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Easy Swag Automation for Busy People: Zapier x SwagUp

Easy Swag Automation for Busy People: Zapier x SwagUp
August 19, 2020

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We’ve all been there. 

It seems like the clock’s barely moved. You’re sitting in your chair, staring at the screen of a mind-numbingly boring and time-consuming process, wondering, Isn’t there a better way to do this?

And to that Zapier says, “Yes.”

And no, you don’t need to code.

The growth of workplace automation

Automation tends to bring to mind images of robots and several dollar signs. And maybe that was true decades ago. But today workplace automation isn’t just about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robots. 

In fact, workplace automation is more common (and easier to set up!) than you think. Especially since the list of benefits is only growing. Think more flexibility, saved time, lower costs, less stress, faster updates, better efficiency, and so on.

That’s because modern workplace automation is 1) super easy with tools like Zapier and 2) helping people make a bigger impact with less hassle thanks to the automation of repetitive processes. This means chores like...

  • adding your new leads to a spreadsheet or database
  • saving a backup of important files to the cloud
  • creating support tickets and notifying team members

...are a thing of the past. (Explore other popular Zapier workflows here.) The best part is that there is essentially no learning curve — you’ll get the hang of it in minutes, and enjoy the benefits of saving hours forever. For more on the rise of productivity infrastructure apps, check out this short primer from Quartz.

The Zapier story

Recently named by Forbes as one of their top-recommended apps for PR Executives, Zapier first launched at Startup Weekend Columbia in 2011. From there, the co-founders Wade Foster, Bryan Helmig, and Mike Knoop persevered through more than their fair share of rejection (including, at first, from the Y Combinator program).

Unfortunate news, but it wasn’t enough to kill Zapier. The team decided to keep at it. And the results would speak for themselves.

Fast forward some years and several prototypes later, Zapier is a beloved productivity app and a company known for their customer support culture. And with a team of 250+ people living and working remotely in 24+ countries, Zapier is one company that understands remote work. They even wrote a book on it.

At SwagUp, we’re big fans (see our Chief Swag Officer and founder Michael Martocci talk about Zapier in The SwagUp Guide to Bootstrapping to 8 Figures in Under 3 years) and we couldn’t be more excited to announce the Zapier x SwagUp partnership! 🚀

What this means for you:

✔️ Automate swag for all on your work processes - whether that’s onboarding, customer success, employee appreciation, event swag, or more!

✔️ Instantly add new contacts to your dashboard directory - so the information you need on anyone important to your company is easily searchable and at your fingertips

✔️ Send notification emails for automatic communication updates - never worry about missing when products are low on stock or any other important information

But that’s just the start. With Zapier, you can connect SwagUp to 2,000+ apps including Google Sheets, Typeform, and Gmail. You’re only limited by your imagination 🙂 

Ready to get started? Head over to!
P.S. Watch the Zapier x Typeform No Code Webinar with our founder Michael Martocci here!


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