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Branded swag for your workforce -from medial, professional,
construction & more!

Swag Services We Offer

Custom Uniform Swag

Harness the power of Pride Swag to foster an environment of acceptance, equality, and belonging in your organization.

Assembly & Warehouse

No need to store swag in your office we will stor them for you and assemble as needed. Great option for new hire swag.

We Make Uniform Swag Simple.

At SwagUp, we thrive onmaking swag simple. Which is why every customer gets a dicated Swag Expert and free Platoform access. We not only offer services to make the process eaiser like design and warehose but we have technology to support it. Our HRIS integrations, Redeem Page URL and Swag Shops were create to help enhance the swag experience for your users but more importantly, you.

Top Swag Brands

The SwagUp Process

Handle each step through our easy-to-use platform.

Build Swag
Approve Designs
Place Order
Mission Complete

Select Your Swag

Select your custom swag from a variety of the top brands. If you don't see what you like, we can easily source for you!

Approve Your Designs

Our in house design team will design your swag to your brand guides for free or we you can design yourself!

Place Your Order

Production can take up to 4 weeks or less depending on the swag you select! We ensure to deliver the swag you want!


Our flexible storage options allow for you to use your swag how you want. Store for later, use for shops, or drop ship globally!

Swag People Love

We deliver swag globally that people love! Weather its in bulk shipments or assembled into packs!

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