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SwagUp Launches The Simplest Way to Create Branded Swag Shops For Companies

SwagUp Launches The Simplest Way to Create Branded Swag Shops For Companies
Amanda Sciabica
February 12, 2024

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SwagUp, the leading Enterprise Swag Management platform, today announced the launch of SwagUp Shops, a first of its kind self-service swag storefront solution for growing companies.

There aren’t many complex things you can do in 60 seconds or less, but setting up a company branded swag shop is one of them. SwagUp Shops have arrived! NJ-based SwagUp is excited to announce the launch of their new product: Shops

Before SwagUp Shops, the process of building and launching a company swag shop was incredibly expensive and time consuming, only to be left with a mediocre shopping experience. 

SwagUp has been known for being the easiest platform to work with when it comes to creating and distributing swag around the globe. They continuously top G2 reviews for being the Easiest Setup, Highest User Adoption and Leader in its category. SwagUp has been committed to making complicated processes like ordering swag simple. It’s even part of the company’s values – Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

With SwagUp’s determination around making things simple, they are now taking on the complicated ecommerce space when it comes to branded merchandise for companies. Shops gives customers Shopify-like power right within the SwagUp platform, fully integrated with world-class swag fulfillment. There are so many companies out there that see the value of branded merchandise but don’t want the overwhelming process of running ecommerce logistics.

"Ever since starting SwagUp we knew swag shops were essential for our customers, but we didn't want to jump into it with an experience that wasn't up to SwagUp standards. With the launch of SwagUp Shops, our customers hold the power in their hands to create beautiful stores in minutes for whatever use case they have." - Micheal Martocci, CEO & Founder of SwagUp

SwagUp provides the easiest solution to designing, sourcing and making branded swag, warehousing the items, along with the global distribution process. Serving over 5,000 customers (including Nasdaq, Notion, Amazon, Duolingo, Stanford University, and many others) it made sense for the SwagUp team to take it a step further and launch Shops. Finally, a solution that fits the needs of companies wanting to launch a branded merch shop without the headaches associated with it.

SwagUp provides an end to end solution from design to doorstep in the simplest and easiest way. Setting up a SwagUp Shop can take as little as 60 seconds! But fast doesn’t mean feature-poor. Their platform now allows for customers to not only create swag shops, but take it a step further by automating gifting to customers, employees, and community members, by sending them credit to shop as a way to celebrate. With SwagUp Shops, companies are able to connect to over 100 HRIS, CRM, and Marketing Automation systems to trigger gifts based on events in those platform. Managing swag will never be the same again. 

What Are Shops?

SwagUp Shops allow customers to select, design, purchase, sell, and deliver their swag all on one platform. SwagUp makes it simple by offering this completely self-service model available to Swagup customers. Shops can be created, activated and ready-to-use in minutes.

How Do Shops Work?

Creating a shop is now easier than ever. Shops will have their own tab right within the customer platform. Users are walked through a guided experience where they can simply add their details such as shop name, company logo and select from various themes, layouts, and settings. From there it is super easy to select which products you’d like to sell, how you’d like those products to be displayed in your store, and how much you’d like to charge. 

On top of hosting the shop itself, SwagUp completely operates global distribution services, no need for multiple vendors. 

Who Can Launch A Shop?

All SwagUp customers are able to set up a shop and see how it works and how it would look. However, shops are able to be set live only on the Gold and Platinum Membership levels. Leveraging customer credits and integrations will be reserved for platinum members. Read more about how you can become a SwagUp member.

"We see shops becoming an incredibly powerful tool for customer, community, and employee engagement. Especially when combined with our 100+ integrations, shops allow our customers to reward their audience with credits to shop based on events like a work anniversary, taking a meeting, reaching a milestone, or joining the company.

With Shops, SwagUp becomes the only true Enterprise Swag Management Platform and we are excited to build upon that foundation" - Micheal Martocci, CEO & Founder of SwagUp

Special Offer

To celebrate the launch, SwagUp is offering two special launch incentives. All orders placed for shop inventory prior to March 29th will receive 2X membership benefits on that order. Additionally, if users upgrade their membership to Gold or Platinum by March 29th, they will receive an additional 6 months added to their membership for free. 

Shop Examples

Scroll for some examples of what your shop could look like…

Learn more about SwagUp Shops here! 🛒

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