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2022 Swag Pack Round Up: The Best Swag Launched This Year

2022 Swag Pack Round Up: The Best Swag Launched This Year
June 28, 2021

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We love our clients here at SwagUp, not only are they smart and successful but they create fantastic and fun designs with us. That’s why we launched SwagUp Pack of the Month

This new SwagUp feature celebrates the many amazing swag packs (and the talented teams behind them!) that get launched all over the world from SwagUp HQ. 

But that’s not the best part. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of crazy, awesome swag projects go on behind the scenes, or if you just love getting fresh swag inspiration, Pack of the Month is our new content series that not only shares the best of the best but also invites you and your team to participate in the SwagUp community! 🚀

How the Pack of the Month Challenge Works

Starting monthly in July, every active swag project slated to hit the launchpad is eligible for entry into the SwagUp Pack of the Month challenge. 

The top nominated swag packs will be open to you, the SwagUp community, for voting — and one especially amazing swag pack will take home the trophy for Swag Pack of the Month! 

Aside from Eternal Swag Champ Bragging Rights, the winner will receive $1000 in swag credits for their team to spend on any swag as they like.

To thank our community contributors, one lucky voter will also get $1000 in swag credits to use as they like on their swag projects.

See the official rules for Pack of the Month.

And the Winner in September is...

Congratulations to Argyle for their Argyler Packs! We're also excited to announce our lucky voter winner: Arize 🎉


Argyle— Argyler Packs

September Nominees

Meet the top swag pack nominees this September!

Rhino — Picnic Swag

Rhino lands a swag home run with this simple, yet elegant and fun picnic swag pack helping their team make the most of the last days of summer and getting some fresh air outdoors. Plus, the stemless tumbler is great for both coffee and wine... ☕️🥂

Netflix — NY Welcome Back Swag

Netflix's NY-themed welcome backpack features fun stickers, a wireless charging pad, and a couple of other office-ready swag picks to help their team make the most of returning to the office.

MadHive — Baby Packs

MadHive Baby Packs are not only adorable but also feature a playful, beautifully designed box befitting their brand. Count this swag project a major success!

Kangaroo — Classic Kangaroo Packs

Kangaroo's branded swag items make full use of its clean, beautiful branding with high-quality and timeless swag picks like a tote bag, stickers, and notebook.

Brookfield Properties — Curiosity Box

Curiosity can be a lost art in an age where it's easier than ever to get information overload and especially when a lot of that information is just noise. Brookfield's Curiosity Box is all about embracing the art of curiosity. We love the theme of this swag kit, along with the unique branded merch picks making up the pack!

Argyle— Argyler Packs

Argyle welcomes their newest Argylers to the family with a pack of sweet apparel branded merchandise, a booklet manifesto, and a beautiful minimalist water bottle.

Cambium — New Hire Kits

A swag class act in branding and high-quality swag picks!

And the Winner in August is...

Congratulations to Boomi for their Picnic Swag pack!


Boomi — Picnic Swag

August Nominees

Meet the top swag pack nominees this August!

Google — TV Swag

A cozy, yet playful swag kit all about relaxing on the couch and enjoying your favorite show. This branded swag embraces the chill with comfort swag picks like custom knit socks, a sherpa blanket, and a cork-bottom mug for hot chocolate.

Boomi — Picnic Swag

"Tie dye & unicorns, say no more!"— Rachael B., Senior Account Executive

A labor of love, this brand pack of swag was a huge hit and it's not hard to see why. No matter the season, we love ourselves some fantastic picnic swag. Bonus points for the tie-dye.

RNL — National Conference Virtual Paris Swag

Wish you could be in Paris right now? Us too — and we love RNL's Paris swag for exactly this reason. In lieu of their usual in-person national conference, the RNL team hosted a virtual event and decided to bring Paris to their attendees.

Maple — Team Swag

You know a swag project shines when it gets attention just by existing. Beautifully designed, this branded merchandise from the Maple team fully shows off the brand's colors. It makes for a great team swag pack for both new hires and employees.

And the Winner in July is...

Congratulations to Milk Moovement for their Team Welcome Swag pack!


Milk Moovement — Team Welcome Swag

July Nominees

Meet the top swag pack nominees this July!

Pareto —Swag Cycling Pack

The team that works out together, stays together. A simple and sleek themed swag pack featuring essential cycling swag! 🚴🏻‍♀️

Ramp — Partner Swag

Just one of many amazing swag projects from the Ramp team. This Partner Swag Pack is rocking some fun, urban vibes with swag everyone loves to use 🏙

Milk Moovement — Team Welcome Swag

"This welcome pack is UDDERLY adorable. The holographic sticker with the cow in sunglasses makes me smile every time." — Alyssa S., Project Manager

And the Winner in June is...

Congratulations to Crunchbase for their adorable Space Corgi Pack!


Crunchbase — Space Corgi Pack

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