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Commsor X SwagUp: The Best Way to Do Community Swag

Commsor X SwagUp: The Best Way to Do Community Swag
May 18, 2021

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Every great community deserves epic swag - but in the past, complications with member management like collecting recipient addresses and other swag logistics made sending your community members swag way more difficult than it should have been.

That’s why we’re excited to share our new integration with Commsor 🦕 


What is Commsor?

Commsor is a community-management platform changing the way we engage and build communities. Namely, making it simpler, more intuitive, and data-powered. That way, enabling a community to grow, scale, and thrive is no longer a mysterious, black box process, but a clear journey with insights into all your community data via one streamlined platform. Because the Commsor team believes the future is all about entire organizations becoming community-led.

With Commsor, you can unlock community insights, measure impact, and start to truly understand the community around your organization.

  • See everything in one place with a centralized platform connected with all your tools
  • Measure and analyze how your community loves to engage
  • Proof of the value and impact of your community efforts

But that’s not all - when we say simpler and more intuitive, we really mean simpler and more intuitive. Commsor integrates with all the tools that you, as a community manager, are probably already using. From Slack and Zoom to Twitter and Meetup, the list of integrations the Commsor team has added is only growing… including SwagUp!

How to use Commsor with SwagUp

If you’re not on Commsor already, good news! Thanks to our friends at Commsor, SwagUp members get a special discount - fill out this form to learn more.

If you’re a Commsor user without a SwagUp account yet, create your free SwagUp account to start building and exploring swag projects for your community! (You can also request a free sample pack here)

You will need swag inventory available in your SwagUp account before you can start shipping swag to your community members. For more info about how SwagUp works and what you can do with the SwagUp Platform, check out our services.

Honoring Commsor’s philosophy of simplified community management, this integration will connect your SwagUp account to Commsor so you can directly send and track swag from within the Commsor platform.

Here’s what that might look like:

  1. You are planning a community event in about 6 weeks, and realize you need swag for attendees
  2. Using the SwagUp catalog (and the help of a Swag Expert to source some extra unique items), you put together a swag project and get free mockups to review with the team
  3. You and the team think the mockups look good! Your first swag project hits production and your swag inventory is updated in your SwagUp account
  4. In the Commsor platform, you create an order, picking the items you want to send and the recipient, and schedule the ship date. And that’s it - you’re all set!

(Want more? See Commsor’s help article for additional details!)

Key Takeaways

Swag and community go hand in hand, and we couldn’t be more excited to see this integration launch. 

When you use Commsor and SwagUp for your community swag, you get:

  • A streamlined workflow that’s as easy as a few clicks
  • Swag order tracking, right from the Commsor dashboard
  • Hassle-free recipient lists - no need to manually compile a list of members who need to get swag, or dig through old spreadsheets and emails about who already received swag

The beauty of it is the simplicity - sending swag to your community members has never been easier 😎🎁

Ready to use the Swag?

Our easy-to-use dashboard enables you to quickly customize, manage, ship, and re-order swag.