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The Best 8 Tips to Upgrade Your Remote Work Setup with Swag

The Best 8 Tips to Upgrade Your Remote Work Setup with Swag
March 18, 2021

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The emergence of COVID-19 brought about a massive shift to remote work. While many industries previously operated remotely, the pandemic introduced a whole lot of newcomers. In fact, some of the setups that were now moving to work-from-home routines had never thought of operating away from the office.

It was a significant change, with some companies having no clear work-from-home strategies. For both the new and established remote teams, it was a rush to acquire the latest systems that support online work.

And while this was happening, tech companies were busy developing and improving applications for remote collaborations. Within the first few months, some discoveries and upgrades demonstrated that remote offices actually work.

Employers also discovered that employees were more productive and less distracted when not constrained in an office setup. Additionally, businesses realized they save a lot on office expenses when people work remotely.

Because of this, companies are now considering remote work as part of the job description. And as more businesses embrace remote operations, it’s necessary for employees to invest in comfortable work environments. By elevating their home offices, employees can be more productive and ensure a healthy work-from-home atmosphere.

For an ergonomic workspace, here are eight things you need for your remote work setup to be effective.


  1. You need a good computer
  2. Don’t forget the power bank
  3. Keep the distractions away with noise-cancelling headphones
  4. Invest in a good microphone
  5. Stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle close
  6. Stay organized with an office desk
  7. Maintain a good posture with an ergonomic chair
  8. Make your work easier with a wireless keyboard and mouse

1. You Need a Good Computer

A computer is the life of your remote work setup. Whether you will be operating from home or the coffee shop, you need a computer to carry out your job routines. Because of this, you must ensure you have the right computer for the task.

For example, if you are a graphic designer, you’ll need a computer with advanced specs than what an ordinary writer would require. For instance, a laptop for graphic design needs a bigger screen, extra storage, and many other applications that support image creation. On the other hand, someone looking for a laptop for emails, video conferencing, and writing can use any of the brands available in the market today.

Additionally, you have to be clear about your work locations when choosing between a PC and a laptop. If you will be strictly working from your desk, then a PC would be a good computer for you. But if you are looking for a portable device that you can carry from one room to another or even take on your trips, then a laptop is the best choice.


Laser Engraved Webcam Cover

Vital for remote teams, this laser engraved webcam cover easily attaches to tablets, computer monitors, and laptops to keep yourself and others safe from digital voyeurs and hackers. Just slide the webcam cover over your device's built-in camera when not in use. Slim, discreet and a must-have tech accessory.

Die Cut and Holographic Stickers

A modern-day collector’s item, the sticker is available in a wide number of styles, including our favorite, the holographic sticker. The holographic vinyl has an eye-catching rainbow effect which changes with light and perspective.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Eye strain is no joke! And it seems longer hours staring at screens get easier when the lines between work and play blend. This simple pair of blue light blocking glasses is made of 100% Post Industrial Recycled Polycarbonate (PC) and is available with full color imprint for a beautiful piece of swag with your team’s logo.

Wave Dual-Band Wi-Fi Extender

Wave goodbye to dead zones with this WiFi Extender. Wave boosts your existing signal to increase your WiFi range and your productivity anywhere. Whether you’re upstairs in a bedroom or relaxing in the backyard, feel at ease when you need a reliable and secure WiFi connection. Dual band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, works with any router and features WPS button for easy setup.

2. Don’t Forget the Power Bank

To avoid the frustrations of power outages, consider having a power bank in your collection. For improved performance, include a power bank that has DC and USB functionality. A power bank with both functionalities allows you to charge varying devices without looking for connectors.

And as you shop around, consider a power bank that can save power for an extended period. It should also have at least two charging ports, so it’s easy to charge several devices simultaneously.


Anker Hybrid Powerbank

By now, everyone knows and loves Anker for their reliable tech products. This hybrid powerbank is neat because it functions both as a high-capacity portable battery and dual-port wall charger in one sleek package.

Mini Wireless Charging Pad

Say goodbye to the cable mess on your desk. It’s 2021, and we love wireless charging pads for the teams with tech peripherals they can’t afford to stop working because of low battery.

Lifesaver 4 in 1 Powerbank

The Lifesaver 4-in-1 Flip is a power bank for the masses. Featuring a 4000 mAh battery with dual lightning and android connectors (one on each side) it can provide a full charge for most smartphones. As if the lightning and android connectors weren’t enough, this little gem also contains a Type C adaptor tucked inside and a standard USB port for almost any cable you’ve got.

Tech Combo Earbuds & Wireless Charging Pad

A tech combo for when you need it all. Includes the Oros True Wireless Auto Pair Bluetooth Earbuds and a wireless charging pad. While you’re listening to your favorite audio you can be using the wireless charging pad to charge your phone wirelessly. The case for the earbuds can also be wirelessly recharged with the included pad or with the provided micro USB cable. The earbud power case can charge your earbuds 2x from 0-100%. The playback time of the earbuds are 5 hours at max volume on a single charge. The earbuds have built in music controls and a microphone for hands free operation.

3. Keep the Distractions Away with Noise-Cancelling Headphones

There’s nothing as frustrating as working in a noisy environment. Whether it’s a home with kids or a cafe’ full of people, noise adversely affects our productivity. To ensure optimal performance with minimal distractions, invest in quality noise-cancellation headphones.

This can be full-ear headphones or earbuds, but their purpose should be to keep the noise away. A point to note is that most noise-cancelling headphones don’t cancel all the noise. They minimize the intensity of the sounds and give you a quieter environment to work in.


Apple Airpods

This one doesn’t really need an explanation - let’s just say Airpods are a really cool tech swag gift for every team, especially the ones that value deep focus and getting the most productive work possible out of their flow state.

Apple Airpods Pro

Got leadership joining the team? Looking for VP swag? Nothing says we value your expertise and look forward to working together like a slick custom branded pair of Airpods Pro.


Looking for an Android-friendly alternative to Airpods? Don’t miss these PowerBuds. With 8 hours playtime and 9 hours talktime, you can also use these for a quick between-meetings workout. Because it pays to get off your bum once in a while. Features flexible ear hooks to keep the PowerBuds securely in place, and rechargeable via any USB power source in less than 2 hours.

Ari Handheld Bluetooth Speaker

This tiny, 5 watt speaker has been engineered to have an impressive sound while also featuring a really cool full-color imprint of whatever you want for your company culture. Ari is a compact speaker with Bluetooth® wireless technology that can be paired to your phone or tablet.

4. Invest in a Good Microphone

If you are going to have meetings, interviews, or make videos remotely, you need a good microphone for the job. With a good microphone, most of your messages will be easy to understand by whichever audience you have on the other side.

Another important thing about a good microphone is that it brings out professionalism in your work. With minimal repeats and interruptions during talks, it’s easy to engage prospects and close better business deals.


1080P HD Webcam with Microphone

Simply plug the USB cable into your laptop and your 1080P HD Web Camera is ready to use. The camera is compatible with all major video applications included but not limited to Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Facebook, YouTube, and Microsoft Teams. The built in microphone delivers crystal clear audio to your audience. The additional noise cancellation function will make your communication clearer and smoother. With crystal clear sound you can expect the same from the video quality. With an auto light correction the camera will automatically adjust to your surroundings. It will adjust the white balance and correct the low light. With a 90 degree lens the camera will capture a wider image which is helpful for presentations. Compatible with all major operating systems including Windows XP/2000/7/8/10, Mac OS, & Android Smart TV.

Essentials Charging Cable

This Essential charging cable includes multiple USB adaptors, braided loop, and is compatible with Apple 8-pin devices and Micro USB.

Cluth Mini Phone Stand

Keep a grip on things! This neat swag pick adheres to the back of any phone to add practical functionality by adding a hand strap and phone stand.

PROBAR - Bolt Organic Energy Chews

Because healthy snacking deserve to be yummy too. We love PROBAR Bolt Organic Energy Chews as a non-GMO, gluten-free, USDA certified, organic, natural energy option for combatting that afternoon slump. And also, because we love gummies. Bonus: includes Vitamins B & C!

5. Stay Hydrated By Keeping a Water Bottle Close

A healthy workforce is a productive team. And one of the things that can keep you in top-notch health is drinking enough water.

Often, getting up from your desk every other minute to get a glass of water doesn’t work. It’s also likely that with so much work, you may find yourself forfeiting the urge to move from your desk to quench your thirst.

That’s why it’s essential to always have a water bottle at your desk to stay hydrated. When using a water bottle, it’s also easy to determine if you are drinking the amount that’s recommended in a day.


The Welly Bamboo Bottle

The Welly® Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle features durable, double-wall stainless steel vacuum construction with copper insulation, which allows your beverage to stay cold for 48 hours and hot for at least 12 hours. The construction also prevents condensation on the outside of the bottle. Removable stainless steel infuser included. Comes complete with on-trend, durable powder coating and the natural bamboo wrap. It features a screw-on lid and a wide opening for comfortable filling and pouring. Perfect for ice cubes and fits most standard car cup holders.

Plus: 1% of sales are donated towards the construction of clean water drinking wells in areas without clean water!

The Canteen Bottle

With camping-inspired vibes, the Canteen Bottle is 22 ounces of durable, double-wall stainless steel vacuum construction with copper insulation, which allows your beverage to stay cold for 48 hours and hot for at least 12 hours. The construction also prevents condensation on the outside of the bottle. On-trend, durable powder coating. Stainless steel screw-on, spill resistant lid with durable stainless steel hand loop. Wide opening for comfortable filling and pouring. Perfect for ice cubes. Fits most standard car cup holders.

Gio Carry Bottle

The corded strap makes the Gio Carry Bottle a functional water bottle with a dash of style. We see it just as easily on the sandy shores of Miami as a busy desk. 10 oz double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vacuum insulation, threaded dual-opening lid with removable strainer, carrying strap, and matte powder coated finish.

Soda Pop Bottle

If you’re looking for water bottle swag with a unique retro feel, the Soda Pop Bottle is for you. 20.9 oz double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal bottle with copper vacuum insulation, threaded insulated lid with soft-touch grip, high polish rim and base, and powder coated finish. Really brings to mind the dog days of summer, huh?

6. Stay Organized with an Office Desk

Working from home is exciting since you are not restricted to where you can work from. You can work from your bed, couch, kitchen table, or even the outside porch. While all these areas are convenient for working, your potential cannot be fully utilized from some positions.

To boost your work productivity, set aside a desk for work. For this, you can choose a desk that adjusts and allows you to work while standing. An excellent example of this would be the ApexDesk Elite Series. Apex gives you room for standing and stretching when it gets tiring to sit.

Alternatively, invest in a convertible laptop stand. An adjustable laptop stand is movable and allows you to work from different locations. It also lets you work while looking straight forward, preventing damage to your back, neck, and arms.


Air Plant

These low-maintenance plants are the perfect little companions for home, work or school. They require very little up-keep, and are a nice green addition to brighten any setting regardless of the season.

Soothing Desktop Diffuser

Health and wellness swag is one of the best approaches you can take a swag project. This soothing desktop diffuser creates an exquisite, aroma-filled environment in any room with this simple to use ultrasonic diffuser. Works with with an outlet or USB. Changes color during use (Blue, Purple, Green & Red.) Has three timed settings options: 30 minutes, 60 minutes & 120 minutes.

Raaka Brooklyn Chocolate

Raaka Chocolate is devoted to making uncommonly delicious chocolate that captures the brighter, bolder, and fruitier side of cacao. That's why we make every bar from scratch with unroasted cacao beans, sourced from growers we trust and admire.

Raaka makes their chocolate from scratch, bean-to-bar, in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We proudly host tours and classes several times a week.

Sunday Provisions Pecan Butter

Created by Chef Gavan Murphy. Sunday Provisions is committed to creating delicious, healthy food made with whole ingredients - everything sourced naturally, nothing processed. Grab a spoon and dive in to these delicious Pecan Butters. Your new pantry staple.

7. Maintain a Good Posture with an Ergonomic Chair

To ensure you are maintaining a good sitting posture, consider having an ergonomic chair. A good chair will protect your back and prevent long-term injury to your spine, shoulder, hips, and arms.

Ergonomic chairs give support to your lumbar so you are not slouching and hurting your spine. The chairs are also adjustable and allow you to change the height, armrest, and seat depth, so there’s no strain to your body.


Resistance Band Set

Your ergonomic chair is only half the equation. Make it easy for your team to get in some regular movement throughout the day with this resistance band set. Includes 3 exercise bands and a nylon mesh pouch with clip and drawstring closure. Each band color has different resistance weight: Green 2-4 Lbs., Blue 6-8 Lbs.,Yellow 10-12 Lbs.

Recycled PET Eco Cooling Fitness Towel

The Eco Fitness Towel is 100% recycled PET, meaning it is made from recycled plastics such as water bottles. The towel is 12" X 31.5", perfectly sized for any activity! Can be worn as a face mask or bandana. Through a partnership with 1% For The Planet, one percent of sales of EcoSmart products will be donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet. Keep cool and help the planet!

Atomic Habits (or another company-favorite classic!)

Did you know reading is good stress relief? Plus, a great way to keep the mind sharp and expand your team’s horizons. Choose from top titles like The Purple Cow, Radical Candor, How to Win Friends and Influence People, The One Thing, Atomic Habits, among others. Bonus: books can be branded if needed.

Add this to your pack and then specify which book(s) you would like to add in the comments at the end of this process.

Soothing Neck Wrap

Make time for a little R&R. You deserve it. Heated or cooled, the Neck Wrap will feel amazing against your skin while providing a spa experience at your convenience. It can help melt away tension or cool you down for a calming treat.

8. Make Your Work Easier with a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

If you are going to use a desk or a laptop stand, consider using the wireless keyboard and mouse. Although wired keyboards and mice still do the work, they always seem far from reaching when working on a stand.

To save your arms from straining, and to improve your typing space, choose the cordless options. The elements also save on space since there won’t be wires hanging around on your desk.

When it comes to portability, the wireless keyboard and mouse are also the best choice since they easily fit into small spaces.


Timeular Time Tracker

Where’s their time actually going? Help your team find out with this neat time tracker that kind of also looks like an art piece. Probably not an accident. The Timeular Tracker is the world’s first 8-sided tracking dice that automatically tracks activities when flipped.

Features to-the-minute accurate time tracking. You can even use it to increase your focus through physical reminders, and automatically populate timesheets with data!

The Traditional Mug

What’s a work desk without a coffee mug? Incomplete, that’s what. This traditional, 11 oz, stoneware mug features both a glossy interior and exterior. The high quality imprint makes it a great swag pick for any situation.

Moleskine Cahier

This lightweight journal is perfect for day-to-day use and features cardboard cover, visible stitching, and acid-free paper.

Item Details:

- FSC Certified

- Individually shrink wrapped

- 5" x 8.25"

Executive Soft Touch Pen

High end looks and comfortable feel no matter where you grip. Engraved silver imprint and shining trim contrast boldly with matte finish. Sometimes, all you need to get work done is a trusty pen within reach.


These are just eight of the basic things you need for your remote setup. There are various others like adapters, bags, and surge protectors required to safeguard your equipment. You can also do a lot more to your desk by adding a lamp, plants, and a coffee maker to improve your work productivity. The purpose of all these is to ensure your remote work is as efficient as it would be in an office setup.

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