Send Us Your Extra Swag

Store with us, Ship when you want with 3rd Party Shipping.

3rd Party Shipping Benefits

This allows for your to send us swag we didn't make for you.

Send Us Your Swag
No More Swag Closet
Travel Swag Free
Easy Shipping
Swag Management

Send Us Your Swag

Have extra swag laying around? Send it to us! It doesn't have to be swag we made. We can use swag for your packs or inventory.

No More Swag Closet

Get your closet space back! No need to store swag at home or in your office. We can hang on to all your swag & ship when you need.

Travel Swag Free

Tired of traveling with an empty suitcase just for swag to take back from a conference or event? Well just send to us! Travel Swag Free!

Easy Shipping

Use your swag how you want! Once it’s stored with us you can schedule shipments or use swag for packs to be shipped out!

Swag Management

Finally, manage swag how you want to. Get your closet back, no more traveling with swag, ship when you want & use how you need it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3rd Party services?

3rd party services refer to the inclusion of pre-existing swag items (referred to as 3rd party items) in new swag packs provided by SwagUp. These items are sourced externally by the client and are integrated into SwagUp's swag packs.

What are the benefits of 3rd party services?

The benefits of 3rd party services include the ability to customize swag packs with unique items sourced by the client, enabling a more personalized and diverse selection of swag for recipients. It's your swag! Do what you want with it. If you have extra swag laying around, you can send it to us to include in your next swag project.

How does 3rd party pricing work?

For information on 3rd party pricing and to discuss how to integrate your 3rd party items with SwagUp, it's best to contact a SwagUp representative. They can provide you with details on pricing and guide you through the process of incorporating your items into your swag packs.

Do I need a SwagUp Membership for 3rd Party?

Membership is required to access and utilize certain features and services offered by SwagUp, including the inclusion of 3rd party items.

Can I send you my swag to include in packs?

Yes, SwagUp allows clients to include their pre-existing swag items (3rd party items) in new swag packs. Clients need to provide specific information about the items, such as product name, image, quantity, and contact information, to facilitate their inclusion. Please connect with a SwagUp representative to learn more.

Can I send you swag from another vendor?

Yes, clients can source swag items from vendors other than SwagUp to include in their swag packs as 3rd party items. However, there are guidelines and restrictions regarding the types of items accepted, and clients must coordinate with SwagUp representatives for approval and integration.

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