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Top Sustainable Swag Brands People Love

Top Sustainable Swag Brands People Love
Amanda Sciabica
March 25, 2024

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Emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable practices, swag packs take on a heightened significance for events, marketing campaigns, and corporate gestures. Choosing environmentally conscious swag packs becomes a key aspect of conveying appreciation, making a positive impact on recipients, and leaving a lasting impression.

Elevate your promotional efforts with SwagUp's innovative and tailored solutions, transforming eco-friendly swag packs into powerful tools for brand promotion and connection. By making sustainable choices, businesses can align their promotional strategies with values that resonate with environmentally conscious consumers, reinforcing a positive brand image and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Take a look at SwagUp’s top sustainable brands that people love. 

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Columbia Sportswear is a global outdoor brand that crafts active lifestyle gear fortified with industry-leading technologies and tested in the great outdoors. 

What makes them sustainable?

If you are looking for a sustainable brand, Columbia believes that the outdoors is ours to protect. They work hard towards creating partnerships for a sustainable planet, environmental impact management & sustainable manufacturing practices. They support various efforts such as Conservation International and Captains for Clean Water to ensure the outdoors will be around for years to come.

Columbia Ale Creek Beanie


Cotopaxi is a special brand that empowers the actual makers of the products to have final say in all of the color choices and creative decisions as they produce the bags out of 100% repurposed fabric. No two bags are alike, making them each a unique work of art that is sure to be talked about.

What makes them sustainable?

If you are looking for a sustainable brand, Cotopaxi takes the cake here too. All their products are made from 100% repurposed fabric, making them both socially and environmentally friendly. In addition to their regular sustainable and ethical practices, their organization has joined forces with 1% For the Planet which commits them to donating 1% of all profits to environmental and social impacts around the globe. 

Cotopaxi Batac Backpack


Courant is a lifestyle technology company that aims to create beautiful tech accessories that seamlessly integrate into your home and surrounding life. 

What makes them sustainable?

Courant materials are all sustainable by nature. The Belgian linen utilizes only rainwater in its harvesting process. Flax plants are fully biodegradable after use, making it one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. The raw materials are processed in a certified low energy, carbon neutral facility that utilizes green energy practices like solar power and electric vehicle fleets for transportation. 

Courant Essentials CATCH:3


Igloo is a tried and true company celebrating 75 years of delivering coolness to the world. Every 1 in 3 households has an Igloo product. There has always been, and always will be, a high demand for these products. Igloo also continues to revamp and evolve their products with new technology and looks to match current and classic trends. 

What makes them sustainable?

Igloo’s mission is to become the most environmentally friendly cooler company on Earth. Their best-selling product line, ECOCOOL, is made from post-consumer recycled plastic. Read more about Igloo’s sustainability initiatives here

Igloo® Legacy Lunch Pack Cooler

Known Supply

Known Supply has set out to humanize the apparel industry by connecting the end user with the actual people making the products. Their brand stands for timeless quality, celebrating the makers and a collaborative approach to creating. 

What makes them sustainable?

Since the beginning, Known Supply has been intensely focused on sustainability. Their products are all Fair Trade certified and they have even written their own e-book called How To Build a Sustainable Brand. Their mission is to help all companies become sustainable in practice which is why they offer all of their products bank for customization. 

Known Supply Heavy Canvas Tote Bag

LA Apparel

Los Angeles Apparel is a basics apparel manufacturer and distributor. They are well known and owned by a leader in the American garment manufacturing industry. They keep their state-of-the art production all under one roof to ensure top quality. 

What makes them sustainable?

LA Apparel uses advanced manufacturing techniques to reduce waste byproducts during the production process. By 2025, they will recycle almost 100% of their textile waste. By adhering to the strict California state guidelines, they keep their fabric processing as environmentally as possible.

LA Hoodie


Rains is a lifestyle brand with a strong urban inspiration and signature fabric identity. All their products are a coated waterproof fabric which is a contemporary recreation of the classic rubber raincoat. Rains brings its neo-Scandinavian aesthetic, unisex collections, and consistently surprising curation to consumers across four continents.

What makes them sustainable?

Rains is committed to setting high ethical standards in production and ensuring mindful manufacturing. They do this by taking various measures across their practices and products. Rains makes longevity a core aspect of their sustainability through product care and maintenance of their high quality items. They also aim to reduce their carbon footprint in every choice they make regarding operations of their stores, offices and how they move their products around the globe. 

Trail Tote Bag

Topo Designs

Since the beginning, Topo Designs has strived to chart a new path and redefine what the outdoors means. Their concept of the New Outdoor expands on the very definition of being outside. This allows their products to be rooted in versatility and blurs the lines between life and outdoor. Their products are meant to be repurposed and never retired, meaning your swag will live on for years to come!

What makes them sustainable?

Topo Designs believes sustainability is a never-ending work in progress. By building durable products that stick around for the long haul, researching and implementing recycled materials and lower impact manufacturing, and beginning with design to constantly work towards a more sustainable product line.

Global Wool Sweater

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