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Top 40 Swag Ideas For Conferences And Giveaways

Top 40 Swag Ideas For Conferences And Giveaways
April 4, 2024

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Having to figure out what conference swag you need can be tough! There are so many items and it's hard to know which ones are the best! Whether you are in a rush to get swag for your conference or have a little more time to put some thought into it, we’ve pulled together a list of the best swag for your conference giveaways! When giving conference swag it’s important to keep in mind the audience of the attendees, are they more tech-savvy or are they an older crowd with family and kids? This can help narrow down your options for what swag items to giveaway! Here are some tips on the best swag items for giveaway swag depending on your audience, 

Tips For Selecting Swag Items for Conference Booth And Giveaway Ideas

Practical Utility 

This one seems obvious, but probably one of the most popular categories is giving swag that people can actually use. The entire point of having swag giveaways for conferences is to promote your brand, get people to your booth, and have people remember your brand. So make sure you don’t give something that people can’t really utilize.

Kid/Pet-Friendly Items 

Yes, believe it or not having swag that is good for kids or pets makes for some really good conference giveaways! People love to bring swag back to their loved ones, so having items that think about not just the attendees but what happens when you usually come back with swag. Someone always ends up snagging it. 

Food & Snacks 

Not all conferences offer food or have somewhere to grab something to eat close by. So trust us, having food is definitely a good way to get people to your booth. Most conferences are long hours and require jumping from meeting to meeting; offering some quick grab-and-go snacks makes a great swag handout! 

Premium Swag Items 

Depending on your audience, you may want to invest a little more in your swag game. A good way to gauge this is, how much is the ticket to attend and what are the typical titles that are going to this conference event? Premium swag giveaways are great if your event is filled with top Executives, Founders, or VCs. Skip the cheap stuff, give swag that will really leave an impression! 

Best Swag Items Conference Booth & Giveaways Ideas

1. Custom Stuffed Animals with Logo 

These plush toys are always a hit at conferences. Especially if it's your company mascot or symbolizes something to your company. Also, people love to get swag gifts for their kids & pets. 

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2. Branded Candy & Sweets Giveaways

Providing some candy is perfect for those events that have lots of sessions in between. People get hungry and the candy is a great giveaway option! 

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3. Eco Keychain Charges Giveaways

We love a good eco product! Especially with everyone on the go at a conference, these make for some really cool giveaway swag! 

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4. Branded Chapstick Conference Swag

When you’re at a conference, there tend to be no windows or maybe you are skin and lips are dry from traveling. Whatever it may be chapstick makes a useful giveaway item for swag! 

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5. Hand sanitizer Conference Swag

With all the handshaking and deals being made at your conference or event, giving some branded hand sanitizer is needed! Perfect swag giveaway for your next conference! 

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6. Prodir Custom Pens Conference Giveaways  

Pens are great giveaway options because well we all need them! We love this option since they are eco-friendly and come in colorful options! 

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7. Branded Notepads Swag for Conferences

Branded notepads are always welcome! Remember conference giveaway swag is all about giving items people will be able to use. You can never have too many notepads! 

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8. Giveaway Custom Die Cut Stickers 

If you are looking for an inexpensive option for swag handouts for your conference booth, stickers are your best bet! It serves as a great collector's swag item and they are easy to travel with! 

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9. Custom Branded Conference Buttons 

Custom-branded buttons are fun and low-cost swag giveaways! We recommend it for any company looking for a cost-effective way to have swag for their conference without breaking the bank. They also are great since they can be worn right away! Perfect for brand awareness! 

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10. Dad Hats with Logo Giveaway Conference Swag

When it comes to conference swag giveaways, having something people can wear right away is key! It’s immediate brand exposure and well who doesn’t like a nice dad cap! Anything people can wear is always a winning item! 

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Dad Hats with Logo Giveaway Conference Swag

11. Custom Bella Canvas T-Shirts Giveaway

Apparel is always a winner for conferences and this shirt is super soft! We recommend if you are going to give away t-shirts make sure they are quality, which is why we love these branded Bella Canva shirts! The last thing you want is the shirt being used as a dish rag! 

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12. Conference Canvas Totes 

When you’re at a conference or event, you need somewhere to put all your new swag! So we love having totes on our list for top conference swag giveaways! 

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13. Custom Knit Conference & Giveaway Socks 

Custom Knit Socks are the swag item you didn’t know you needed. This is why we love these for conferences! They are a crowd-pleaser and perfect swag if you don’t want to worry about the size. Bonus kids love them! People love snagging swag for family. 

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Custom Knit Conference & Giveaway Socks 

14. Business Books Conference Handouts

You may not think of giving books away for conference swag, but if it relates to the conference or audience this is a good win! Business books are great for travel or handout items! 

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15. Custom Journals & Notebooks Event Giveaways

Who doesn’t need a good journal? These are swag items that are always welcome and have immediate use! There can be so many meetings during a conference or event that a journal could come in handy! 

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16. Conference Booth Custom Branded Water Bottles

Giveaway custom-branded water bottles are a unique swag item! The bonus you can actually pair it with a bartender to make them a nice water-infused drink! 

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17. Custom Branded Sneakers For Premium Conference Swag

Okay, you might think we are nuts here, but this is the ultimate conference swag giveaway! If you want to be the talk of the town with the best swag at the event, custom sneakers will get you there! Everyone will be walking to your booth for some sweet swag kicks! 

18. Conference Giveaway JBL Branded Speaker Clip

Looking to give something more on the premium side? Check out these JBL custom speaker clips! We love this swag giveaway especially if the audience is more on the active side. It’s the perfect travel or activity-branded swag handout! 

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19. Small Carabiner Key Ring with Logo Booth Giveaways

If you are looking for a quick giveaway swag item this is another good option! Stickers, buttons, and carabiners all fall into this category of inexpensive swag wins! 

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20. Lanyard with Lobster Clip Conference Swag Handouts

If your next event conference has badges or name tags handing these branded lanyards is great! These work especially well if they are part of a sponsorship package. 

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21. Robin Drawstring Conference Swag Bag

Similar to custom totes bags, people collect a lot of swag during an event. Giving out drawstring bags with your brand on them makes for great brand recognition during the event! 

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22. Custom Spartan Sports Water Bottle Event Swag

When you’re traveling for an event providing branded water bottles for conferences is a winning swag item! It’s eco-friendly option and easy item to travel home with! 

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23. Outdoor 5-Piece Wellness Set with Logo Conference Swag

If your conference happens to be outside or have some outdoor activities, we love this customer Outdoor Wellness Set! 

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24. Event Giveaway Clear Fanny Pack Swag

For conferences that have ton’s out activities or excursions, we love this clear fanny pack! It’s trendy, fun and makes for a cool swag giveaway for your next conference! 

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25. Event Wheatstraw Mints Giveaway

Late nights and constant talking at conferences, trust us people will need a breath mint! These eco-friendly mint options are one of our favorites! 

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26. Essential Oil with Custom Card Conference Event Handout

If your industry is into wellness or health is a key mission of your brand these essential oils make for a great conference item giveaway! Who doesn’t need a little relaxation during those busy conferences? 

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27. Conference Giveaway Branded Hangover Kits

Let’s be honest, with the amount of dinners and late nights that happen at conferences a little hangover kit goes a long way! Even if you weren’t part of those late nights, traveling it hard on the body and these kits are great conference refresher! 

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28. Branded Visor Conference Swag

Wearables are always a hit at conferences! Plus you get the advantage of people wearing the items during the conference as well! Great for brand exposure & getting people to your booth! 

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29. Custom Branded Koozie Conference Booth Swag

These custom koozies are great summer giveaway swag items! Perfect for outdoor conferences or event that has some sort activity. 

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30. Reusable Stretchable SS Straw Event Swag

For eco-friendly options, we love this reusable straw kit! It’s great for travel and offers good utility use! 

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31. Custom basketballs Premium Conference Swag

These custom basketballs make a list for being unique giveaway items and also are super fun! We love these giveaways at conferences especially if paired as part of a raffle or prize. 

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32. Conference Stress Balls Giveaway Swag

Classic conference swag handouts! It’s an easy grab and go swag item that you can place on your conference table and we guarantee they will run out! 

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33. JBL Custom Headsets Premium Giveaway Swag

If you are looking for that high quality premium giveaway item for your next conference, look no further! These are bound to be a hit at your next event or the perfect conference giveaway for your next virtual event! 

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34. Conference Swag Branded Wireless Pad

We love a good tech item and this branded wireless pad is it! If you’re wanting to give swag people will get a lot of value out of this makes a good tech swag giveaway! 

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35. Branded Tracker Conference Booth Swag

We can all be forgetful sometimes! Which is why we love this tech item as a giveaway! This track is a good travel size and has great utility use! 

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36. Glam light Virtual Conference Swag  

If your conference event is virtual or more of the workforce is remote, a glam light will come in handy! Which is why it’s made the list of best conference swag! Great use for your work from home workforce! 

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37. Orso Braded Coffee Mug Conference Booth Giveaway

People love their coffee! So it’s no wonder this branded coffee mug made it to the list of best swag ideas for conferences! Grea item if your company is sponsoring a breakfast or morning working session! 

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38. Conference Travel Swag Bag

Nothing sways premium swag like this eco-firendly travel bag! Its perfect for gym and travel which is why we added it to our list of top ideas for conference swag giveaways! If you have sponsors or speakers you want to gift something more high end, this is your swag of choice! 

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39. Conference Tech Swag Custom Ember Mug 

When it comes to premium swag it's hard not to mention the Ember Mug! It’s basically technology in a mug! Can you imagine never having cold coffee? This custom ember mug is the perfect swag item for sponsors or premium swag giveaways! 

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40. Conference Booth Plantable Eco Pencils Swag

Imagine a pencil that you can plant afterward to get some nice daisies for your desk at home. Well, these Plantable Eco Pencils do exactly that! They are an inexpensive yet creative swag item for conference giveaways! Plus we love swag that has more than one use and it’s sustainable! 

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