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Top 40 Branded Swag Ideas For Summer

Top 40 Branded Swag Ideas For Summer
Helen Rankin
May 31, 2024

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Top 40 Branded Swag Ideas For Summer 

We are all looking for connection this summer and swag is the perfect way to do that! People are traveling and moving around, you want to make sure they still remember you through the summer. It’s also a great time to bring people together and share memories with. We see a lot of customers do annual cookouts with their teams or plan client retreats. Whatever the case maybe branded summer swag has some amazing options to really help connect. We showcase the top 40 summer swag for your corporate gifting needs!

What Makes Branded Summer Swag Good 

When people think branded swag you may think just slapping a logo on an item, but it’s more than that. Summer swag is the perfect time to send employees gifts for their kids, send some fun activities for clients or maybe hand out some new swag for the summer fridays. After hibernating the winter months, summer is when people seek connection the most. It’s a perfect time for brands to engage with their teams or customers to bring them together. Branded merch is a nice compliment to any employee engagement activity or fun way to promote new launch to your customer. Here are a few tips we see work well for branded summer swag

Custom Swag For Activities 

You will see in our list a few options that promote being active. The weather calls for it and its also a nice way to boost employees to move around, especially for those remote workers. If you are sending for customers it might be a nice way to invite them to an activity with you. This further creates a good bond and connection. 

Branded Gifts Family 

A lot people working remote have to juggle having the kids at home during the summer. Sending some fun activities for the kids or pets is a really nice touch if you are looking to create a more meaningful bond with your clients and team. It also shows you really know them since the custom gift is extending beyond them. 

Custom Summer Designs 

We see a lot of our customers use some fun summer branding like adding a watermelon or popsicle to their logos. This just makes things fun for anyone receiving the swag. It also sets a theme and will increase the likelihood of people using the swag. Sometimes just doing something more eye catching is better than just a plain logo. 

Top 40 Summer Swag Ideas 

  1. Igloo cooler 
Igloo custom logo summer gift

This swag can’t get any cooler. It has a speaker in the ice box. Yup speaker and ice ox all in one. Winging summer here. This is a hit branded swag for any corporate event or premium summer gifting for executive team. I also love this to be used as the box, fill it up with some other bad ass swag. 

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  1. Baggu Pop up tent 
custom popup summer tent for clients

This thing is so practical for the beach or hiking. Personally own one and it makes it so easy to travel with and pop out a tent. Love this gift especially for companies with families or active teams. 

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custom stanley carry bag for summer gifts

Yes we all know the Stanley cup but have you see the accessories they have? I love this to carry your Stanley and the cooler brag is an amazing option for summer swag. These warmer months we are going to need to carry our branded drinkware around.  

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  1. Pride & Summer Tie Dye Summer Tank 
Branded Tye Dye Shirts For Pride month

This just feels like summer. This is a great option if you want to change things up a bit.  The dyes can help liven Up your brand. We would recommend using them if you have a team outing or hosting a client getaway conference. These will be a hit we promise. Also a great option for any Pride swag. 

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  1. Custom Printed Cup Pouch 
Giveaway branded cup pouch

It’s not summer with our trusted companion! With people working remote almost everyone has some sort of pet. These pouches are great options for people with pets or kids. This ouch is so convenient and can attached to your bag making it easy for travel. It’s a nice add on gift to summer swag. 

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  1. Candy Club Client & Employee Gifts
Candy gifts for clients and employees

Summer swag should be sweet. Literally, make it sweet with candy club candies. They have fun options for summer like watermelon flavor, pride , and even some champagne flavor! 

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  1. Bathing Culture Body oil 
bathing culture swag bag gift for summer

This is a great add on gift for swag. This brand is fun and has nice pattern to it. No it’s not branded swag but not all swag has to be branded. These make a good complement to branded item like a nice custom logo towel or branded drinkware. 

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  1. Sun Bum Sunblock Kit
sun bum summer gift for client events

Similar to the body oil, this makes a nice complement to summer swag packs. It’s great for events too. I can see putting this in a goody bag with other items or having it part of the hotel or office  amenities. 

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  1. Keeper Beach Tote With Custom Print
branded summer beach tote for corporate gifting

This is the beach bag you need. You can rinse it off easily and it’s super durable.I also like that it’s not your traditional canvas tote most people would get. Perfect unique swag idea for summer. 

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  1. Branded Samsonite Duffle
executive duffle bag for client gifting

This duffle screams matha vineyards! We love how expende this looks for summer swag. If you are stuck on what to get evexuticed or top level clients this is it. 

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  1. Company Logo Beach chairs 
branded beach chair for company retreat

You can’t go wrong with a beach chair for summer. Does. It get more summer than this? This would be another good option for company retreat or event. We have done these for clients for their employees and it’s been such a hit for that too! 

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  1. Custom Premium Slowtide Beach Towel
custom beach blanket for employee gifting

If there’s a time of year to gift a beach towel it summer. But make it fun! It doesn’t have to just have your logo, you can add a fun pattern or phrase. Have fun with this summer swag idea. 

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  1. Custom Embriodered Cap 
custom branded hat for company swag

We love a good branded hat! Especially one with a good imprint on it! You can opt in for a custom leather patch, or one with puff embroidery like the image above. There are so many options to decorate a custom hat for summer. Which ever you choose, its a good option to gift branded employees swag this summer! 

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  1. Branded Wine chiller 
custom wine holder client gift for summer

Yessss wine chillers is such a sleek swag swag gift. You will have people gag over this one it’s so good. Love this option for clients, especially if they are celebrating something like an anniversary or rebrand. 

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  1. Minority Owned Supplmt Swag Bottles 
black owned waterbottle brand for corporate gifting

These minority owned bottles are just cool. If I could be a bottle it’s this one. It’s sleep design and handle tie makes it so unique. Olus this give back to the urban community. If your company merch needs to have some inclusivity to it this is it. But please the quality on this is amazing. 

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  1.  Custom Branded Swag Pack 
summer swag pack ideas

What’s summer swag without a swag pack? You can theme these branded swag packs for activities, camping, bbq, or just some fun in the sun swag. You can also utilized these custom swag packs for employees and clients. 

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  1.  Custom Logoed Travel Mates Kit  
summer travel gifts for clients

If you want to give something small yet meaningful for the summer, this branded travel mates kit is it! This leather case mase it easy to travel with. Who doesn’t need a charger and adapter when they are on go? This branded swag is a great option if you are gifting to executives or someone that is constantly on the go like a parent or traveler. 

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  1. Logo Printed Swoveralls 
custom summer uniforms for businesses

Here us out, these are so comfy. If your brand is more on the fun side these custom swoveralls are for you! You can get these in solid colors and just add your logo or have them fully customized with patterns. They also offer these in kid sizes. These even make for a fun branded uniform option for businesses. 

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  1. Branded Espresso Mug & Plate 
espesso mug with logo for employee gift

Italian summers, please! Even if you don’t make it to Italy, we can all appreciate an espresso in the summer. This isn’t your typical branded swag, which is what makes it nice for summer. We have seen this branded merchandise used for client gifts and community members.  

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  1.  Custom Branded Jean Jacket 
custom jackets for startups in the summer

This jean jacket isn’t gifted enough. What I love about jean jackets for corporate brands is that its fun and you can do a lot of customization with it. We’ve had companies make these with embroidery, screen printing, patches, or even pins! No matter how you design these they will make your brand stand out. 

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  1.  Custom Sublimated Hawaiian Shirt 
fully custom logo hawiian shirt for summer

Here me out this option is cooler than you think. This is a great option for events, team uniforms or just a fun summer getaway vibe. This option is unique and fun swag gift. You can fully customize the pattern you put on these shirts. So get creative, come up with a pattern that works for your brand!  

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  1. Custom Logo Summer Pins 
custom summer pins for events

Custom pins are so vertisile swag gift. I love combining them with other custom swag like a backpack, tote, or the jean jacket from earlier. Most companies gift it on its own but I personally love it paired with other items. Which ever way you go, its a fun way to make your swag give those vacation vibes. Have fun with it, come up with summer related pins for your brand! It’s an affordble option that comes in different materials such as plastics, mental, or wood. 

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  1.  Temporary Tattoos For Company Swag 
low budget summer swag ideas

If you want something different than stickers, try this! Another fun add on for summer swag bags! Try using these for a company event, conference, or giveaway. Its different than what most people get and it wil have people going back to their childhood days. 

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  1.  Travel Chess With Custom Logo On Pouch
branded chess set for employee engagement

We can’t forget about games for swag gifts! This game set is ideal summer swag! You can just picture people taking this to their summer house to play with some friends. It’s a unique summer swag gifts that people will love, even if they don’t know how to play. It’s good time to learn! 

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  1.  Full Logo Print Pickle Ball Set
custom pickle ball set for customers and employees

Paddle ball took off over covid and we think its here to stay. These branded paddle rackets are fully customizable for your brand and are great exlcusvise premium brand. We love this options for executives, community members, or maybe a sales retreat. 

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  1.  Logoed Slippers 
branded slip ons for client summer gifts

Oh these are so fun! If you are planning a summer event or conference these are a must have! They make a fun summer swag in a pack as well as a way to encourage employees to step outside! If you have a work from home workforce I’m sure they would appreciate these as well. 

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  1.  Umbrella Branded Swag 
custom logo umbrella for summer gift

You may not have thought of this for summer swag, but when else would you gift one of these? This one is packable and they are kind of coming back fashion wise. Great option for brands that think outside the box and like to give more trendy swag gifts. 

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  1. Heritage Backpack with Company Logo 
backpack for corporate summer gifting

We are raving over this backpack. It has deep pockets for your water bottle on the side and it compact enough for travel. With vacation months a branded backpack is a great option! We love these for employee gifts or for those VIP client branded merch.  

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  1.   Branded Tracker - perfect for beach bags! 
luggage tag summer swag

We have all been to the beach worries about someone taking our stuff. The tracker is one of my favorite branded tech items to gift for summer. This swag has practical use which is one of the top things to think about when doing custom swag. 

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  1.  Mini Branded Speaker 
mini custom logo speaker summer swag

WHo doesn’t want to jam out during Q3? We all need some music before the end of the year. I like this mini option since its great to add to your beach tote, travel backpack, or have on your bike. Perfect promotional swag for any use case. 

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  1.  Custom Printed Stanley® 64 oz Classic Vacuum Growler

custom drinkware for summer

We all know about the Stanley tumbler, but have you seen the Growler? This one is perfect option for summer. It has more of our outdoor camping theme. It keeps your drinks cool for a long time and has this nice handle that you can easily strap to your bag. If you are looking for a unique employee or client gift this is a really nice option.

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  1.  Premium Branded Therabody Smartgoggles
premium summer gift idea

Have you ever has your eyes massaged? Well you should. This is the ultimate premium corporate swag gift. Working those long hours staring at a screen can’t be great on our eyes. This branded tech swag is ideal gift that will give that wow factor. It’s premium, unique and perfect relaxation gift for workforces or industries with long hours. 

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  1. Fully Custom Bucket Hat 
fully custom summer bucket hat

We love a good bucket hat, but have you seen these festival hats that are fully customizable? We can’t get enough of these bucket hats! If your brand has some fun designs this is a must have item! 

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  1.  Summer Swag Craft Mix Cocktail
craftmix summer swag bag idea

It’s hard to do swag for summer without thinking about a nice craft cocktail. This is a lovely option for even your non-drinkers or drinkers. If you want to send a nice thank you gift or celebratory gift like birthdays, we love added these for some fun! We can see a special cocktail recipe being sent with a nice branded flute or custom tumbler. 

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  1.  Premium Summer Swag VSSL Insulated Flask with Bluetooth® Speaker
printed logo tumbler with speaker summer gift

Jam and drink? Where can we get one of these? I love branded gifts like this that are two gifts in one. You get a speaker and a drink. Love this for beach goers, people that like to hike and be active. It’s a simple gift that can really just stand on its own. Ideal for community members gifts or for your employee swag shops. 

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  1.  Custom Logo Party Pong Kit
party pong summer gift idea

We bet you didn’t think of this one. This is just fun gift! If your company culture if more hip side this summer gift is for you. Would make a good option for any bbq or picnic themed swag packs. It also a fun swag option for an office! If you have employees back at work, this would be fun game to play with some branded Party Pong Kit! 

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  1. Goodr Sunglasses 
custom glasses for branded merch

Oh not we need some good sunnies! These Goodr sunglasses are affordable and so trendy. They fit so nice on just about anyone. While these are not branded but not everything you do has to be. Its nice to add in some retail brands just to compliment the summer theme. These make good options for gift bags at events or larger sponsored events. 

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  1.  Company Branded Adidas Large Brim Golf Hats
summer bucket hats for company events

We recently did these for Earth Day event and they were an absolute hit with the team! Initially we weren’t sure about the size of these custom golf hats, but they look great! This is a meant for Golf so if you are looking for those c-suite golf gifts this is it. Although this style hat is on becoming more of a trend and also works for brands that are more fashion forward. 

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  1.  Custom USA Made Mid Calf Socks 
branded socks for corporate summer gifting

For companies looking for USA made items, this sock makes is it! They are super soft and you can customize them how you want. Branded Socks are good branded merch since you can get creative with them. You can add a fun pattern or phrase on them to fit any new hire swag, event swag or merch giveaway! 

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  1.  Company Swag Polaroid Camera 
summer gift polaroid premium gift for clients and employees

This nostalgic swag screams its summer time! We have seen companies send these for employees to share their vacation photos. Other clients of ours had done summer scavenger hunts where they have to take pictures of certain items they find. It makes a good branded gift for events as well. 

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