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2023 Holiday Swag Gift Guide Employees & Clients Will Love

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2023 Holiday Swag Gift Guide Employees & Clients Will Love
Helen Rankin
November 8, 2023

If you’re the one in charge of ordering the company holiday swag, the pressure is on! You have to watch for budget, who you’re sending the swag to and of course getting your boss to approve it. It’s a lot of work. So let’s at least make the swag selection much easier on you. We show the best holiday swag gifts that employees and clients will absolutely love! 

Why send holiday swag to employees and clients? 

These past few years have been a worldwind. We don’t even need to get into the details. If you’re like most companies out there, you probably have a budget on what to send to out and are wondering if you should altogether skip on swag gifts for the holidays. Well the message you send when this you don’t send out these gifts is, you don’t care. Especially for employees. If you are cutting back on giving raises or delaying them, the least you can do is send some swag. As for clients, you want to maintain that relationship. Sending holiday swag is great way to do that. It also keeps you brand top of mind. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get some holiday swag! 

Best Holiday Apparel

Appreal always tops the list for holiday swag gifts. Whenever people ask what is the best swag to give, our answer is always apparel. It’s always welcome and its the one item that will get used and in most cases for a long time. 

Custom Knit Scarf

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Second on our list of swag items your clients and employees will love are tech items. Tech swag really elevates your swag gifting and gives that impressionable statement. It the one way to show you spent a little extra on your holiday gifts this year. So if you are looking to make a statement tech swag will do it. 

Electric Cup Warmer

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We can’t do holiday swag without talking about drinkware. It pairs so nicely with with some holiday snacks! Plus there’s something about giving a mug that feels wintery and warm. These are the our favorite swag gifts that employees and clients always rave about! 

Inulated Thermus

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Swag Packs 

It wouldn’t be a holiday gift guide without the holiday swag packs! These are some of our most popular swag pack combinations for the holidays! We also love that clients really get creative on the holiday designs to really elevate the overall swag gifts. 

The Employee Pack

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Now you must feel better about your holiday shopping? We broke down the top swag holiday gifts employees and clients will love from apparel, tech, drinkware and more! 

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