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12 Swag Ideas That Spotlight Mental Health

12 Swag Ideas That Spotlight Mental Health
May 2, 2023

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month, when we commit to shining a light on mental-health issues, prioritizing mental wellness, and fighting stigmas. This month provides a great excuse to send your employees some swag that encourages healthy habits, mindfulness, and work-life balance.

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While mental health and self-care aren't synonymous, they certainly are co-workers. Taking care of yourself — via better sleep, regular exercise, and work-life balance — can go a long way toward boosting and regulating your moods.

Of course, many mental health conditions require treatment, medication, and therapy. Make sure your company's commitment to mental health doesn't begin and end with swag. It's important to offer behavioral health care coverage for your employees, along with paid time off, parental leave, and other holistic benefits.

But a little self-care related swag can't hurt. Keep reading for our recommendations of the best swag to remind your employees to prioritize their mental health, including individual items and pre-set swag packs.

Mental Health Awareness Month Swag Pack

Mental Health Awareness Swag Pack

Our specially designed Mental Health Awareness Swag Pack encourages employees to prioritize self-care. Let your swag do the talking; it's saying "take a break." Included in this pack is Think Coffee Devoe Blend, a Fellow Clara French Press, and a Self-Care Journal.

Paris Water Bottle

Exercise has numerous benefits, including lower stress and increased focus. The Paris Water Bottle, with its insulation and sip cap, reminds people to stay hydrated while engaging in regular exercise.

The Hiker Pack

Reassure your employees that there's a whole world outside of work, with our Hiker Pack, which comes with a Chris Crossbody Sling Bag, Die Cut Stickers, and The Winston Bottle. It's perfect for outdoor adventures and urban hikes.

Mental Health

R&R Eye Mask

Everyone has to sleep, and sleep is a crucial ingredient in our mental and physical health. The R&R Eye Mask can be used in lieu of blackout curtains at bedtime (especially great for frequent fliers) or as a distraction-shield during meditation.

The Fitness Pack

Give a gift to get moving. Our Fitness Pack comes with a Power Grip 3-Piece Fitness Band Set, Snowbird Water Bottle, a Nike Team Legend Dri-FIT Crewneck, and a jumprope. It's a perfect pack for fitness anytime, anywhere.

Self-Care Journal

We love this Self-Care Journal because it combines blank pages with easy-to-fill-in questions that help you reflect on your emotional and mental state daily, weekly, or whenever.

Custom Desk Calendar

Scheduling can be a stressor for many people, especially those who struggle with neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD. This Custom Desk Calendar will help keep your employees organized and get them excited to greet the day.

The Relax Pack

Our groovy new Relax Pack encourages the recipient to take a break and unwind, with tie-dyed sweatpants, a KolorKit Coloring Book Set, NoonBrew tea, and more.

Soothing Desktop Diffuser

Allow your employees to create a tranquil workspace with this Soothing Desktop Diffuser. When used with essential oils, this sleek gadget can fill your room with soothing aromas, at work, at bedtime, or while meditating.

NoonBrew (10 servings)

Made with organic oolong tea and 19 superfoods, NoonBrew drink mix provides a healthy pick-me-up that makes a great alternative to afternoon coffee.

Klean Kanteen Eco Rise 

Consider this camping-inspired travel mug an excellent companion gift with the NoonBrew tea mix. The Klean Kanteen Eco Rise keeps drinks warm whether you're roughing it in the woods or mixing up a warm afternoon cup of tea.

Mindfulness Cards

This deck of Mindfulness Cards creates mindful moments whenever needed. The set features more than 50 accessible mindful practices, for setting an intention for the day or providing a morning mantra.

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