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Employee Engagement Activities & Swag for April

Employee Engagement Activities & Swag for April
Amanda Sciabica
March 11, 2024

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April is a month that celebrates important topics like diversity and sustainability.. How will you keep employees engaged this month? Don’t sweat it, have all the employee engagement ideas for April here! If you missed our March edition check it out! We discuss how to set employee engagement up for scale!  

Important Dates & Awarenesses For April

Here are all the dates for April that you need to know for 2024! You don’t have to celebrate every single event and awareness but it’s important to pick the ones that make sense for your company and culture. Also, keep in mind some goals you want to get out of these engagement activities for teams! 

April DEI Dates & Awarenesses

  • April 2 - World Autism Awareness Day
  • April 6 - Layfat al-Qadr
  • April 9 - Ramadan Ends
  • April 11 - National Pet Day
  • April 12 - National Day of Silence
  • April 15 - Patriots’ Day
  • April 22 - Passover Begins
  • April 22 - Earth Day
  • April 24 - Administrative Professionals’ Day

Awareness for the Month of April

  • Arab-American Heritage Month
  • Autism Awareness Month
  • Celebrate Diversity Month
  • Earth Month
  • National Volunteer Month
  • Scottish-American Heritage Month

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Employee Engagement Activities & Swag For April

Let’s dive into some team engagement activities and swag ideas for April! We are bringing you in-person, remote, and no-cost options for you to get started! Remember the point of doing these activities is to bring employees together to connect and to help reduce burnout. Also, it helps make employees feel appreciated

Employee Appreciation Company Engagement Activities

Earth Day Pack

Swag Pack Includes: Kraft Mailer Box, Custom Box Label, Cupanion Sustainable Bottle, ForestNation Tree Cup Tree Planting Kit, Reusable Straw Set, Eco Bento Box, Modern Sprout Plant Parent Mister 

In-Office Employee Engagement Ideas

  • Share with employees ways they can practice more eco-friendly habits! Walk to work, carpool, bring your food to work!
  • Create a company-wide commitment for more environmentally friendly efforts. 
  • Host a speaker to educate everyone on how they can make more eco friendly decisions at home!

🕵🏻‍♀️Pulse Check: This is an excellent time to analyze internally how you are doing with sustainability. Take a look into your own sustainable practices. 

Remote Workforce Employee Engagement Ideas 

  • Use the Cupanion bottle as part of a competition to reduce plastic water bottle use. 
  • Create a company wide commitment for more environmentally friendly efforts. 
  • Start a Green Team to help figure out ways the company can do better. 

No Cost Option Employee Engagement Idea: 

  • Host a conversation on different ways your employees are working sustainably into their everyday lives.

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Administrative Professionals’ Day Engagement Ideas

Desk Essentials Pack

Swag Pack Includes: Plain Mailer Box, Custom Box Label, Engraved Wireless Charger, Custom Printed Felt Pennant, To-Do List Clear Pad, Neoskin Hard Cover Journal, Minimalist Soft Touch Pen, Crinkle Cut Fill

In-Office Employee Engagement Ideas

  • Host a lunch for all the administrators in your office. 
  • Hang up pictures of the administrative staff with reasons why you’re thankful for them. 

Remote Workforce Employee Engagement Ideas 

  • Send a Desk Essentials Pack to your administrative staff. 
  • Host a virtual awards lunch for administrators. 

No Cost Option Employee Engagement Idea: 

  • Have employees vote on the Administrative Professional of the Month.


There you have it! Top company engagement ideas you can use for April! Check out the dates in April and come up with something fun and creative that reflects the company culture you want to have!

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