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15 Corporate Gifting Ideas to Thank Loyal Clients

15 Corporate Gifting Ideas to Thank Loyal Clients
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October 31, 2023

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Sending a corporate gift to a client is more than just a kind gesture; it shows that you value their custom and appreciate their loyalty to your company. Adding in corporate gifting as one of your customer journey touchpoints can help you exceed client expectations and firm up the relationships you’ve spent time cultivating.

However, deciding on what to buy can be tricky. 

As well-meaning as the box of chocolates or bottle of wine may be, chances are your clients will receive several gifts along these lines. Impersonal presents like these can often leave customers feeling a little jaded.

Thoughtful and original gifts are more likely to stick in people’s minds. Plus, if you package your corporate gifts in custom shipping boxes, it helps to reinforce your brand image as much as a snappy domain name for website.

Giving careful consideration and thought to each client and gift creates more buzz and gets people talking about you. It may even lead to more referrals! 

So without further ado, let’s see what unique corporate gifts will make your business stand out.

15 Corporate Gift Ideas for Loyal Clients

Potted Plants

Thinking of sending flowers? Why not opt for a mini desk plant, succulent garden, herb garden, or terrarium instead? 

Plants make excellent corporate gift ideas, plus they’re an eco-friendly option as they live longer than flowers. What’s more, even the hardiest plants require nurturing and care. Every time your client waters their plant, they’ll be reminded of your company!

You could go one step further than a plant and send a mini tree to plant and grow at home or work.

Select plants in funky pots or consider sending the seeds for your clients to grow themselves. You could even set up an Instagram page where people can show them off.

Campire Mug Blossom Kit

Luxury Stationery

Usable and practical items are always welcome. Branded notebooks, luxury pens, and desk organizers will come in useful every month when it’s time to process payroll and live on much longer than the act of giving itself. You could go one step further and personalize the pens/notebooks for that extra-special touch.

Chief JournalBook

Themed Hampers

Nothing suggests you’ve put a significant amount of thought into a gift more than a themed hamper. Choose your theme, whether it’s a picnic, movie night, or relaxation and pampering. Then fill the hamper with things that would make the experience special. 

For instance, popcorn, fluffy socks, candy, nibbles, and hot chocolate would make a great movie night gift for the holiday season. You could even throw in a DVD for a retro vibe. Or perhaps your client is a foodie; a picnic-style hamper might include a gourmet selection of fizz, truffles, pate, olives, cheese, chutney, and crackers.

Or how about a cooking hamper? You could include flavored oils, spices, sauces, and even personalized kitchen utensils.

Reusable Bags

Sustainable corporate gifts like reusable totes or shopping bags offer an excellent opportunity for your company to show it cares about the environment. 

Gifts that can be used for a long time are ideal. Plus, with huge awareness and controversy surrounding single-use grocery bags, you can show you care about the planet just as much as you do your client. 

Select a bag made from eco-friendly materials featuring an eye-catching or personalized design, perhaps something relevant to your client.

Known Supply Heavy Canvas Tote Bag

E-gifts and Gift Cards

E-vouchers and digital gift cards are a great idea if you send gifts to multiple people in different locations. 

E-gifts not only save you time and money on delivery, they are also a sustainable option as you can attach an e-gift card to an email. 

Global companies like Amazon and Netflix allow you to standardize your gift to clients in different countries. Alternatively, you can use a platform that allows your recipient to choose from a catalog of gift cards. It’s as simple as setting up direct deposit for new employees.

Good Quality Mugs and Travel Mugs

Free to use image sourced from Unsplash

When people are on the go, having a reusable mug to hand is ideal. Even those who work from home can benefit from having a stylish, plastic-free cup. 

An insulated travel mug or self-heating mug makes the ideal present for a tea or coffee lover. Consider it the hug in a mug your clients deserve!

Yeti 20 oz Tumbler

Charitable Donations

An email or a note to clients letting them know you’ve made a charitable donation in their name is a thoughtful, personal gift demonstrating your business likes to give back. 

Explain what the money will help to achieve to make this a meaningful gesture that your clients will appreciate.

Not all B2B clients are allowed to accept gifts, so this is an excellent alternative.

Perhaps there’s a charity close to your client’s heart or your own—if they work in healthcare recruitment then a relevant medical charity could fit the bill. Just be sure to explain why you’ve chosen that charity and how the donation will help. 

Alternatively, if your client is passionate about the environment, you could help to combat deforestation by planting a tree in your client’s name.


Depending on your budget, you could give your client a 12 or six-month subscription to a service. Ideas include a flower delivery company, artisan tea, coffee, or truffle provider, an online class, or a health and fitness subscription. 

For something a bit different, you could even subscribe to a pet gift service for clients with furry friends.

There are plenty of subscription options depending on your budget and company personality.

Free Gift with Purchase

Corporate gifting doesn’t always have to be “just because”. Giving something away with a purchase is also a great way to maintain relationships. 

For instance, customers who purchase remote control software from RealVNC could receive a month free as a thank you for their loyalty.

Host a Virtual Party

Why not thank clients for their custom and loyalty by coming together at a virtual party? A virtual party gives you the opportunity to personally thank your clients for their business and explain in person how much you value their custom.

Use a hosted phone service to launch a video conference and bring clients in different locations together in one virtual place.

To make it interactive, you could send out cocktail-making kits, wine-tasting kits, or gourmet nibbles in advance and have a few games planned. 

Alternatively, you could host a virtual escape room, mixology class, or murder mystery night for a fun and memorable night!


With warm glows, delicious scents, and relaxation in mind, candles make great corporate gifts and can be used to brighten up the dullest of spaces. Have a thank-you message printed on for a personal touch or select something soy-based and special.

You could even send a candle-making kit for something a bit more fun. Why not make it a team activity where you make them together on a video chat and share your finished products?

Bamboo Soy Candle

Activities and Craft Kits

Crafting is no longer just for kids! Adult craft kits have become increasingly popular and are a mindful activity to help busy corporate clients switch off. 

As mentioned above, you could send out make-your-own candle kits. But there are plenty of other craft kits available, such as homemade soaps, gin, wooden models, and even craft beer. 

KolorKit Coloring Book Set

Restaurant Vouchers

Wining and dining clients has long been a corporate tradition for companies large enough to need payroll enterprise solutions. But rather than taking your clients out for a business meal, why not treat them to a private dinner instead? 

You could book them a meal at a fine-dining bistro, gift vouchers to a local restaurant, or even secure them a spot at the best chef’s table in the area.

Artisan Soaps

Handmade artisan soaps can be a unique and thoughtful gift. When packaged nicely, they look beautiful, and your client will be greeted with a beautiful scent when they open the box. 

Choose natural ingredients to suit all skin types and plastic-free packaging if possible.

Local Baked Goods

A well-timed pain au chocolat or cupcake delivery is always a welcome treat. This is a particularly great gift idea for a client with a large office as the treats can be shared among the team.

Final thoughts

When it comes to corporate gifting, there are many innovative ways to thank your loyal clients. 

Let your company values, ethos, and personality guide you in choosing something that reflects your company. Keep in mind the number of gifts you need to buy as well as your budget.

You’re not limited to gifting only at Christmas or special holidays either. An unexpected autumnal gift will bring a smile to your client’s face just as the mornings start to get gloomy. 

You may even want to mark your client's anniversary with a gift or welcome a new client. These options allow you to stagger your gift buying and consider your clients on an individual basis.

Where possible, try to consider your client’s choices or beliefs. For example, they may not consume alcohol or animal products.

Of course building strong B2C and B2B client relationships requires more than sending a gift every now and then. Relationships are cultivated over time through strong customer service and excellent communication. 

But with unique corporate gifting ideas, you can show your clients that you truly value them and have fun with your gifting along the way! 


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