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Tips On How Redeem Pages Can Enhance Your Swag Experience And Take The Hassle Out Of Shipping Swag

Tips On How Redeem Pages Can Enhance Your Swag Experience And Take The Hassle Out Of Shipping Swag
December 4, 2022

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Say goodbye to the days of having endless spreadsheets and having to hunt people down for their addresses or size. SwagUp offers to Redeem which helps customers make their swag experiences seamless and automated. Let’s stop doing things the old and hard way and get automated! We break down how Redeem Paged by SwagUp can enhance your swag experience and how it takes the hassle out of ordering swag.

What is Redeem by SwagUp?  

Redeem by SwagUp allows customers to collect addresses and other information like apparel sizes in an easy and effortless way. You can create custom Redeem landing pages to help enhance your swag experience! You can edit the theme, and message, then use the URL to place in whatever experience you need. It's just that simple! What's great about it if you can even use the redeem page in advance if you want to collect addresses and sizes before placing your swag order. For example, if you wanted to order shirts, you may want to know in advance the size breakdown so you don't over-order on certain sizes. It also helps with knowing in advance if you need to plan for any international shipments.

How Redeem Pages Take The Hassle Out Of The Swag Experience 

International shipment validation

Redeem by SwagUp makes it easy for you to collect those tricky international shipments. It can be hard to determine if that’s a zip code someone sent you or their house address. No need to stress figuring out those international shipments, Redeem by SwagUp validates addresses. Also, you can skip having to slack message people or email them asking for their addresses.

Data collection 

No need for endless spreadsheets, the Redeem by SwagUp links capture the user's information. Every Redeem Page you make in our SwagUp Dashboard will automatically create an address group. This makes it easy to reuse the list in the future and keep your shipments clean if you have multiple use cases. This helps keep your contacts organized and easy to use for any future use as well! 

Enhanced Recipient Experience 

When you are collecting information from recipients it can be such a hassle. Especially if you don't know the person that well that you are asking that information for. If you are planning to send swag that has sizes, it can be a little uncomfortable for some to share their size. We've heard our customers say most people end up providing the wrong size because of this. Our Redeem Pages take the pressure off the person collecting the information and whoever is filling it out. Plus since every Redeem Page is fully customized, you can control the messaging. This really enhances the overall experience of getting swag and makes it feel more personalized.

Less Hassle For You 

If the options above aren't enough convincing for you on why Redeem Pages are less hassle for you, they also automate shipments for you! No need to go back and schedule shipments, print labels, or do have to call the carrier for pick-ups. SwagUp takes care of all of it for you! When you use Redeem Pages with SwagUp, you can auto-create shipments as the recipients will out the page. Perfect for swag campaign experiences that are ongoing, like onboarding new hires or clients.

đź’ˇ Did you know Redeem Pages are Free? Yes, its a service included in working with SwagUp!

Tips On How Redeem Pages Be Applied To Enhance Your Swag Experience  

Redeem Page Examples

New Hire Onboarding & Employee Engagement

Add the Redeem by SwagUp link to your employee onboarding experience. You can simply add to an email once an employee signs an offer or have it as part of their welcome email! It’s a seamless way to get employees swag and not have to worry about collecting any appeal sizes. 

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Social Media Campaigns 

Giving swag on social media is an effective way to increase engagement! If you have swag for people reposting or they won sweepstakes this makes it easy to collect their information. You can simply DM them the Redeem by SwagUp link! 

Intern Packs 

Want to send your interns some swag? This makes it easy to do so! Similar to employee onboarding you can easily incorporate it as part of their welcome-to-the-team email. This is a great way to enhance the overall experience and really make the Interns feel welcomed and excited for their new start!

Virtual Conference Registration Packs 

If you're hosting a virtual event, it’s hard to get that same excitement that people have been in person. But that doesn’t mean they have to lose out on some sweet swag! Add your Redeem by SwagUp in the thank you for registering email or landing page so they can enjoy some swag to use during the event! 

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Outbound Efforts & Marketing Campaigns

Sending swag to prospects is an effective strategy to get new customers to book a meeting with you. Simply include the Redeem by SwagUp link to your Hubspot or Outreach cadences and watch the magic happen! 

Client gifts 

Want to track how many gifts each salesperson sends out? You can easily create many Redeem by SwagUp links and track them since it automatically creates a contact group for each link. Or sprinkle the link in your invoices or thank you for your order confirmation pages! This also helps speed up the collection process. It makes it much easier to add the link into emails with automated follow-ups to fill out the Redeem Page.


Are you training employees remotely? It can be daunting to do but let’s make it exciting for people with some swag! If they have to complete the training online you can simply add the Redeem by SwagUp link if they pass! We have had some clients include the redeem page link as part of the congratulatory email that is sent out to those who passed or completed a course.

Customer Feedback Loyalty & Rewards

If you are wanting to provide some value to your best customers in loyalty programs or send rewards for certain actions, use swag and Redeem pages to engage and automate the swag experience! Once you set up the Redeem Page it's on set and forgets mode!


As you can see Redeem Pages by SwagUp is an effective tool to help automate your swag experience and eliminate the hassle along the way. Redeem pages help automate collecting data from recipients and take the load off of having to schedule shipments since they are scheduled automatically. Redeem Pages are the perfect value add to any swag experience that you and your team are planning.

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