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Brand Spotlight: Candy Club

Brand Spotlight: Candy Club
November 14, 2021

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“The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” Sound familiar? Read on to discover a delicious, rainbow-inspired array of goodies, sure to delight anyone’s taste buds!


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Candy Club x Swagup

Snacks make for great swag, and one of our favorite, snack-y swag picks is candy! It’s easy to love candy: whether chewy, sour, spicy, or sweet, candy satisfies a sweet tooth like little else. Plus, it’s perfect for gifting. We know this, and so do the folks at Candy Club, our featured brand!

Keith Cohn, Candy Club’s founder, founded the company by leveraging an opportunity he saw to bring the fun of an old-fashioned candy store directly to people’s homes. After a lot of research (and probably some taste-testing!) he began offering monthly subscription boxes filled with gleefully satisfying candy. And, thus, Candy Club was born!

Their candy was a hit, and their customers started demanding more. So the company carefully listened, travelled across the globe hunting for the best varieties of candy, asked and found answers for a whole lot more questions and started offering premium candy of all shapes, flavors and sizes.

Fast-forward to today, and Candy Club offers something for every palate and occasion. You can order individual cups, gift sets and of course, monthly subscriptions. Whether you’re planning to gift, share, or indulge, Candy Club’s candies are among the best out there, and they’ve achieved this status by listening to their clients, trekking the globe for great candy options, and offering delightful treats at a reasonable price. Now that’s a candy company we’re proud to work with!

Ready to learn more? Let’s check out our fave ways to help you and your recipients indulge in the sweet life 😉.

Swag Pack Favorites

The candy statistics speak for themselves: 9 out of 10 humans enjoy giving or receiving candy to celebrate holidays and special occasions. Our sugar experts have run the (yummy) calculations, and agree that the sweet snack of choice is...Candy Club! So go ahead and add your favorite 6oz cup to your next swag order --- you’re in good company. 🤤

Candy Club offers a variety of sweet and sour candies, traditional sweets and delectable chocolate. Boost your swag pack with one of 25 different options for a finishing touch that we’re certain that your recipients will love . While Swagup showcases Candy Club’s 6oz cups (the perfect size for swag packs!), there’s a world of sugary delights, from larger servings to gift boxes and monthly subscription plans, right around the corner of this big ‘ol internet. Visit Candy Club here.

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves candy.

Candy Club makes honestly amazing candy.

Swagup x Candy Club = amazing swag partners.

Whether you’re choosing gummies, bites or chocolate, we think Candy Club’s are the best, and we’re sure you will, too.

Ready to treat your team to some gourmet candy goodness? Reach out to a Swag Expert and satisfy everyone’s craving(s)!

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