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New at SwagUp: Product Update Mission Logs

New at SwagUp: Product Update Mission Logs
June 1, 2022

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What’s New at SwagUp?

We've been hard at work behind the scenes making improvements to our product. From new features, to changes and bug fixes, we'll be sure to let you know how they're making life with Swag even sweeter. With our Mission Log series on, you will find product updates, the latest SwagUp news, and more.

Mission Log Archives

🚀 Contacts Grouping, Shipments Tracking, Rippling Spotlight

Contacts Grouping is a time-saving hack for your future self. Before, uploading contacts to the Dashboard was like releasing the info of your future new lucky swag recipients into the virtual ether. Cool, except not, because what do you do when you need to ship swag to the very same group?  See more >

🚀 New and Improved Mockup Approvals, Swag Shipments, and More!

The new mockups interface supports and accompanies the recent update to the SwagUp order management view. We get it, great design is hard. This update brings you a simpler experience for requesting changes and offering feedback to your designers.  See more >

🚀 Dashboard Upgrades, Swagup Gallery, and More!

This dashboard upgrade brings you a new order management experience with greater visibility into the status of your order, as well as an easy way to get started on planning ahead for where your swag will go – and that’s whether you’re putting everything in storage, or sending swag across the world. See more >

🚀 New Cost Savings with Combined Pricing and Unlocked Bonus Items

For the multi-taskers with great ambitions. With this update, your swag projects automatically quote pricing based on the total item quantity in both your bulk swag and swag packs. See more >

🚀 Lightweight Shipping, Exporting, SwagUp API + More!

Lightweight shipping gets even better. If you’re shipping swag and swag packs under 1 pound, we’re excited to share new benefits you can take advantage of as a result of our new partnership with DHL. See more >

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