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Redeem Pages Help You Skip the Hassle

Redeem Pages Help You Skip the Hassle
September 2, 2020

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So you want to send swag but don’t have everyone’s address? 

Or worse, you want to send shirts, and don’t have everyone’s sizes! 😫 

This is a common obstacle we have found that many of our clients face while trying to manually collect addresses, shirt sizes, or other important information. This is why the SwagUp team launched Swag Redeem Pages!

What are SwagUp Redeem Pages?

SwagUp Redeem Pages are custom-designed landing pages that include a form for recipients to fill out information like addresses, shirt sizes, or even select from a few pack options that you are offering to your recipients. These pages are fully customizable — we can even add specific validations to help secure your SwagUp Redeem Page. Redeem Pages are automatically integrated into your SwagUp dashboard meaning shipments are created and real time and can be tracked from your shipments tab. 

How does it work? 

Redeem pages are included with working with SwagUp and can be created inside your dashboard at any time at no additional cost! You can use your logo and brand guidelines to create a custom background or any imagery that will help make your page stand out! We suggest using messaging that related back to the purpose of your redeem page.


  1. Create your Redeem Page inside your SwagUp Dashboard
  2. Automatically get a link to share with your recipients!
  3. You distribute the redeem link to your recipients!
  4. Information is automatically synced to SwagUp Dashboard! 

Our team wants to ensure that you only have the correct recipients filling out your redeem page. There are a few ways you can add validation to your redeem page: 

What validations come with SwagUp Redeem Pages? 

  • Email validation - Provide us with a list of email domains that are permitted. 
  • Duplication - We can ensure duplicates don’t come through.
  • Password protected - If you want to provide people on your team with a password, we can set that up! 
  • Restrict links being used more than once- If you want to ensure no one on your team is trying to claim swag more than once, no worries we can limit the link usage to one per user. 
  • Swag Selection - You can have users select between items you have in inventory. So if you have a few items you would like people to select from, redeem pages can be used for this. 

What are some examples?

Holiday Swag & New Year Swag

Use Redeem Pages for this holiday season! It's a fun & easy way to collect addresses! Plus you can get really creative on ways to message to your clients and employees that you appreciate them by sending some holiday swag!

⭐️ Check out the experience here

Product Launch Announcements!

Use Redeem Pages to announce and celebrate a new product launch! It's a great way to get that viral social media going by sending some swag for them to share the new launch!

⭐️ Check out the experience here

New Hire Swag For Onboarding ⭐️ Client Favorite Swag Experience

This is probably one of our most popular use cases! It's a great way to welcome someone to the company! The ideas for this are endless from using company values, mission or some fun photos of the team.

⭐️ Check out the experience here

🎨 Need more inspiration? No worries we have a bunch of artwork files you can use for your next Redeem Page! Check them out here! 🎨

FAQ … What you should know about SwagUp Redeem Pages 

Can I brand Redeem Pages to my liking? 

Yes! You can customize the messaging and any background images. You can customize your Redeem Page entirely on your SwagUpp Dashboard. You can select specific hex colors , create your messages, upload a logo and any other imagery you want!

What does it cost?

Redeem pages are currently included in working with SwagUp. We only offer this service to customers purchasing swag or warehousing servicing from SwagUp. It is free to make your Redeem page on the Dashboard! You can create as many as you like, there is no limit to how many you can create!

Can I have it automatically sync to my SwagUp  Dashboard? 

Yes! We ensure to sync up any information to your SwagUp dashboard. This allows you the ease of not having to upload information and have shipments automatically sent out for items that are already in inventory. You can see who filled out your Redeem Page in real time. Anyone that fills out the Redeem Page link automatically is saved in a contact group. This makes it easy for you to sort through contact groups and not have it mixed in with other contacts in your dashboard.

How soon should I send a link to recipients? 

It depends on how you would like the experience to work. If you are using the SwagUp Redeem Pages to collect sizes for a swag order, we suggest sending the link in advance and noting in the messaging that the swag will come later! 

If you are looking to have shipments sent automatically, we would suggest holding off on sending a link until inventory is available for you to have swag sent automatically. 

Do I need to have inventory to have Redeem Pages to ship swag automatically? 

Yes, if you would like to have swag shipped automatically, you would have to have inventory available in your SwagUp Dashboard. If you are sending the Redeem link before there is inventory, information can be sent to SwagUp Dashboard but a shipment will not be created. 

Will I be to track the shipments sent out? 

Yes, you will be able to track shipments on our SwagUp Dashboard. All shipping orders are tracked and managed through our dashboard. Redeem Pages make it easy for you to view the shipments at any time!

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