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Bob, Meet SwagUp – The Employee Engagement Integration Set To Boost Retention

Bob, Meet SwagUp – The Employee Engagement Integration Set To Boost Retention
January 12, 2023

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Bob, an award-winning HR platform for all your HRIS needs has officially launched an integration with SwagUp! Bob’s platform aims to help boost employee engagement, productivity, and retention, while SwagUp’s main focus is on creating meaningful connections through swag. 

This integration between Bob and SwagUp is set to change how we think about employee engagement. It’s not about just setting some 1:1’s to see how employees are doing, it goes beyond that. Let’s get employees swag in the moments that matter most! Bob and SwagUp integration is there to help power these employee engagement activities. 

About Bob + SwagUp Integration

The Bob + SwagUp integration is now available through Zapier connection! This allows you to connect your Hi.Bob platform to SwagUp helps bridge the gap between employee engagement and swag. This integration allows you to provide branded swag through the employee's journey at your company.

With this integration you will save time and boost your employee engagement along the way! You can set up certain triggers in Zapier to create an automatic shipment in SwagUp to send swag across the globe! This integration is scalable and meant to take the mess out of ordering swag.

Key features:

  • An end-to-end servicing model from strategy to concept to delivery.
  • Dedicated and integrated team – tech, creative, product, operations, and logistics.
  • US + Global Capability with over 250 people in the US and China dedicated to your projects.
  • Powerful swag management platform we offer redeem pages and storefronts to manage orders, production, fulfillment, logistics, and warehousing capabilities.
  • Quick-turn or fully branded custom options with a new world of brand-relevant merchandise.

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