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Mission Log: Autoship Your Swag With Redeem by SwagUp, Refer a Friend & Earn $250, and More | December 2022

Mission Log: Autoship Your Swag With Redeem by SwagUp, Refer a Friend & Earn $250, and More | December 2022
December 29, 2022

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🚀 What's New at SwagUp?

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes making improvements to our product. From new features, to changes and bug fixes, we’ll be sure to let you know how they’re making life with Swag even sweeter. With our Mission Log series on, you will find product updates, the latest SwagUp news, and more.

Keep up with the latest product updates from SwagUp this December —

Autoship Your Swag With Redeem by SwagUp

Refer A Friend, Win $250 (Each!)

Did You Know? You Can Export Your Shipments List!

🚀 Launch into the New Year with Autoship

Autoship your swag with Redeem by SwagUp! Easily collect your recipient information and automatically create shipments. As long as you have swag in your inventory and credits in your account, it will get sent without you needing to lift a finger. 

This makes it great for anything from new hire onboarding to VIP partner gifting to membership loyalty programs. Redeem Autoship allows you to quickly and easily create a swag workflow where recipients can automatically get swag shipped to them from the warehouse via a shareable, unique redeem page link. Furthermore, get detailed swag redeem page insights like a record of everyone who fills out your redeem page, and their swag shipment info.

Try it in your Dashboard today!

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🤑 Want to earn $250?

Earn $250 Amazon gift card for you and a friend! Refer a friend to SwagUp and if they place a $2k order of swag or more you both will receive a $250 Amazon gift card! By selecting the send referral button you are consenting to the the terms here.

1. Must be a new customer of SwagUp.
2. Must be new customers first order of swag, excluding shipping and/or any service fees.
3. Order of swag must meet $2k or more of swag, excluding shipping/services costs.
4. Payments are distributed on the 15th of each month.

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😎 Swag Pro Tip: Export A Shipments List

Did you know you can get a CSV file of all your swag shipments right in your dashboard? Just head over to your shipments tab, and click 'Export Shipments' in the right hand corner above your shipments. A CSV file of all your shipments will automatically download for you!

Try it out ->

Ready to use the Swag?

Our easy-to-use dashboard enables you to quickly customize, manage, ship, and re-order swag.