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4 Things to Know About the Best Remote Team Swag in 2022

4 Things to Know About the Best Remote Team Swag in 2022
February 24, 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the way we work. A huge majority of the world’s population switched to remote work due to lockdowns and stay at home restrictions. For many teams, remote work has become the norm. For others, their companies are now fully embracing remote work after discovering its advantages.

But remote work has its problems too. There’s far less in-person interaction between your team and the chances for isolation and miscommunication are higher. Companies also have to work towards coming up with innovative methods to woo great talent as attractions such as an amazing office and other official perks aren’t viable anymore.

Here’s where swag comes in.

As remote working has gained popularity, companies have begun to focus on ways to sustain community without relying on in-person events. A strong swag strategy that amplifies your brand and creates a sense of identity can help! Swag can make difference in the kind of talent you attract, elevates how your team interacts with each other remotely, and helps maintain employee morale as more and more teams go fully remote.

Ready to send some swag to your remote team? We’ve put together a list of swag ideas for the most popular situations remote teams find themselves in.

Bonus: At the end, get started fast with some of our swag pack suggestions.

Let’s get started!


4 Essential Remote Workstation Swag Ideas

The arena of the daily grind. It should go without saying that a quality workstation is a key element of your team’s remote work experience. These swag picks will help them build the perfect functional and inspiring home office for focus, less distraction.

  1. Rocketbook Everlast Executive
  2. 4-in-1 phone stand bluetooth speaker & wireless charger
  3. Desk plants / Monitor Plant
  4. Desk mats / Wireless Charging Mouse Pad


1. The Rocketbook Everlast Executive Notebook

The Everlast Executive from Rocketbook is a classic pen and paper notebook built for the digital age. Write on this notebook with a Pilot Frixion pen and the writing will stick to the page just like with regular paper. Now take your phone, scan the page and once that’s saved, you can simply wipe off the page with a damp cloth and write on it again. These notebooks are endlessly reusable and they can be custom branded. They’re the perfect notebook to hold together your remote team’s workflow. (P.S. Looking for a bigger notebook than the Executive? The Rocketbook Letter is about the size of a piece of A4 paper, while the Executive is slightly smaller at 6 x 8.8 inches.)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Welcome Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Seasonal Swag, Swag Essentials, Day One Swag, Custom Branded, Inventory Swag, Dropshipping


2. 4-in-1 Phone Stand Speaker Wireless Charger

If swag items could be party tricks, this would be first in line. This isn’t one thing but four things in one. Its minimalist design and sharp lines make it a great piece of desk decor while showing off your backlit laser engraved logo. But it also holds your phone, plays decent audio, and charges your phone wirelessly. Versatile? You bet.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Desk Swag, Company Culture, Versatile Swag, Swag Essentials, Tech Swag, Custom Branded, Inventory Swag, Dropshipping


3. Monitor Plant

You’ve got desk plants. And you’ve got webcam covers. How’d you like something that doubles as both? This monitor plant adds the perfect touch of personality to any monitor. It keeps the webcam covered and lends a bit of atmosphere while doing so. Besides, they’re desk plants which means they’ll look just as dashing on a desk or coffee table.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Virtual Welcome Swag, Company Culture, Remote Culture, Decoration Swag, Swag Essentials, Day One Swag, Custom Branded, Inventory Swag, Dropshipping


4. Cyberspace Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Working remote usually involves repeatedly switching between your laptop and smartphone. And as you go through the day, you find yourself frantically searching for a charger to plug in your phone. Here’s a versatile mouse pad that can help you not do this. It’s made from leather and can be laser engraved with your branding, which means it’ll look excellent on a desk. It can also wirelessly charge your phone, which means one less reason to leave your desk. It’s a smart solution that’ll also make the sender look smart!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Desk Swag, Company Culture, Remote Culture, Tech Swag, Swag Essentials, Appreciation Swag, Custom Branded, Inventory Swag, Dropshipping

6 Awesome WFA and WFH Swag Gifts

WFH is so last year. The future is all about WFA - Work From Anywhere. Here are some swag picks that embrace the spirit of being able to be productive, no matter where you are in the world. Spoiler: Snacks are key.

  1. Gift cards and subscriptions
  2. Orso Mug
  3. Wave Dual-Band WiFi Extender
  4. Kenyan Earl Grey Tea Tin with Spoon
  5. Candy Club - Sour Belts
  6. Redwood Bluetooth speaker


5. Personalized Gift Cards and Subscriptions

Since we’re all spending a lot of time at home, a digital subscription makes for an amazing swag gift. Whether it’s a couple months of Netflix or HBO max, whoever receives it is sure to appreciate the gesture. You can also play around with this idea and gift your employees subscriptions for gourmet food or software. Many of us have taken up new hobbies in the past few months and any subscription that helps them enjoy it more can make for a fun gift.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Reward Swag, Holiday Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Digital Swag, Relax Swag, Easy Swag, Fun Swag, Appreciation Swag


6. Orso Mug

A high-quality coffee mug is a workstation basic. If your daily morning check-ins happen over a cup of coffee, having everyone use branded mugs can be a huge boost for team-spirit. The Orso mug has a matte exterior, gloss interior and a cork base that eliminates the need to use a coaster. Everyone loves having one less thing to worry about.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Desk Swag, Travel Swag, Company Culture, Swag Essentials, Functional Swag, Productivity Swag, Easy Swag, Inventory Swag, Day One Swag


7. Wave Dual-Band WiFi Extender

You don’t want your team to be like my stressed-out friend last week, who had to run out in the middle of the workday to get a wifi extender because of spontaneous connectivity issues. In short, network issues plague all homes. And wifi dead spots are among the more annoying ones.

Give your remote team members a wifi extender like this one and you can kill two birds with one stone. First, it’s thoughtful and super-functional, anybody will appreciate being given this. Second, their productivity will increase, meaning this extender is going to pay for itself over time, making it one of our favorite remote swag picks.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Quality of Life Swag, Functional Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Productivity Swag, Custom Branded, Inventory Swag, Appreciation Swag


8. Kenyan Earl Grey Tea Tin with Spoon

Gourmet food swag is the fastest way to the hearts of your team members. We love how this award winning tea is packaged. It houses Kenyan loose leaf tea and comes with a hand-carved Kenyan spoon! The tin is good for about 40 cups of tea and you can even re-steep the super-fresh whole leaves to make twice as many cups. It’s also 100% natural and hand-plucked in small batches by their partners in Kenya. You’re not gifting just tea, you’re gifting an entire tea experience.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Reward Swag, Holiday Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Productivity Swag, Food Swag, Heartfelt Swag, Unique Swag, Appreciation Swag


9. Candy Club - Sour Belts

Everybody loves candy and these belts from Candy Club are simply amazing! They’re sanded with sugar, making them sweet enough that you keep wanting more. The sourness provides great balance, making it a fantastic munchable. Candies are a superb way to showcase your brand’s personality to employees, especially new hires. Use this candy to break the ice in your onboarding process.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Reward Swag, Holiday Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Happy Hour Swag, Relax Swag, Easy Swag, Fun Swag, Appreciation Swag, Food Swag


10. Redwood Bluetooth speaker

A coffee table accent gets bonus points if it’s also useful. And here, this cherry wood bluetooth speaker is tough to beat. It sports a natural wood look, packaged in a compact design that’ll gracefully decorate any tabletop it graces. It also comes with a Qi wireless charger on the top, making it an incredibly functional swag gift. It’ll blend seamlessly into any room or office.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Reward Swag, Desk Swag, Company Culture, Decoration Swag, Tech Swag, Inventory Swag, Custom Branding, Fun Swag, Swag Essentials

6 “Quality of Life” Swag Picks

For when you’re in a mood for cozy, or just in a mood, these swag picks are all about staying in the feel good zone. Because happy employees are productive (and creative!) employees. It’s science, trust us.

  1. ASOBU Pour Over Coffee Maker
  2. Selfie Ring Light with Extendable Tripod Stand
  3. Joggers, e.g. District V.I.T. Fleece Jogger
  4. Cable Knit Lambswool Throw
  5. Candles
  6. Health and Wellness Swag (Neck wrap, massager, etc)


11. ASOBU Pour Over Coffee Maker

When working from home, your team members don’t have access to caffeine like they did in the office. And chances are, what they have access to offers a subpar caffeine experience. The ASOBU Pour Over Coffee maker is equipped with a heat resistant glass and a double micro mesh stainless steel filter to brew coarsely ground coffee grinds in. The brewer is seamlessly attached to a 32 inch removable carafe, which means the brew will stay hot throughout the day. Your team’s going to be excited with this one!


12. Selfie Ring Light with Extendable Tripod Stand

Remote work has allowed a lot of employees to get started with hobbies they were sitting on since forever. And content creation is a big one here. We also spend a lot of time video-conferencing. Lighting at home usually isn’t conducive for filming, video-calling or photography and a simple ring light can make a ton of difference. This makeup ring light kit comes with a ring light, a selfie tripod, a phone clip, a phone holder, long screw adapter, and one bluetooth remote control that allows you to take shots from a distance. It’s perfect for both hobbies and work calls.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Hobby Swag, Productivity Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Quality of Life Swag, Functional Swag, Versatile Swag, Fun Swag, Appreciation Swag


13. The District V.I.T. Fleece Jogger

Comfy clothes are always a fantastic swag gift. We all love working in our sweatpants and these custom branded joggers from District are made to work in. You can also walk, sleep and work out in them. Plus, they’re super soft. Who wouldn’t appreciate such a gift?

RECOMMENDED FOR: Reward Swag, Holiday Swag, Company Culture, Work Culture, Versatile Swag, Cozy Swag, Easy Swag, Fun Swag, Inventory Swag, Appreciation Swag


14. Cable Knit Lambswool Throw

Few things are as cozy as a throw. And that’s exactly why these make for amazing swag gifts. This warm and cozy throw is perfect to curl up in after a long day of work or even conveniently carry when travelling . It comes in 3 neutral colors and features a beautiful knit pattern on one side with faux lambswool lining on the other. And the branding is subtle too, lending it a sense of great quality.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Reward Swag, Holiday Swag, Company Culture, Work Culture, Versatile Swag, Cozy Swag, Easy Swag, Fun Swag, Inventory Swag, Appreciation Swag


15. Candles

It’s always the small things that make a difference. And the folks over at Farm Kitchen swear by this. They believe that a cozy throw pillow, your favourite mug and a perfectly scented soy candle are enough to create a homely ambience. And we’re inclined to agree. Just because our home now doubles as our office doesn’t make it any less of a home. Make sure your team realises this; send them a Farm Kitchen scented soy candle.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Scented Swag, Decoration Swag, Company Culture, Ambient Swag, Relax Swag, Cozy Swag, Easy Swag, Fun Swag, Inventory Swag, Appreciation Swag


16. Health and Wellness Swag

With everything going on in the world right now, our brains are understandably a bit overextended. It isn’t easy to stay on top of everything and our physical & mental health end up taking a back seat. Let your team know that it’s completely okay to step back and relax once in a while by giving out some wellness swag. Stuff like neck wraps and portable massagers can help your team work easier and motivate them to pay attention to their well-being, making them happier and more productive.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Quality of Life Swag, Travel Swag, Company Culture, Work Culture, Productivity Swag, Cozy Swag, Easy Swag, Fun Swag, Inventory Swag, Appreciation Swag

3 Virtual Activity and Event Swag

Bring the right energy to every virtual room with swag picks that are actually fun to do together, even through a video cam. These virtual swag classics include cocktail supplies for an enjoyable virtual happy hour and old-school brain teasers.

  1. Cocktail Canteen
  2. Board Games / Cards, E.g. On The Go Games -Checkers
  3. Custom branded puzzle


17. Cocktail Canteen

W&Ps cocktail canteen is great for frequent fliers. But it’s also perfect for holding virtual happy hours. This canteen contains everything you need to concoct a tasty drink including a collapsible jigger/shot glass, a telescoping bar spoon, a mini funnel, a TSA-compliant glass dropper bottle and a combo peeler/zester. All you need to do is get the hard stuff ;)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Virtual Happy Hour Swag, Travel Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Holiday Swag, Swag Essentials, Fun Swag, Inventory Swag, Appreciation Swag


18. Board Games and Cards

Working remotely means having the opportunity to spend more time with close friends and family. With the physical interaction from work gone, it’s definitely in your best interest to encourage your team members to indulge in social activities. Send over some custom branded board games and ask them to post pictures of them playing on it on social media. You could even conduct matches virtually since everybody has the same board. On the go board games are fun, unique remote swag.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Community Swag, Holiday Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Custom Branded, Social Media Swag, Fun Swag, Inventory Swag, Appreciation Swag


19. Custom Branded Puzzle

Puzzles can be great fun to do in groups. Gift each team member this 100 piece puzzle set and actively take part in solving it with them. Your team members can help each other solve it, sit and solve it with their families or simply indulge by themselves. The best part? You can order this set with a template of your choice. That doesn’t make it just great remote swag, it makes it great swag, period.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Community Swag, Holiday Swag, Company Culture, Team Culture, Custom Branded, Engaging Swag, Fun Swag, Inventory Swag, Appreciation Swag

PLUS: 3 Remote Team Swag Pack Ideas

You could mix and match any of the swag picks just mentioned for a great pack (and many of our clients do!) but if you need a starting line that’s easy to work with, here are three remote team swag pack ideas you can’t go wrong with.

  1. The BYOO Pack
  2. The Marathoner
  3. The Fireside Pack


1. The BYOO Pack

A.K.A. the “Build Your Own Office” Pack.

With great swag picks like the monitor air plant and the wireless mouse charging pad, this pack makes it easy for new hires to make sure they have the things they need for a productive home office while also getting their swag gear in style.

FEATURED SWAG PICKS: Monitor plant, wireless charging mouse pad, wifi extender, bamboo soy candle, SwagUp Soft Touch Journal, Moo Insert Card


2. The Marathoner

Because life is a marathon, not a sprint.

This pack doubles as both a care package and a well-deserved nod of appreciation for the members of your team that’s been around the block more than once. Smart swag picks like a cozy fleece sweater and a Corkcicle canteen water bottle makes it easy for your team to get comfortable anywhere - which can make all the difference when it gets to crunch time.
Plus: sour candy indulgences from Candy Club and a delightful instant coffee experience in the form of cubes turns this simple care package into a unique and exciting surprise.

FEATURED SWAG PICKS: JERZEES Snow Heather French Terry Raglan Crew, Clarks Coffee Cubes Mocha Travel Tin, Candy Club sour belts, Corkcicle canteen, Anker Powercore Speed, Moo insert card.


3. The Fireside Pack

The Fireside Pack is all about late winter nights by a crackling fire, where the goal is simply to cozy up and relax.

FEATURED SWAG PICKS: Cable Knit Lambswool Throw, JBL Go 2 Bluetooth Portable Speaker, Orso mug, Roots73 Ravenlake Knit Scarf, Sock Club Custom Knit socks, Moo Insert Card

And there you go, we’ve featured some amazing remote swag picks that’ll work for you. You can upgrade your onboarding and remote work experience while also having an added perk to woo great talent.

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