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10 Signs You Need SwagUp

10 Signs You Need SwagUp
March 2, 2020

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The following list are real-life experiences. These are direct symptoms from not using SwagUp. 

  1. Looking for empty office space to store swag.
  2. You create a google form for employees to request swag from an empty office.
  3. Everyone’s printed logo looks different because Jane in accounting used a different vendor.  
  4. You find yourself bribing co-workers for pizza and happy hour to help you stuff 1,000 totes. 
  5. You scramble to find interns promising them how going to the post office to send out 1,000 totes will further their career. 
  6. You stay up late responding to multiple vendors to get swag for new hires.
  7. You realize you are not doing the job you were hired to do. 
  8. You also realize you have become the logistics manager for everyone in the company that needs swag.
  9. Your design team doesn’t have the bandwidth to design the t-shirts you need in 2 days, so you decide to learn photoshop. 
  10. You dream about ways you can give swag tasks to someone else. 

If you find yourself agreeing or relating to any of these experiences, contact a SwagUp Expert today! If you proceed to ignore, symptoms may get worse, in which case contact a SwagUp Expert Immediately

SwagUp Experts can easily diagnose any of the symptoms above. We are your centralized location to create, automate and distribute swag. Check out how SwagUp can give your team superpowers here

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