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3 Tips On Doing Swag Pride For Your Workforce

3 Tips On Doing Swag Pride For Your Workforce
Helen Rankin
May 2, 2024

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Having done swag for our own team and over 10,000 customers, we have seen the best tips and swag ideas you can think of. We can also say from personal experience ordering Pride Swag for our own team that is goes a long way. We will share the best tips and swag ideas to get you started! 

Why You Should Do Pride Swag For Your Workforce? 

There are two things employees want to see from their employer that extends beyond how much you pay them. Employees want to feel appreciated and want to the ability to be authentically themselves. 

In the years of doing Pride Swag for our own workforce, I can say its the swag they wear the most besides our typical branded t-shirt. It’s also the swag they get the most excited about when receiving it. The amount of comments managers get from the team or posts we get from employees is a true testament that Pride swag matters. 

Pride in itself is about self expression and acceptance. Employers aligning to those values is what makes employees feel truly appreciated and accepted. So if you are looking for ways to boost employee morale or engagement, branded Pride swag is sending a big message that you care. 

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How To Do Pride Swag For Your Workforce 

Anytime you are doing swag, it should always be done with purpose. Its not about having your logo just slapped on some items and thats it. The way you come about doing the swag is just as important. Here are some respectful ways of doing branded Pride swag within your workplace. 

1. Be Inclusive In The Swag Preparation : Our team is always included in the process of designing the swag and picking what items we make. Nothing is forced of course, but we do ask who wants to be a part of the Pride Swag creation. It’s great to see the team come together to come up with ideas and inspiration for the custom swag we make. Including teammates in the process goes a long way. Its also a great opportunity to learn what is acceptable and what isn’t for Pride swag. The last thing you want to do is offend anyone within the community. This opens up for checks and balances in including your team in the swag process. 

2. Create A Fun Design Or Tagline : With our SwagUp team we come up with different taglines and designs each year. This keeps things fun and exciting, although one of the years people loved the designed we did so much we did it two years in a row! Either way Pride swag can be fun! It can go beyond just changing your logo to rainbow. Have fun with it! Invite co-workers to come up with different ideas to make for your custom swag.

3. Use Foil or Holographic Prints : If you are looking to be budget conscious, a great way to include all the colors of the rainbow, is by doing a foil or holographic prints. This gives a reflective rainbow print that is really unique! Things link holographic stickers and or foil print on a shirt looks so good on Pride Swag!


As you can see, Pride swag can go a long way in boosting employee moral and feeling appreciated. We hope you enjoyed our tips we do at SwagUp to bring Pride to the workforce. For more information on Pride check out our page here. 

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