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Services You Didn’t Know SwagUp Offers 

Services You Didn’t Know SwagUp Offers 
June 1, 2022

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At first glance, you might think we are just a swag company, but in reality, that’s the least interesting thing we do. How we view swag is different; it’s more than just a nice branded water bottle and t-shirt. It’s the relatable experience you create with it. We know that swag allows your brand to connect with people in different ways whether it’s to celebrate a company milestone, build deeper connections with employees, or use it as a sales tool. We believe your brand deserves the best swag experience. Let’s unlock creativity together, and check out some services you may not be aware that we offer!

  • Swag Sourcing 
  • Free Design Work & Specialized Design Requests 
  • We Have A Blog!  
  • Fast Turnaround Items & Less Than Minimum

     We get it, you’re busy and things like ordering swag on time slipped your mind! Or maybe you got that random slack message from your boss saying it would be great to have swag bags at the event tomorrow. Whichever the case, our team can help select and narrow your options for fast turnaround items! Pro tip! Most of the items on our form can be done quickly if done in one color logo. 

    Warehousing & Fulfillment Services

    We try to keep things simple for you! We are constantly thinking of ways for you to use your swag and have flexibility with the swag you own. 


    We allow our customers to repack any items they have inventory with us or ship us existing swag you have laying around your garage. We know the swag industry has a bad reputation for being wasteful, we encourage our customers to use the swag they have and provide the flexibility to repurpose their inventory if needed. Simply ask your SwagUp representative to help request a repack! 

    International Shipping 

    No need to have to call FedEx on your lunch break! We handle customs paperwork for international shipments and all the mess that comes with it. Keep in mind some items like food can not be shipped internationally. 


    We have simple warehouse storage. You pay once and let your swag sit in good hands! You can ship out as needed from your SwagUp dashboard. See pricing here. 

    We Offer Samples 


    If you haven’t taken advantage of our sample pack, we recommend you do so! Especially if you are still trying to convince your boss to order swag! Our team is happy to send one to you or even provide a few sample items for you to check out. You can pay for the samples and if returned we will refund you minus shipping. 

    Pre-Production Samples

    If you are looking for a branded sample,  we can help with that too! We don’t want you to waste time ordering swag you don’t LOVE! Let’s ensure you are picking the best swag that everyone will be obsessed with! This is highly recommended for rebrands! Better safe to see what your colors and new logo will print like! (Trust us, we have seen a lot of clients go back to the drawing board when they see their new logo printed!) 

    We Have Built-In Integrations 


    You’re in luck! You can easily connect your Rippling account to your SwagUp Dashboard to automate swag packs for new hires as part of your onboarding and kickoff the company culture experience. Check out how it works here!

    Postal Integration 

    Postal x SwagUp integration is the ultimate sales & marketing combo! Postal allows for you to send gifts easily to your prospects or clients and include your SwagUp inventory as part of that experience! Postal even offers a buy-out of your Sendoso contract if you’re looking for other options! See more details on how to get started here!

    Zapier Makes Swag Happier 

    Much of SwagUp's early days were built on no-code tools like Zapier, so it’s only natural that we have an integration with them that allows you to connect your SwagUp dashboard to platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Monday, and more! The zaps for swag are endless! Let’s get zapping! 

    Salesforce Integration 

     If you are using Salesforce for your marketing campaigns or outbound efforts, you can easily combine SwagUp Dashboard to your Salesforce account! This is an efficient way to automate some surprise swag and delight your customers, or ensure your SDR team is following up on a lead when their swag delivers! Get set up here! 

    Commsor Integration 

    If you’re building a community or planning an event, you should check out the Commsor platform! Better yet, check it out with your SwagUp Dashboard integrated with it to help send swag for your events! Check out how it works here!  

    Custom API Integration

    If your company is looking for something more custom, we offer integration that is custom built to your business needs. So if you have an app that wants to send swag to loyalty members, or simply want your HR team to have an in-house tool; we can help! 

    Shopify App  

    If you're looking to offer an e-commerce shop or to have an employee-store, you can easily do so by merging Shopify and SwagUp! Shopify provided the store with all the tools to run it, and we create and fulfill your swag shop orders! For more details check here! 

    Swag Sourcing 

     We typically like to keep things simple, which is why our online form is curated with options that are ethically sourced and of the highest quality. But that doesn’t mean we can’t source other items for special projects or newer brands we may not currently offer! No need to feel limited with your swag options!  We’re here to assist with sourcing items you need that meet the same high standards we have for our catalog items.

    Free In-house Design Work 

    We know sometimes it can be challenging to get full access to your design team internally or maybe you have a surprise project you don’t want anyone to know about! No worries, our team can help create that influencer, top-notch experience, and carefully curated aesthetic you are looking for. Think Kardashian-style unboxing, we got you! 

    We Have A Blog 

    Yes! If you are looking for constant inspiration and content that can help enhance your swag experience, subscribe to our blog & weekly newsletter! We also allow for guest writers and posts! We love to collaborate with our clients! Subscribe to our blog here!

    As you can see SwagUp is more than just offering high branded swag! We believe in creating the best swag experience that will help build connections around the world! Let's unlock our creativity together!

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