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CBO, Helen Rankin Talks Employee Motivation with Semos Cloud

CBO, Helen Rankin Talks Employee Motivation with Semos Cloud
Amanda Sciabica
November 17, 2023

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Swagup’s CBO, Helen Rankin was featured on Semos Cloud’s webinar this month. Helen sat with the Semos team to talk about the impact of personalized branded items on employee motivation and loyalty. In this webinar, they delve into the transformative role that personalized branded items can play in recognition programs. Listen to find out how these items have the potential to create a profound sense of belonging and pride among employees while reinforcing your company’s unique culture and values. 

Semos Cloud is an employee experience platform that strives to make work more meaningful. They connect employees around the globe with shared purpose and values as well as empower organizations to drive business success by enabling their people to be the best versions of themselves. With hundreds of customers, including global names such as Coca-Cola, SAP and Shutterfly, Semos is leading the industry in employee engagement solutions. Their goal is to help businesses make the best out of the talent they have. 

SwagUp has similar goals. At Swagup, there is firm belief in using swag to optimize employee engagement and pride in their brand. 

"It all starts with connection….A great way of doing that is through swag. It is a catalyst to strengthen that relationship." - Helen Rankin

This webinar focused on branded items in the service of internal marketing, using personalized branded items in recognition and expected results as well as the future of personalized branded items. Helen gives a great presentation on examples of how some of SwagUp’s clients are using swag to elevate their brand internally. 

Notion Community Swag

Ambassador Swag

  • Brand Awareness
  • Simple & Clean
  • Less is More

Duolingo Virtual Event

Team Event

  • Great Design
  • Fun & Memorable Swag
  • On Brand

Ramp Eco Swag

Eco Swag

  • Sustainable Swag
  • Personalization
  • Good Use of Brand Design

Amazon New Hire Swag

Welcome Aboard

  • Good Utility Use
  • Great Wearable Options
  • High Quality Swag

“Your employees should be your brand ambassadors. When employees receive swag throughout their journey, it really ties in the entire experience and is a great reminder that we are one team and we are all part of this company and here’s the values and here’s the problems we’re trying to solve together. Swag has a great way of unifying employees. When you have that unified employee base, it verbiates throughout.” - Helen Rankin

Check out the full webinar here.

Beyond Bonuses: The Impact of Personalized Branded Items on Employee Motivation and Loyalty

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