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Introducing Autoship Redeem Pages – Automatically Create Swag Shipments To Redeem Page Recipients

Introducing Autoship Redeem Pages – Automatically Create Swag Shipments To Redeem Page Recipients
December 3, 2022

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Introducing Autoship Redeem Pages

We’re excited to announce a huge update to redeem pages - Meet Autoship.

While Collection Redeem Pages are great for collecting recipient information before you place your swag order, Autoship is perfect for post-order. That’s because Autoship collects recipient information AND automatically creates shipments for you. So as long as you have swag in your inventory, it will get sent without you needing to lift a finger.

This makes it great for anything from new hire onboarding to VIP partner gifting to membership loyalty programs. Redeem Autoship allows you to quickly and easily create a swag workflow where recipients can automatically get swag shipped to them from the warehouse via a shareable, unique redeem page link. Furthermore, get detailed swag redeem page insights like a record of everyone who fills out your redeem page, and their swag shipment info.

Let’s explore the details.

The Top 3 Benefits of Autoship Redeem Pages

Here are some of the best ways you can get value of Autoship Redeem Pages.

#1. Set and Forget Swag Redeem Solution

Autoship Redeem Pages are a great way to “set and forget” your swag redemptions, whether they are for your internal people and teams, or external partners and clients.

Here’s why: when you create your Autoship Redeem Page, you configure its settings for all redemptions. No manual review necessary. It doesn’t matter whether your swag recipient is in the same office building, or working remotely on the other side of the world. Your intended audience can be global and use the same redeem link. Not shipping globally? You can also restrict the redeem page to just the United States.

But that’s not all. Compared to manually collecting recipient info and creating shipments in the SwagUp Dashboard, Autoship Redeem Pages allows you to easily set and forget thanks to:

  1. the ability to associate specific swag products in inventory as available for redemption
  2. the ability to automatically create shipments once an autoship redeem page is submitted
  3. the ability to allocate and reload the shipping credits you will need to ship out your inventory, ensuring automated fulfillment and no disruptions
  4. the ability to choose between ‘Available Inventory’ or ‘No Limit’ so you autoship redeem page can update what it offers without you having to intervene

This gives you even more granular control into the Autoship Redeem Page experience.

Available Inventory means your Autoship Redeem Page will stop collecting submissions once a size or product runs out of inventory (useful for special experiences like limited edition swag, event and conference engagements, etc.)

No Limit means your Autoship Redeem Page will continue to collect redeem submissions once all your existing swag inventory has been depleted (useful for tracking new demand). When you replenish your swag inventory, you can choose to easily send your new swag to submissions that came through even after your original swag inventory ran out.

#2. Let Them Pick Their Swag

Autoship Redeem Pages offer a simple and visually clean experience for swag recipients to pick their own swag. If you’re not sure what swag people want, or if you just want to give them the freedom to have options, Autoship Redeem Pages allows you to let them pick their own swag.

With Autoship Redeem Pages, you can associate up to 4 swag products of any type (whether it’s an individual item like a T-shirt, or a swag pack like a New Hire Welcome Box) to the redeem page.

You won’t need to know their sizes or shipping address beforehand either. As long as you have inventory and shipping credits available, your Autoship Redeem Page will create the swag shipment for you.

#3. A Single Source of Truth Fully Synced to Your SwagUp Inventory

Autoship Redeem Pages are completely synced to your SwagUp inventory. As part of your SwagUp Dashboard, Autoship Redeem Pages allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the SwagUp platform. This means the SwagUp Dashboard allows you to access a single source of truth when it comes to tracking all your redeem page details, from redeem page engagement and contact information to recipient shipment tracking.

How to Get Started

Autoship Redeem Pages is a SwagUp Dashboard Feature - so to take advantage of Products Tab, you’ll first need to create a SwagUp Account. 😉100% free to get started. For more info on pricing and how SwagUp can help your team, book a demo to chat with a Swag Expert today!

Inside your SwagUp Dashboard, simply head to the Redeem tab and click Create Redeem Page to get started.

Try Autoship Redeem Pages >

Then check out the SwagUp catalog and get started with mockups for your favorite swag products!

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