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Summer Employee Engagement Activities: Boost Morale with Custom Swag

Summer Employee Engagement Activities: Boost Morale with Custom Swag
Amanda Sciabica
May 8, 2024

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As the temperature rises and the days get longer, it's the perfect time to infuse your workplace with the vibrant energy of summer. Employee engagement activities tailored for the summer season not only enhance morale but also foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. In this blog post, we'll explore exciting employee engagement ideas for summer with the help of SwagUp.

Virtual Summer BBQ Cook-off

Kick off the summer season with a virtual BBQ cook-off where employees can showcase their culinary skills. Send custom swag aprons, grilling tools, and BBQ spice kits to participants, adding a fun and competitive element to the event.

Custom BBQ Set

Outdoor Team-Building Adventures

Take advantage of the sunny weather by organizing outdoor team-building adventures. From scavenger hunts to kayaking trips, provide custom swag outdoor essentials like water bottles, sunglasses, and hats to enhance the experience and promote team bonding.

Custom Sunglasses

Summer Wellness Challenges

Encourage employees to prioritize their well-being with summer wellness challenges. Offer custom swag fitness trackers, yoga mats, or resistance bands as incentives for achieving fitness goals, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Apple Watch

Virtual Beach Day

Bring the beach to your remote workforce with a virtual beach day. Host virtual games, trivia, and beach-themed activities, and send custom swag beach towels, sunscreen, and beach balls to participants for a memorable and relaxing experience.

Custom Beach Towel

Ice Cream Social Hour

Beat the summer heat with an ice cream social hour for employees to cool off and socialize. Send custom swag ice cream scoops, sundae glasses, and toppings to create a sweet and refreshing treat for everyone to enjoy.

Custom S’well Ice Cream Chiller

Summer Book Club

Start a summer book club where employees can dive into beach reads and summer-inspired literature. Provide custom swag bookmarks, tote bags, and sunglasses to participants, encouraging a love for reading and intellectual engagement.

Business Books

Virtual Summer Movie Nights

Host virtual movie nights featuring summer blockbusters and classic films. Send custom swag popcorn buckets, blankets, and movie-themed snacks to participants for a cozy and entertaining movie-watching experience.

Custom Popcorn Popper

DIY Garden Planting

Foster a sense of environmental stewardship by organizing DIY garden planting sessions. Send custom swag gardening kits with seeds, pots, and gardening gloves to participants, promoting sustainability and green living.

Custom Garden Set

Summer Olympics Challenges

Organize a series of summer Olympics challenges for employees to compete in various fun and lighthearted events. Offer custom swag medals, trophies, and sports-themed apparel as rewards for winners, igniting friendly competition and team spirit.

Custom Medals

Virtual Summer Concert

Wrap up the summer season with a virtual summer concert featuring live music performances. Send custom swag headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and concert-themed swag to attendees, creating an immersive and enjoyable musical experience for all.

Custom JBL Headphones


Employee engagement activities for summer injects a sense of excitement and positivity into the workplace, boosting morale and strengthening team dynamics. SwagUp can help with all your custom swag needs to enhance these summer activities, consider SwagUp. Elevate your summer employee engagement initiatives with custom swag that adds a personalized touch to the festivities, creating memorable experiences for your team. Let the sunshine and the spirit of summer inspire your workplace engagement efforts!

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