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Earth Day Employee Engagement Activities You Don't Want To Miss

Earth Day Employee Engagement Activities You Don't Want To Miss
Amanda Sciabica
March 27, 2024

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As we celebrate Earth Day, it's the perfect time to unite your team around environmental sustainability. Engaging your employees in Earth Day activities not only fosters a sense of collective responsibility but also strengthens your company culture. In this blog post, we'll explore exciting Earth Day employee engagement activities that you won't want to miss, with a touch of customization using custom swag from SwagUp.

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Custom Swag Planting Party

Kick off Earth Day with a planting party where employees can pot their plants. Provide custom swag gardening kits with branded gloves, seed packets, and personalized plant markers. It's a hands-on and eco-friendly way to connect with nature.

Custom Planet Kit

Eco-Friendly Office Cleanup Challenge

Transform your workplace into a cleaner and greener space by organizing an office cleanup challenge. Supply employees with custom swag reusable trash bags and gloves, making it easy for them to contribute to a more sustainable work environment.

Custom Wood Wireless Charger

Virtual Earth Day Trivia Hour

Host a virtual Earth Day trivia hour to educate and entertain your team. Encourage participation with custom swag giveaways for correct answers, such as branded reusable water bottles or eco-friendly notebooks.

Custom Bamboo Bottle

DIY Upcycled Art Workshop

Unleash creativity with a DIY upcycled art workshop. Provide custom swag art supplies made from recycled materials, like custom-branded sketchbooks or upcycled canvas tote bags. Employees can express themselves while promoting sustainability.

Custom Stonepaper Notebook

Green Office Challenge

Launch a month-long Green Office Challenge that encourages employees to adopt sustainable practices. Award custom swag eco-friendly office supplies, such as recycled pens or bamboo desk organizers, to participants who make the most significant impact.

Virtual Sustainable Cooking Class

Bring employees together virtually for a sustainable cooking class. Provide custom swag aprons and utensils, emphasizing the use of locally sourced and eco-friendly ingredients. It's a delicious way to celebrate Earth Day while promoting sustainable living.

Custom Apron

Custom Swag Eco-Friendly Fashion Show

Showcase sustainable fashion with an eco-friendly fashion show. Encourage employees to dress in attire made from sustainable materials, and reward participants with custom swag items like reusable tote bags or bamboo sunglasses.

Custom Cotton Tote

Earth Day Book Club

Foster a culture of learning and discussion with an Earth Day book club. Provide custom swag bookmarks and select a book focused on environmental sustainability. Engage employees in meaningful conversations about preserving our planet.

Employee Sustainable Commute Challenge

Encourage green commuting by organizing a sustainable commute challenge. Offer custom swag rewards, such as branded bike accessories or eco-friendly travel mugs, for employees who choose eco-conscious transportation options.

Custom Sling Bag

Virtual Plant Swap

Organize a virtual plant swap where employees can exchange plants or seeds. Include custom swag plant markers and encourage employees to share tips on plant care. It's a fantastic way to promote green living and community building.


Earth Day employee engagement activities not only create a positive impact on the environment but also strengthen the bonds within your team. For all your custom swag needs to make these Earth Day activities even more memorable, consider SwagUp. Elevate your company's commitment to sustainability with custom swag that reflects your values and encourages a greener workplace. Happy Earth Day!

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