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Top Employee Engagement Activities for Mental Health Month: A Guide

Top Employee Engagement Activities for Mental Health Month: A Guide
Amanda Sciabica
April 15, 2024

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May is Mental Health Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and promoting well-being in the workplace. Now more than ever, it's crucial for employers to prioritize the mental health of their employees. In this blog post, we'll explore engaging activities specifically designed to support mental health in the workplace, with a touch of customization using custom swag from SwagUp.

Virtual Wellness Workshops with Custom Swag Kits

Kick off Mental Health Month with virtual wellness workshops focused on stress management, mindfulness, or resilience. Send custom swag kits to participants, including items like stress balls, relaxation candles, and gratitude journals, to enhance their workshop experience.

Mental Health Pack

Remote Yoga or Meditation Sessions

Offer virtual yoga or meditation sessions for employees to unwind and destress. Provide custom swag yoga mats or meditation cushions as incentives for participation, promoting relaxation and mindfulness in their daily routines.

Custom Yoga Mat

Online Mental Health Webinars

Host webinars led by mental health professionals to educate employees about mental health issues and coping strategies. Offer custom swag notebooks or pens for attendees to jot down key takeaways, empowering them to prioritize their mental well-being.

Mental Health Journal

Virtual Support Groups or Peer Counseling

Facilitate virtual support groups or peer counseling sessions where employees can connect and share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Provide custom swag stress-relief toys or fidget spinners as comforting tools during discussions.

Custom Desk Diffuser

Custom Swag Self-Care Challenges

Launch self-care challenges encouraging employees to prioritize their mental health. Offer custom swag self-care kits with items like essential oils, bath bombs, and herbal teas as rewards for completing daily self-care tasks.

Custom Bath Robe

Employee Appreciation Day with Custom Swag

Dedicate a day to appreciate employees' hard work and dedication. Send custom swag appreciation packages with personalized notes expressing gratitude for their contributions to the team's success, fostering a positive and supportive work environment.

Chocolate Greeting Cards

Virtual Mindfulness Breaks

Encourage employees to take regular mindfulness breaks throughout the day to reset and refocus. Provide custom swag mindfulness tools such as mindfulness cards, guided meditation recordings, or stress-relief coloring books to promote relaxation and mental clarity.

Custom KolorKit

Remote Team-Building Activities

Organize virtual team-building activities to strengthen connections and boost morale. Incorporate custom swag team-building kits with fun games, puzzles, or collaborative projects, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging among remote teams.

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Encourage Open Communication

Create a culture of open communication where employees feel comfortable discussing mental health concerns with their managers or colleagues. Offer custom swag communication tools such as branded notebooks or pens to encourage dialogue and collaboration.

Virtual Mental Health Resource Fair

Host a virtual mental health resource fair featuring presentations and resources from mental health organizations. Provide custom swag resource kits with informative pamphlets, stress-relief tips, and helpline contacts to empower employees to seek help when needed.


Employee engagement activities for Mental Health Month play a vital role in promoting well-being and creating a supportive workplace culture. For all your custom swag needs to enhance these activities, consider SwagUp. Elevate your efforts to support mental health in the workplace with custom swag that reinforces the importance of self-care, connection, and resilience. Together, we can prioritize mental health and create a healthier and happier workforce.


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