, socks is another great swag gift that people love. We like getting them embroidered with the person initials for special occasions. 

custom branded swag for unique ideas allbird shoes

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4. The Swag Experience 

One of our favorite swag projects we have worked on was for National Pizza Day. Aside from loving pizza, I loved how Outter Isle went about sending branded swag for this national holiday. A lot of companies put so much emphasis on the swag but don’t think about the delivery of it. A lot of times the delivery makes the swag special. For Outter Isle they were launching a new vegan pizza crust. They wanted to celebrate this launch by sending to their top customers and influencers a custom branded pizza kit. The also wanted to make sure everything arrived on National Pizza Day! So to many customers surprises they received a branded pizza box with custom merch! They also had some direction to post about it on social media and tag them. This campaign went viral! People were excited to rock their new custom swag and celebrate their new launch. This helped them spread brand awareness about their new launch in a really fun and creative way. When planning your next swag experience, make sure to take it a step further on planning the delivery. It’s the chefs kiss to a great braned swag experience! 

unique swag ideas for custom swag

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In the world of swag, it's not just about the items themselves but how you execute and present them. From fun custom designs to unique imprints, and unconventional swag choices to crafting memorable swag experiences, every detail counts. Remember, the key to exceptional swag lies in creativity, innovation, and the ability to surprise and delight your audience. So next time you embark on a swag project, think outside the box, dare to be different, and create an unforgettable brand experience that leaves a lasting impression. Cheers to elevating your brand with top-notch swag!

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