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How to Organize a Corporate Team Building Event for Success

How to Organize a Corporate Team Building Event for Success
August 30, 2021

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Companies want to ensure that their employees are well-rounded and social amongst one another. So, why not throw a team building event? These events are not only fun, but are also effective in collaborative and social efforts in the workplace.

In this article, you’ll learn how to get through the topsy-turvy process of creating the best team building events for your company!

10 Helpful Tips for Successfully Organizing Your Next Company Team Building Event

To help you set up a successful team building event, keep in mind these 10 helpful tips:

Tip 1. Have Clear Goals

“When planning an event, you will need to have a set of goals,” says Warner Bevenfield, a writer at Assignment Help and Essay Services. “By having clear goals, you and the company will get a good idea on what your employees will want and look forward to in an event. Ultimately, your set of goals will act as guidelines on how to make team building event more wholesome for everyone involved.”

Tip 2. Set A Budget

All events need to have some kind of budget — or no budget, if you use what you have on hand. With team building events, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Food and drink (if ordering takeout or curbside)
  • Unique prizes, if holding contests (ex. corporate swag, gift cards, etc.)
  • Corporate swag gifts, giveaways, or prizes like t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, etc.

Tip 3. Get The Right People On Your Team

Of course, you’ll need the right people to help you get your team building event off the ground, including:

  • A budget manager
  • Someone in charge of food and drink
  • Activity coordinator
  • Surveyor, etc.

Ask some of your employees to volunteer for these positions, so that others can feel more comfortable about who’s running the event.

Tip 4. Use Great Timing

It’s also important to establish appropriate dates with your employees, to see which days are okay for them to attend events, and when they can’t. Be understanding towards employees who might have other obligations, such as childcare, elder care, school, etc.

Tip 5. Make Your Event Outdoorsy

Sometimes, it can be great to spend time outdoors. So, if possible, bring the event outside, and allow for fun outdoor activities. You can even play outdoor cooperative games like:

  • Tug of war
  • Basketball
  • Scavenger hunts, etc.

Also, check the weather ahead of time to see whether or not an outdoor event would suffice.

Tip 6. Make Indoors Events Exciting

Team building events can also be held indoors (especially if it’s raining that day). Indoors, you can allow for many cooperative games and activities, such as:

  • Telephone
  • Puzzles and board games
  • Drawing
  • Arts and crafts
  • Escape rooms, etc.

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Tip 7. Don’t Be Shy

While events may seem awkward to people at first, the activities are what bring people together. Remember: don’t try to force people to mingle if they’re not comfortable doing so just let. Your job, in this case, is to make sure that the event is running smoothly. 

Also, be social. When people see that you’re social to be around, people may start joining you.

Tip 8. Volunteer

There are many nonprofits that can use additional help from the community. Why not have your company volunteer to a cause? 

By scheduling a day with your employees to volunteer at a nonprofit, they’ll use team building to work towards a cause. This can especially be a great motivator for your company, since work isn’t always about making money. 

Tip 9. Learn A New Skill

“Learning a new skill is much more fun with other people,” says Jacqueline MacArthur, a productivity blogger at Revieweal and Custom Writing Services. “Luckily, there are a lot of how-to videos on learning a hobby or skill of your choosing. So, in your next event, you can have your employees learn with you on a specific hobby. This is a great opportunity to create various competitions for people to participate in. This also opens doors to creative collaborations among your staff.”

Tip 10. Welcome Plenty of Feedback

Finally, allow your employees to give you feedback on what they’d like to see in the next team building event. You might be surprised to see a great suggestion or two on how you make your next event more fun and exciting.

And there you have it!

Your next team building event will be a blast, once you implement these 10 helpful tips! We hope that your event will be the talk of the company, and that you’ll create wholesome events your employees for many years to come!

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